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University Athletic Association Overview & History

 UF's National Championship Teams

Men's Golf 1968 NCAA Championship
Men's Golf 1973 NCAA Championship
Women's Swimming 1979 AIAW Championship
Gymnastics 1982 AIAW Championship
Women's Swimming 1982 NCAA Championship
Men's Swimming 1983 NCAA Championship
Men's Swimming 1984 NCAA Championship
Women's Golf 1985 NCAA Championship
Women's Golf 1986 NCAA Championship
Women's Track 1992 NCAA Indoor Championship
Women's Tennis 1992 NCAA Championship
Men's Golf 1993 NCAA Championship
Women's Tennis 1996 NCAA Championship
Football 1996 Associated Press/Coaches'
Women's Tennis 1998 NCAA Championship
Soccer 1998 NCAA Championship
Men's Golf 2001 NCAA Championship
Women's Tennis 2003 NCAA Championship
Men's Basketball 2006 NCAA Championship
Football 2006 BCS/Associated Press
Men's Basketball 2007 NCAA Championship
Football 2008 BCS/Associated Press
Men's Track & Field 2010 NCAA Indoor Championship
Women's Swimming & Diving 2010 NCAA Championship
Men's Indoor Track & Field 2011 NCAA Indoor Championship
Women's Tennis 2011 NCAA Championship
Men's Indoor Track & Field 2012 NCAA Indoor Championship
Women's Tennis 2012 NCAA Championship
Men's Outdoor Track & Field 2012 NCAA Outdoor Championship
Gymnastics 2013 NCAA Championship
Men's Outdoor Track & Field 2013 NCAA Outdoor Championship

 Individual National Champions

Sport National Champion Athletes National Titles
Boxing (list) 1 1
Men's Golf (list) 2 2
Women's Golf (list) 1 1
Gymnastics (list) 9 14
Men's Swimming & Diving (list) 36 41 (31 Events, 10 Relays)
Women's Swimming & Diving (list) 56 104 (80 Events, 24 Relays)
Men's Tennis (list) 3 3 (2 Singles, 1 Doubles)
Women's Tennis (list) 9 8(4 Singles, 4 Doubles)
Men's Track (list) 54 52 (40 events, 12 relays)
Women's Track (list) 22 33 (29 Events, 4 Relays)
Totals 193 259

 UF Southeastern Conference Championships by Sport

Baseball 12
Men's Basketball 7
Men's Cross Country 3
Women's Cross Country 6
Football 8
Women's Golf 8
Men's Golf 15
Gymnastics 9
Soccer 13
Softball 4
Women's Swimming & Diving 17
Men's Swimming & Diving 35
Women's Tennis 27
Men's Tennis 9
Women's Indoor Track & Field 8
Women's Outdoor Track & Field 5
Men's Indoor Track & Field 6
Men's Outdoor Track & Field 4
Volleyball 20
Wrestling* 1

* Sport not offered at varsity level after 1979 season.

Did you Know... UF’s 217 SEC Championships is the most in league history.

 American Lacrosse Conference Championships

Lacrosse 3

 UF Annual Finishes in the Southeastern Conference All-Sports Trophy

Year Men Women Overall
1973-74 3rd --- ---
1974-75 3rd --- ---
1975-76 4th --- ---
1976-77 2nd --- ---
1977-78 2nd --- ---
1978-79 3rd --- ---
1979-80 7th --- ---
1980-81 4th --- ---
1981-82 4th --- ---
1982-83 4th --- ---
1983-84 3rd 2nd 2nd
1984-85 4th 1st 2nd
1985-86 6th 2nd 3rd
1986-87 3rd 2nd 3rd
1987-88 2nd 1st 1st
1988-89 2nd 1st 1st
1989-90 6th 3rd 4th
1990-91 2nd 2nd 2nd
1991-92 1st 1st 1st
1992-93 1st 1st 1st
Year Men (Avg.) Women (Avg.) Overall (Avg.)
1993-94 1st 2nd 1st
1994-95 2nd 1st 1st
1995-96 1st 1st 1st
1996-97 3rd 1st 1st
1997-98 1st 1st 1st
1998-99 1st 2nd 1st
1999-00 1st 1st 1st
2000-01 3rd 1st 1st
2001-02 1st 1st 1st
2002-03 1st 1st 1st
2003-04 1st 2nd 1st
2004-05 1st 3rd 1st
2005-06 2nd 3rd 2nd
2006-07 1st 1st 1st
2007-08 2nd 1st 1st
2008-09 1st 1st 1st
2009-10 1st 1st 1st
2010-11 1st 1st 1st
2011-12 1st 1st 1st
2012-13 1st 1st 1st

The New York Times Regional Newspaper Group took over coordination of the SEC All-Sports rankings in 1994-95. Prior to that, the league tabulated the SEC All-Sports totals.

 Gator Gold

Few schools in the country can match the rich Olympic tradition the University of Florida boasts. Since 1968, 145 Gators and 13 Florida coaches have represented 34 countries. In 12 Olympiads, former and current Gator athletes have laid claim to 91 medals, including 45 gold, 23 silver and 23 bronze. A total of 34 current and former UF athletes and five Gator coaches, 3 assistant and 2 head coaches, in 6 different sports represented 20 different countries in the 2008 Beijing Games. If the Gator Nation was a nation recognized by the International Olympic Committee, it would have tied for 18th for total medals earned in the 2008 Games.

 The Office of Student Life

Recognizing that student-athletes face unique pressures, the University of Florida Athletic Department instituted the Office of Student Life in 1979. The award-winning program of personalized, professional guidance in numerous areas on a day-to-day basis has become a leader in student-athlete services, while also demonstrating UF's commitment to the "total development" philosophy for UF student-athletes.

OSL staff responsibilities include: orientation to college life, academic advisement, tutorial services, personal counseling and referral, study skills, career exploration and development, personal development, life management skills, community service and leadership training.

The University of Florida Athletic Association has a comprehensive substance abuse program and gambling awareness education program for all student athletes. In October 1998, the Office of Student Life was one of eight Division I programs to win the Program of Excellence for Life Skills Award, honoring excellence in academics and life skills program.

 Goodwill Gators

University of Florida student-athletes, coaches and administrators have become a fixture in the Gainesville community and beyond, donating their time and effort to a number of community-related endeavors. The "Goodwill Gators" program was recognized by the National Consortium of Academics and Sports and received the 1998 Outreach and Service Award. In the 2011-12 season, 437 student-athletes participated in 3,796 hours of community service, partnering with 20 local schools, nine civic organizations and 28 non-profit organizations.

 Professional Sports Counseling Panel

Formed in 1985, the University of Florida Professional Sports Counseling Panel assists Gator student-athletes in evaluating individual professional potential, provides assistance in selecting professional representation and prepares student-athletes for a professional career in sports. The panel, which is authorized by the NCAA, is comprised of three president-appointed members. Florida's panel has been selected as a model panel for other universities to follow.

 Gender Equity

Florida funds the maximum number of scholarships allowed by the NCAA for each of its 11 women's sports, totaling 115 scholarships for the 2012-13 season.

Florida has claimed a total of 12 NCAA women's team titles and leads the league with 109 Southeastern Conference crowns.

 Support Services

In addition to first-class facilities, priority and commitment are given to Gator student-athletes by a renowned training, sports medicine, and strength and conditioning staff that has become a standard to which other schools are comparing their program. Every aspect of modern mass communications is also present at the University of Florida, bringing optimal recognition to its programs, coaches and student-athletes.

 Board of Directors

Christina Bonarrigo Student Rep.  
Mr. Gary Condron Alumni Rep. UAA Treasurer
Dr. Dan Connaughton Faculty Rep.  
Mr. James W. Heavener BOT Rep  
Mr. Brad deBorde Student Rep.  
Mr. Andy Fawbush Alumni Rep UAA Board President
Mr. J. Rex Farrior III Gator Booster President  
Dr. Joe Glover Sr. Univ. Admin. UF Provost & Sr. VP
  Former Booster President  
Dr. Bernie Machen UF President  
Dr. Andrew McCollough Chair – IAC UAA Secretary
Mr. Steve Nouss Nat. Alumni Rep. UAA Vice President
Dr. Win Phillips Sr. Univ. Admin.  
Dr. Michael Sagas Faculty Athletic Rep.  
Dr. Christine Schmidt Faculty  
Ms. Lynda Tealer Exec. Associate AD,
Sr. Women’s Admin.

 Giving Back

In an era when the NCAA estimates 70 percent of Division I schools are losing money on intercollegiate athletics, the Gator athletic program continued to have an impact in regard to University academic programs. Since 1990, the University Athletic Association has contributed more than $67 million to the University to fund academic endeavors.

 It's Academic

Since 1992, UF has honored 93 Academic All-Americans to rank fourth among all Division I colleges and overall UF student-athletes have picked up 121 Academic All-Americans. Four Gators have been selected to the Capital One Academic All-American Hall of Fame, the second best total in the nation, while Gator student-athletes have earned NCAA post-graduate scholarships 48 times. UF is the only SEC school to place 100 or more student-athletes on the Southeastern Conference Academic Honor Roll each of the last 15 years. In 2011-12, 168 UF student-athletes earned a spot on the SEC Academic Honor Roll. UF set its school record with 193 SEC Academic Honor Roll members in 2002-03.

 NCAA Certification and Compliance

The University of Florida is a national leader in the area of athletic compliance and institutional control by developing one of the most comprehensive compliance programs involving coaches, student-athletes, athletic administration, university administration, alumni, boosters and fans. The University of Florida has completed a campus-wide effort to study its athletics program as part of the NCAA Division I athletics certification program. The program, the first to focus solely on certification of athletics programs, addressed academic and financial integrity, rules compliance, as well as a commitment to equity.


Florida facilities are among the best in the nation. Since 1982 there have been more than $242.5 million in capital improvements. The project lists includes two major expansions of the football stadium, a multipurpose athletic fieldhouse, new facilities for tennis, track & field, soccer, baseball, golf, softball, swimming and lacrosse. The University Athletic Association played a role in the $4.1 million academic advising center on the University of Florida campus, which serves UF students and Gator student-athletes and assisted in funding the $8.1 million renovation of the Stephen C. O'Connell Center. A project that enhanced the football experience for Gator student-athletes, staff and visitors - was completed in July of 2008.

The lacrosse facility, which was completed in the fall of 2009, includes a 1,500 seat-stadium, fields for play (lacrosse) and practice (soccer and lacrosse) plus locker rooms.

 Gator Boosters, Inc.

More than 14,000 boosters raise more than $35 million annually to support athletic scholarships and capital improvements. There are over 800 Bull Gators, individuals who contribute $14,500 or more annually. Gator Boosters Inc. is chaired by the University of Florida President and served by a 88-member volunteer Board of Directors.


UAA Committee Meetings
February 11, 2014

Audit Committee
2:30pm – 3:30pm
All meetings take place in the Kelly and Ruth Smith Conference Room

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