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Women's Swimming & Diving Headline

Friday October 18, 2002Swim & Dive Teams Sweep Indian River

Gainesville, FL

The University of Florida men's and women's swimming and diving teams made it a sweep over an opponent for the second week in a row Friday. Both teams were victorious over Indian River Community College at the Stephen C. O'Connell Center Natatorium, as the women won 167-107, while the men cruised to a 170-117 victory. Both Gator teams improved to 2-0 on the season.

The meet was highlighted by two school records in the diving portion and another women's NCAA automatic qualifying time. Freshman Jessica Ranieri (Huntington Valley, Pa.) broke Florida's one-meter springboard school-record with a score of 296.40. The record was held by former Gator Heather Lawrence when she scored 295.20 in 1998. Ranieri won both diving events, scoring 299.39 on the three-meter springboard.

Junior Sara McLarty (Deland, Fla.) swam an NCAA automatic qualifying time for the second consecutive meet, finishing with a time of 4:14.8 in the 400-yard individual medley. Last Friday against LSU McLarty had an NCAA automatic qualifying time in the 1,650-yard freestyle. In today's meet McLarty also swam an NCAA provisional qualifying time in the 200-yard butterfly, winning the race in 2:01.47.

There were eight other victorious Gators to win including: freshman Jamie Reid (Orlando, Fla.) in the 1,000-yard freestyle (10:03.03), freshman Jamie Tannhauser (Seattle, Wash.) in the 200-yard freestyle (1:52.89), senior Renate duPlessis (Capetown, South Africa) in the 100-yard backstroke (57.76), Junior Cerrian Gibbes (Trinidad) in the 100-yard breaststroke (1:05.40), sophomore Maureen Farrell (Northridge, Calif.) in the 50-yard free (24.12), junior Chantal Gibney (Dublin, Ireland) in the 100-yard free (51.56) and senior Cara Teague (Sugar Land, Texas) in the 200-yard back (2:05.78)

On the men's side, the Gators were led by sophomore diver Zach Wilcox (Yarrow Point, Wash.), who qualified for the NCAA Diving Zones next spring in both the one and three-meter dives. Wilcox's total of 374.17 in the three-meter broke his school-record of 369.22 set last season. It was the second consecutive week that Wilcox qualified for the diving zones in both events.

"As a team, we had a pretty solid day," said Diving Coach Donnie Craine. "You don't really have many complaints when two divers break school-records."

Several men's swimmers turned in terrific efforts as two swimmers earned their first victories of the season and their career. Junior Scott Schultz (Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.), who returned from knee surgery this past summer, won the 100-yard freestyle in a time of 46.95. Freshman Brian Hartley (Indianapolis, Ind.) picked up the first collegiate win of his career, by taking first in the 500-yard freestyle with a time of 4:37.21.

Junior Carlos Jayme (Goias, Brazil) was his third different in two weeks. Jayme won the 200 free in a time of 1:40.37. In last week's win over LSU, Jayme won both the 50 and 100 free.

"A lot of guys swam well today," Head Coach Gregg Troy said. "They are swimming pretty well as a team for this early in the season."

Other Gator winners included: Jesus Dominguez (LaCoruna, Spain) in the 1,000 free (9:29.50); Chris Kellam (Mt. Juliet, Tenn.) in the 100-yard backstroke (50.88); Philip Norris (Longwood, Fla.) in the 100-yard breaststroke (57.99); Claudio Ulrich (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) in the 200 back (1:52.75); and Ian Chadsey (Reston, Va.) in the 200 breast (2:01.56).

The Gators' 200-yard medley relay team were also winners, as the team of Gabriel Mangabeira (Piratininga, Brazil), Kellam, Chadsey and Jayme won in a time of 1:32.19.

The women's team will be back in action on Thursday, Oct. 24 at 6 p.m., when they take on Michigan in Ann Arbor. Both teams will be in action next Saturday, Oct. 26 at 1 p.m., as the Gators battle Penn State in University Park.


Florida 167, IRCC 107


Individual Results

Women's One-Meter Diving

  1. Jessica Ranieri, UF, 296.40 #
  2. Kristen Connor, UF 276.90
  3. Maureen McGinty, UF 253.12

Exh. Nicole Bolt, UF 279.22

Women's 200-yard Medley Relay

  1. Florida B, 1:45.99
  2. (Renate duPlessis, Cerian Gibbes, Marietta Uhle, Kim Ecott)

  3. Florida C, 1:47.61
  4. (Maureen Farrell, Vipa Bernhardt, Rebecca Harper, Diane Tennison)

  5. Florida A, 1:48.16
  6. (Jamie Reid, Desiree Frega, Mandy Huff, Chantal Gibney)

  7. Florida D, 1:49.11

(Sara McLarty, Danielle Duncan, Cara Teague, Blair Beard)

Women's 1,000-yard Freestyle

  1. Jamie Reid, UF 10:03.03
  2. Jessica Schrock, UF 10:15.05
  3. Rebecca Harper, UF 10:21.60
  4. Kim Ecott, UF 10:21.73

Exh. Chantal Gibney, UF 10:26.00

Women's 200-yard Freestyle

  1. Jamie Tannhauser, UF 1:52.89
  2. Vipa Bernhardt, UF 1:54.32
  3. Cara Teague, UF 1:54.56

Exh. Blair Beard, UF 1:56.80

Women's 100-yard Backstroke

  1. Renate duPlessis, UF 57.76
  2. Casey Seland, UF 1:02.31


Women's 100-yard Breaststroke

  1. Cerian Gibbes, UF 1:05.40
  2. Katie Kennedy, UF 1:06.41

5. Desiree Frega, UF 1:09.91

Women's 200-Butterfly

  1. Sara McLarty, UF 2:01.47 ^
  2. Meredith Green, UF 2:02.93

Women's 50-yard Freestyle

  1. Maureen Farrell, UF 24.12
  2. Marietta Uhle, UF 24.30
  3. Diane Tennison, UF 24.82
  4. Anna Chapman, UF 25.53

Women's Three-meter Diving

  1. Jessica Ranieri, UF 299.39
  2. Kristen Connor, UF 285.00
  3. Maureen McGinty, UF 248.77


Women's 100-yard Freestyle

  1. Chantal Gibney, UF 51.56
  2. Mandy Huff, UF 52.67
  3. Anna Chapman, UF 53.83
  4. Cerian Gibbes, UF 54.87

Women's 200-yard Backstroke

  1. Cara Teague, UF 2:05.78
  1. Rebecca Harper, UF 2:12.85

Women's 200-yard Breaststroke

  1. Noelle Pulomena, IRCC 2:23.62

Exh. Katie Kennedy, UF 2:21.4

Exh. Desiree Frega, UF 2:26.8

Women's 500-yard Freestyle

  1. Myrian Sansregret, IRCC 5:27.45

Exh. Meredith Green, UF 4:54.1

Exh. Maureen Farrell, UF 4:58.7

Exh. Jamie Reid, UF 4:59.3

Exh. Jessica Schrock, UF 5:02.3

Women's 100-yard Butterfly

  1. Elizabeth Day, IRCC 59.78

Exh. Marietta Uhle, UF 56.51

Exh. Diane Tennison, UF 56.68

Exh. Renate duPlessis, UF 57.74

Exh. Kim Ecott, UF 59.63

Exh. Cerian Gibbes, UF 1:00.3

Women's 400-yard Individual Medley

  1. Noelle Pulomena, IRCC 4:40.42

Exh. Sara McLarty, UF 4:14.8 *

Exh. Casey Seland, UF 4:27.4

Exh. Mandy Huff, UF 4:30.3

Exh. Jamie Tannhauser, UF 4:32.0

Women's 200-yard Freestyle Relay

  1. IRCC B, 1:46.89

(Stephanie Brown, Brandi Carpenter, Myriam Sansregret, Christina Germano)

Exh. UF A, 1:34.8

(Mandy Huff, Maureen Farrell, Chantal Gibney, Marietta Uhle)

Exh. UF B, 1:37.7

(Diane Tennison, Cara Teague, Sara McLarty, Jamie Reid)




UF 170

IRCC 117



1. Florida A, 1:32.19

(Mangabeira, Kellam, Chadsey, Jayme)

3. Florida B, 1:35.16

(Ulrich, King, Ratliff, Schultz)


  1. Jesus Dominguez, 9:29.50
  2. Mac Warren, 9:38.26
  3. Kris Wiebeck, 9:52.51
  1. Adam Sioui, 9:57.65


  1. Carlos Jayme, 1:40.37
  2. Scott Kaufmann, 1:42.25
  3. Justin Zumsteg, 1:45.35
  4. Nick Borreca, 1:45.77

Greg King, 1:46.40 (exh.)


  1. Chris Kellam, 50.88
  2. Brian Hartley, 52.26

4. Andrew Greener, 53.50

  1. Jonathan Strauss, 53.76

Gabriel Mangabeira, 49.96 (exh.)


  1. Philip Norris, 57.99
  2. Will Ratliff, 59.33
  3. Corey Welch, 59.35
  4. Jan Wolfgarten, 1:01.30

Bernie Guenther, 1:00.50 (exh.)


  1. Luke Wilkens, IRCC, 1:52.06
  2. Ryan Lochte, UF, 1:52.41

4. Ian Chadsey, UF, 1:57.73

  1. Steve Friedlander, UF, 1:57.97
  2. Elliot Meena, UF, 1:59.52

Matt Yacco, UF, 1:57.55 (exh.)


  1. Samad Turner, IRCC, 20.30

4..Scott Schultz, UF, 21.67

5.Adam Sioui, UF, 21.98

  1. Claudio Ulrich, UF, 22.49
  2. Brian Yasinsac, UF, 22.66


  1. Scott Schultz, 46.95

3. Chris Kellam, 47.78

5. Brian Yasinsac, 49.90

  1. Elliot Meena, 50.16


  1. Claudio Ulrich, 1:52.75
  2. Andrew Greener, 1:55.83
  3. Jonathan Strauss, 1:56.13

5. Jesus Dominguez, 1:59.35

Justin Zumsteg, 1:57.13 (exh.)


  1. Ian Chadsey, 2:01.56
  2. Jan Wolfgarten, 2:11.96
  3. Will Ratliff, 2:14.12
  4. Ryan Lochte, 2:14.44


  1. Brian Hartley, 4:37.21

3. Nick Borreca, 4:42.95

4. Matt Yacco, 4:44.76

5. Kris Wiebeck, 4:49.28


  1. Camilo Becerra, IRCC, 49.56

Carlos Jayme, UF, 50.03 (exh.)

Philip Norris, UF, 51.64 (exh.)

Greg King, UF, 51.91 (exh.)

Adam Sioui, UF, 52.90 (exh.)


  1. Teylor Arboleda, IRCC, 4:14.85

Mac Warren, UF, 4:03.22 (exh.)

Scott Kaufmann, UF, 4:04.77

Bernie Guenther, UF, 4:13.22 (exh.)

Corey Welch, UF, 4:17.71 (exh.)

Steve Friedlander, UF, 4:19.62 (exh.)


  1. IRCC, 1:22.19

Florida A, 1:22.20 (exh.)

Florida B, 1:26.74 (exh.)


  1. Zach Wilcox, 350.47
  2. Chris Comfort, 286.65


  1. Brandon Northcot, IRCC, 257.77

Zach Wilcox, UF, 374.17 #

Chris Comfort, UF, 290.55

# = school-record

* = NCAA A-Qualifying Standard

^ = NCAA B-Qualifying Standard

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