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Coach Butler and Jaterra Bonds represented the Gators at SEC Media Day

Thursday October 17, 2013Gators Participate in SEC Basketball Media Day

Birmingham, AL

Coach Butler and Jaterra Bonds represented the Gators at SEC Media Day

Florida head coach Amanda Butler and senior guard Jaterra Bonds represented the Gators at 2013-14 Southeastern Conference Media Day held at The Westin in Birmingham, Ala.


The following are links to sounds, sights and more from the Gator’s portion of the event:



VIDEO Coach Butler interviewed men’s senior Patric Young and women’s senior Jaterra Bonds about their SEC Media Day experience (yes, you read that right) -


VIDEO Coach Butler -


VIDEO Jaterra Bonds -





VIDEO BEHIND THE SCENES – coming out Friday so check back later!



Transcript from a portion of the Main Room media session:


Head Coach Amanda Butler


On the current position of the women’s game:

“I think that the White Paper (Summit) shows a great commitment to our sport by the NCAA to be concerned enough to evaluate the state of our game — maybe there’s been some red flags. Well, I think when you see things that aren’t heading exactly where you want them to be, if it’s important, you figure out why those things are existing and why those trends are existing. I think that’s the first thing I want to start with. That’s what our leadership did, and I think that’s great. Do I agree with everything in the White Paper? Obviously we could debate every single point, but I think the overall message of it is we all have to do our part from the coaches to the players to the officials to the administrators to the fans — everybody at every level has got to understand where we are and how can we keep growing? I think in any endeavor when you’ve experienced the amount of success and growth as quickly as we did in women’s basketball the past 20 to 25 years, it was inevitable to reach a point where you aren’t growing at the same pace and new challenges present themselves... I think a lot of the changes are very positive, and we’ve all got to be engaged in our role. As coaches, we’ve got to continue to be accessible. We’ve got to continue to understand that cultivating our fan base is a primary responsibility of ours even though we’ve got a lot of other responsibilities that maybe didn’t exist 20 years ago in the game — it doesn’t matter. This is what we have the opportunity to do, and now we’re the keepers of the game, and we need to take that real seriously in every regard.”


On the need for consistent officiating in women’s basketball:

“I’m for anything that draws attention to improving officiating, and I say that will all respect to people who do that job... I think it’s a big challenge, but like what I said a minute ago, it’s important to understand that it’s not just going to fall to the officials. We’ve got to have a good understanding of the rules that they are going to call because as I understand it, that’s what the call is a challenge to them to call the rules as they’re written. There’s a few new rules, but things like hand-checking — that’s not a new rule, so if that’s gonna be called, then it’s our job as coaches to prepare our teams for the way the rules are written and the way we expect officials to call those rules, and then I think the responsibility shifts back to the officials to do just that, and that’s what we expect them to do.”


On freshman Ronni Williams:

“She is an amazing young lady, and I think you get in an environment like this and you talk so much about basketball and the potential as a basketball player, but I really think the thing that’s going to be a great separating factor for Ronni is how coachable she is, which is not something you necessarily expect in a freshman who’s gotten so much attention and garnered as many accolades as she has, but she has such a teachable spirit and an eagerness to learn and be great, and that’s not just as a basketball player. That’s in every aspect of her life.”





Jaterra Bonds, senior guard


On expectations for the season:

“My expectations would be to get further then we have in the previous years I have been here. I think we have the talent, and with what we are doing this year, changing up the offense, I think that will fit the player’s ability more and allow us to be more successful.”


On the change in offense:

“It will be a little less structured, more like a dribble-drive offense. Get to the whole, more free and less set offense.”


On what she brings to the team:

“I have a lot of knowledge and experience, so I try and help them in situations that I know I have been in. I try to lead them so they will not make the same mistakes that I have made. I want to try to pass down that knowledge since I will be gone next year. I want to pass down as much as I can so that they can continue to teach and pass it down when I am not there.”


On her goal for the season:

“To not only make it to the tournament, but make it past the first and second round. I think that it’s very realistic for this team, so that is my expectation and goal for this year.”


On the team’s pregame rituals:

“Right before we go out, we make a circle and have like a soul train line. Somebody makes a beat on trash cans and someone dances. Sometimes I step in there and rap. That’s what we do right before we come out.”





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