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2006 Football Game Audio Clips
Ohio State - BCS National Championship (post-game) 01-09-07   Top
Urban Meyer - He is proud of what his seniors have accomplished this season
Urban Meyer - He says speed was the difference in the game
Urban Meyer - His players were motivated by all the talk that Ohio State was going to win the game easily
Wide receiver Dallas Baker says not many people gave them a chance to win the game
Dallas Baker - He talks about how significant it is for him to be a national champion
Quarterback Chris Leak says he's proud of his senior teammates for working so hard to win a championship
Chris Leak - He tries to put into words what winning the national championship means to him
Chris Leak - He talks about the Gators not getting any respect from the media in the weeks leading up to the game
Ohio State - BCS National Championship (play-by-play) 01-09-07   Top
Ted Ginn returns the opening kickoff 93 yards for a touchdown
Chris Leak hits Dallas Baker for a touchdown to tie the game 7-7
Troy Smith is sacked by Earl Everitt and Derrick Harvey
Percy Harvin scores a four yard touchdown for a 14-7 Gator lead
Harvey gets his second sack of Troy Smith
Reggie Lewis picks off a Smith pass
DeShawn Wynn scores a two yard touchdown for a 21-7 Gator lead
The Gators stop Ohio State on fourth down
Jarvis Moss causes a fumble and Derrick Harvey recovers
Tim Tebow hits Andre Caldwell with a two yard touchdown pass for a 34-14 Gator lead
Earl Everitt loses his helmet to make a tackle
Jarvis Moss records another sack of Troy Smith
Tim Tebow closes out the scoring for a 41-14 Gator lead
Mick Hubert's final call of the game
Arkansas - SEC Championship (post-game) 12-02-06   Top
Urban Meyer - Comments on Florida's schedule and style points
Urban Meyer - 12 and 1 Florida deserves a shot
Urban Meyer - Gives credit to the Senior Class and the team's focus
Wide receiver Andre Caldwell reacts to winning his first SEC championship
Wide receiver Dallas Baker on what its like to be a champion
Dallas Baker - The Gators kept their poise when Arkansas wiped out their 17-0 lead
Center Steve Rissler says the Gators have reached a goal they set in the summer
Steve Rissler - The Gators were able to overcome their third quarter mistakes
Defensive back Ryan Smith says the Gator defense made plays
Ryan Smith - He credits the Gator front four for helping the defensive backs make plays
Linebacker Brandon Siler felt the Gator defense was disrespected by Arkansas this week
Brandon Siler - The defensive linemen helped him have a big night. Siler had 12 tackles
Quarterback Chris Leak says it would be great to play in the BCS Championship game
Arkansas - SEC Championship (play-by-play) 12-02-06   Top
Jarvis Moss stops Darren McFadden on third down
Jared Fayton blocks an Arkansas punt
Chris Leak makes it 10-nothing Gators
Leak and Percy Harvin team up on a 37 yard touchdown pass
Jamalle Cornelius gets a first down on a fake punt
Wondy Pierre-Louis recovers an Arkansas fumble in the end zone 24-21 Gators
Percy Harvin goes 67 yards for a touchdown 31-21 Gators
Bubba Caldwell hits Tate Casey for a razzle-dazzle score 38-28 Gators
Reggie Nelson intercepts a Darren McFadden pass
Ryan Smith gets his eighth interception of the year to clinch the victory for the Gators
Mick's final call of the game
FSU (post-game) 11-25-06   Top
Urban Meyer - liked the way team fought back in fourth quarter
Urban Meyer - thought the defense was dominating
Urban Meyer - reminding team what Billy Donovan told team at start of season
FSU (play-by-play) 11-25-06   Top
Leak to Caldwell Touchdown
Percy Harvin Touchdown run
Steve Harris sack
Tremaine McCollum interception
Ryan Smith interception
Leak to Baker Touchdown Alltel Connection of the Game
Fourth down stop of FSU
Fourth down stop of FSU to seal the victory
Western Carolina(post-game) 11-18-06   Top
Urban Meyer - He is happy for the senior class
Urban Meyer - Senior quarterback Chris Leak passed the baton on to freshman Tim Tebow
Urban Meyer - Freshman wide receiver Riley Cooper has earned playing time
Urban Meyer - On finishing two straight seasons unbeaten at "the Swamp"
Urban Meyer - On why he gave a carry to walkon wide receiver Tim Higgins in the second half
Tim Tebow - Quarterback Tim Tebow says the young players wanted to win big for the seniors
Tim Tebow - Tebow says the Gators are ready to take on rival Florida State
Chris Leak - Quarterback Chris Leak is proud of the accomplishments of the senior class
Chris Leak - His final game in the Swamp was alot of fun
Ray McDonald - Senior day was emotional for him and his parents
Ray McDonald - He's going to tell the younger players about the FSU rivalry
Brandon James - It was nice to see that the Gators weren't guilty of any penalties on his 77 yard punt return
Wide receiver Riley Cooper describes what it was like to catch his first career touchdown pass
Jarred Fayson - He talks about spending the final time with the seniors in the final home game
Western Carolina (play-by-play) 11-18-06   Top
DeShawn Wynn's 27 yard touchdown run 7-0
Dustin Doe's hard hit on a Western Carolina runningback
Chris Leak's eight yard touchdown pass to Riley Cooper 20-0
Tim Tebow 20 yard touchdown run 27-0
Brandon James 77 yard punt return for a touchdown 34-0
Tim Tebow 1 yard touchdown run 41-0
Jarred Fayson scampers nine yards for a Gator touchdown 48-0
Tim Tebow hits Riley Cooper for a 55 yard touchdown pass 55-0
Tebow hits Cooper on a 21 yard touchdown pass 62-0
Letrell Alford records the Gators first quarterback sack of the day
South Carolina (post-game) 11-11-06   Top
Coach Urban Meyer talks about the play of the defensive line on the game-deciding field goal block
Urban Meyer - They beat a good South Carolina team
Urban Meyer - He loves his team
Quarterback Chris Leak talks about his run that picked up a key first down on the final drive
Chris Leak - He talks about the final touchdown drive
Wide receiver Dallas Baker praises the crowd noise in the Swamp
Dallas Baker - On what the win over South Carolina means to the team
Defensive end Jarvis Moss talks about how it felt to save the game with the blocked field goal
Jarvis Moss - He got some help from Ray McDonald and Steve Harris on the field goal block
Quarterback Tim Tebow talks about his 12 yard game tying touchdown
Tim Tebow - It was huge to be able to pull out the victory
South Carolina (play-by-play) 11-11-06   Top
Chris Leak hits Dallas Baker on a 22 yard touchdown pass
Ray McDonald blocks Ryan Succup's first field goal attempt
Deshawn Wynn picks up a big gain
Cornelius Ingram picks up a big first down
Percy Harvin sets up a Chris Hetland game-tying field goal
Moss blocks the extra point to prevent South Carolina from leading 17-to-10
Tim Tebow makes a fourth and inches run
Chris Leak picks up a key first down
Tebow scores the go-ahead 12 yard touchdown
Jarvis Moss blocks a field goal on the last play of the game
Vanderbilt (post-game) 11-04-06   Top
Urban Meyer - The Gators were not the only ones with close games on Saturday
Urban Meyer - He was proud of the way the defensive line overcame the loss of Marcus Thomas
Urban Meyer - He felt better about the way the offense played despite the three turnovers
Urban Meyer - It will be good to get back home to the Swamp next week
Urban Meyer - The Gators have put themselves in a good position to win the SEC East
Dallas Baker - Talks about the importance of the victory over Vanderbilt
Dallas Baker - The offense had alot of fight in them
Chris Leak - It feels good to be one step closer to the SEC East title
Chris Leak - He talks about his two touchdown runs against the Commodores
Ryan Smith - The Gators knew that quarterback Chris Nickson and wide receiver Earl Bennett would be the players they had to contain
Ryan Smith - He had mixed feelings about the way the defense played
Reggie Nelson - The defense had to do what it needed to do to get a victory
Reggie Nelson - The Gators got another big SEC road win
Vanderbilt (play-by-play) 11-04-06   Top
Ryan Smith blocks a Vanderbilt punt
Chris Leak four yard touchdown run 7-0 Gators
Chris Leak throws a 14 yard touchdown pass to Dallas Baker
Reggie Nelson blocks a punt
Derrick Harvey picks up his 8th sack of the year
Ryan Smith picks off a Vanderbilt pass
Chris Leak with a four yard touchdown run 22-6 Gators
Tim Tebow's 25 yard run sets up a 29 yard Chris Hetland field goal
Ray McDonald makes a big fourth down stop for the Gators
Jarvis Moss sacks quarteback Chris Nickson in the fourth quarter
Mick Hubert's final call
Georgia (post-game) 10-28-06   Top
Urban Meyer - He talks about letting Georgia back in the game after a 21-0 lead
Urban Meyer - He was frustrated by the penalty that nullified Brandon James' 75 yard punt return for a touchdown
Urban Meyer - He's going to keep a positive attitude despite the offensive struggles
Chris Leak - On being 3 and 1 in his career against Georgia
Chris Leak - Credits his teammates for keeping their poise when George came back
Ray McDonald - Describes his third quarter touchdown on a fumble recovery
Ray McDonald - The Gators were able to put alot of heat on quarterback Matthew Stafford
Earl Everitt - Its always nice to beat border rival Georgia
Earl Everitt - Gators tackled better than they did against Auburn
Andre Caldwell - Describes his 40 yard touchdown catch Wide receiver
Andre Caldwell - The offense needs to improve
Georgia (play-by-play) 10-28-06   Top
Andre Caldwell 12 yard touchdown run 7-0 Gators
Derrick Harvey sacks Georgia quarterback Matthew Stafford
Earl Everitt gets a quarterback sack
Chris Leak hits Bubba Caldwell on a 40 yard touchdown pass
Ryan Smith picks off a Matthew Stafford pass
Ray McDonald runs eight yards with a fumble for a touchdown 21-0 Gators
Jarvis Moss forces a fumble that Derrick Harvey recovers
Reggie Nelson recovers a fumbled punt in the third quarter
Reggie Lewis picks off Matthew Stafford in the fourth quarter
Brandon Siler makes a big sack late in the fourth quarter
Mick Hubert's final call of Florida's 21-14 win over Georgia
Auburn (post-game) 10-14-06   Top
Coach Urban Meyer gives his initial reaction to the loss
Urban Meyer - He lists the mistakes that hurt the Gators
Urban Meyer - Chris Leak's fumble in the fourth quarter was a turning point in the game
Urban Meyer - On his plans for the team heading into a bye week
Wide receiver Bubba Caldwell says the Gators need to regroup after this loss
Bubba Caldwell - It was a case of just too many mistakes
Wide receiver Jemalle Cornelius says the seniors will have to keep the team together
Jemalle Cornelius - The offense didn't help the defense like they should have
Auburn (play-by-play) 10-14-06   Top
Marcus Thomas sack
Chris Leak 18 yard touchdown pass to Dallas Baker
Derrick Harvey sack
Marcus Thomas' second sack
Tony Joiner forces an Auburn fumble
Steven Harris quarterback sack
Percy Harvin's 36 yard run
Tim Tebow 15 yard touchdown run
Ray McDonald sack
Eric Wilbur has a punt blocked
Chris Leak to Dallas Baker for big gain in fourth quarter
Leak fumbles on third and three at the Auburn six yard line
LSU (post-game) 10-07-06   Top
Urban Meyer says the defense and special teams were the key to victory
Urban Meyer - Its was a big homecoming win for the Gators
Urban Meyer - They've beaten some good teams along the way to a 6-and-oh record for the first time in ten years
Quarterback Chris Leak says it was a great win for the seniors
Leak says the Gators didn't get rattled after falling behind 7-0
Quarterback Tim Tebow describes his surprise touchdown pass to Tate Casey just before halftime
Tebow describes his 35 yard touchdown pass to Louis Murphy in the third quarter
Tightend Tate Casey talks about his touchdown catch
Casey says the offense made adjustments at halftime
Linebacker Brandon Siler wasn't concerned after LSU took the early lead
Siler says the defense played with a chip on their shoulder
LSU (play-by-play) 10-07-06   Top
Lutrell Alford recovers a muffed punt
Tim Tebow runs hard for 15 yards
Tebow sneaks in for tying touchdown 7-7
The Gators recover a Jemarcus Russell fumble at the Florida one yard line
Tebow hits Tate Casey on a one yard touchdown pass for 14-7 Gator lead
LSU fumbles the opening second half kickoff in the end zone for a safety 16-7 Gators
Tim Tebow hits Louis Murphy on a 35 yard touchdown pass for a 23-7 Gator lead
Reggie Nelson blocks an LSU punt
Derrick Harvey sacks LSU quarterback Derrick Harvey
Ryan Smith gets the interception after a big Reggie Nelson hit
Jemarcus Russell is picked off by Tony Joiner
Mick Hubert's final call in 23-10 Gator victory
Alabama (post-game) 09-30-06   Top
WR Bubba Caldwell describes his touchdown that put the Gators on the board before halftime
WR Jemalle Cornelius talks about the difference between the 2006 Gator team and the 2005 squad
Cornelius on the 95 yard drive that ended with a late second quarter touchdown was the turning point in the game. Florida was trailing 10-0 at the time.
Quarterback Chris Leak says the Gators never lost confidence after a 10-nothing deficit
Leak on avenging last year's 31-3 loss at Alabama
Safety Reggie Nelson was glad to be able to get that interception for a touchdown that put the game away for the Gators
Cornerback Ryan Smith describes his second interception which he fumbled and was recovered by teammate Reggie Nelson.
Smith says the noise at the Swamp was something special.
Alabama (play-by-play) 09-30-06   Top
Jarvis Moss sacks Alabama's quarterback
Ryan Smith with the first of two interceptions
45 yard run by Chris Leak that set up first touchdown
Tim Tebow two yard touchdown run
Derrick Harvey gets a quarterback sack
Leak hits Bubba Caldwell for a go-ahead touchdown
Ryan Smith's second interception
Leak hits Dallas Baker for a touchdown and a 21-13 lead
Reggie Nelson's 70-yard interception for a touchdown
Kentucky (post-game) 09-23-06   Top
The Gators beat a very well-coached team in Kentucky
On the team's slow start
Kentucky surprised them with some of the things they ran on offense
The defensive line came up big with six sacks
Wide receiver Dallas Baker talks about the razzle-dazzle play that gave the Gators a 6-0 lead
Center Steve Rissler thought the offensive line played pretty good
Quarterback Tim Tebow talks about what he's looking for when he runs the ball. Tebow rushed for 73 yards
Defensive Tony Joiner says they figured out what Kentucky was doing in the second half
The defensive line took the game over in the third quarter.
Kentucky (play-by-play) 09-23-06   Top
Leak to Cornelius 33 yard touchdown pass 6-0
Clint McMillan sacks Kentucky's Andre Woodson
Ray McDonald quarterback sack
Jarvis Moss gets the Gators' third sack of the first half
DeShawn Wynn's 13 yard touchdown run gives the Gators a 12-7 halftime lead.
Deshawn Wynn with a "good" fumble
Kestahn Moore scores a touchdown to give the Gators a 19-7 lead
Jarvis Moss with his second sack of the game
Ray McDonald with his second sack of the game
Tim Tebow gets a big run in his first play of the game
Tebow with another big run
Derrick Harvey records the Gators' 6th sack
Cornelius Ingram scores the first touchdown of his career
Tennessee (post-game) 09-16-06   Top
Quarterback Chris Leak talks about the signicance of beating Tennessee on the road
Defensive end Ray McDonald says they were determined to stop Tennessee's running attack
Wide receiver Dallas Baker proved to critics that they could win on the road
Runningback Deshawn Wynn knew he had to have a big game for the Gators to win
Coach Urban Meyer praises his team's comeback victory
Tennessee (play-by-play) 09-16-06   Top
Reggie Nelson intercepts an Eric Ainge pass in the first quarter
Chris Leak hits Jermalle Cornelius with a 21 yard touchdown pass 7-0 Gators
Brandon James returns a punt 90 yards for a touchdown, but the td is nullified by a penalty.
Marcus Thomas sack
Cornelius Ingram makes a key play during a third quarter scoring drive
Leak hits Dallas Baker for a three yard touchdown pass
Tim Tebow gets a big first down on fourth and one in the fourth quarter
Leak hits Dallas Baker for a 21 yard touchdown pass
Reggie Nelson seals the Gators' win with his second interception
UCF (post-game) 09-09-06   Top
He says beating UCF 42-to-nothing was a good win for the Gators
Its always special when your defense can pitch a shutout
The offense showed it can be very efficient during a 27 point second quarter
UCF (play-by-play) 09-09-06   Top
Percy Harvin scores his first collegiate touchdown
Marcus Thomas records the first of his two quarterback sacks
Deshawn Wynn scores to give the Gators a 13-0 lead
Tim Tebow keys a touchdown drive with a big run
Kestahn Moore makes it 20-0 Gators
Dallas Baker catches Chris Leak's second touchdown pass
Thomas records his second sack
Leak hits Bubba Caldwell for his third touchdown pass
Tony Joiner tackles a UCF player in the end zone for a safety
Leak caps off his night with his second touchdown pass to Caldwell
Southern Mississippi (post-game) 09-02-06   Top
Urban Meyer talks about remaining unbeaten in "the Swamp"
He was disappointed the team didn't play better
He describes Tim Tebow's first touchdown as a Gator
Wide receiver Jemalle Cornelius would like to see a smoother offense next week against UCF
Runningback Kestahn Moore describes his fourth quarter touchdown catch from Chris Leak
Quarterback Chris Leak was glad to spread the ball around
Defensive back Reggie Lewis says the Gators were fired up after Southern Miss scored the first touchdown
Safety Tony Joiner says the three interceptions was huge
Receiver Dallas Baker says they beat a good team in Southern Miss
Southern Mississippi (play-by-play) 09-02-06   Top
Tony Joiner interception
Chris Leak hits Dallas Baker for a touchdown
Deshawn Wynn scores a short touchdown
Leak hits Jemalle Cornelius for a touchdown
Reggie Nelson makes an end zone interception
Reggie Lewis gets a tipped pass
Tim Tebow scores his first career touchdown
Leak throws his third touchdown pass of the game

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