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2009 Football Game Audio Clips

Cincinnati (Allstate Sugar Bowl) 01/01/2010 Top
Post-Game Clips
Gator interim head coach Steve Addazio postgame interview  
David Nelson postgame interview  
Tim Tebow postgame interview  
Joe Haden postgame interview  
Riley Cooper postgame interview  
Play-by-Play Highlights
Tim Tebow 7 yard touchdown pass to Aaron Hernandez (6-0)  
Joe Haden breaks up a pass  
Justin Trattou sacks Tony Pike  
Tebow 7 touchdown pass to Deonte Thompson (16-0)  
Carlos Dunlap sack  
Emmanuel Moody 6 touchdown run (23-0)  
Tebow 80 yard touchdown pass to Riley Cooper (30-3)  
Moody 1 touchdown (37-3)  
Tebow hits a long pass to Cooper  
Tebow 4 yd touchdown run (44-10)  
Chris Rainey 6 touchdown run (51-17)  
Tebow comes out of the game  
Final call of the game  
Alabama (SEC Championship) 12/05/2009 Top
Post-Game Clips
Urban Meyer - Trying to regroup from a rare loss  
Meyer - He was impressed with Greg McElroy's poise  
Meyer - He talks about Alabama being more physical in the running game  
Meyer - He feels for the seniors who were trying to go back to the BCS championship game  
Tim Tebow - On what Alabama coach Nick Saban told him after the game  
Tebow - The Gators didn't give up even when the score was 32-13  
Tebow - Its a tough loss, but its just a game  
Tebow - It wasn't the finish he envisioned  
Play-by-Play Highlights
Tebow hits Deonte Thompson for the first first down of the game  
Mark Ingram is stopped on a Joe Haden tackle  
Brandon Hicks makes a big third down stop  
Ahmad Black sacks Greg McElroy  
Tebow reverses field for a big run  
Tebow hits David Nelson for 23 yard touchdown  
McElroy's 69 yd screen pass to Mark Ingram  
Tebow hits Riley Cooper for 59 yards  
Florida State 11/28/2009 Top
Post-Game Clips
Urban Meyer - The home crowd was unbelievable  
Meyer talks about the defensive effort and Chris Rainey's 44 yard run that led to a field goal as keys  
Meyer credits Charlie Strong and Chuck Heater for the defensive performance  
Tim Tebow - It was a very special week for him and the other Gator seniors  
Tebow - Its great to finish his career in the Swamp with a big win over their instate rivals  
Tebow - It was great to get a td pass to Aaron Hernandez to get the first score of the game  
Play-by-Play Highlights
Tim Tebow 17 yard td pass to Aaron Hernandez (7-0)  
Will Hill and Carlos Dunlap combine on a sack  
Tebow 19 yard touchdown run (17-0)  
Tebow 37 yard touchdown pass to Hernandez (24-0)  
Joe Haden picks off a Manuel pass  
Tebow 39 yard touchdown pass to Riley Cooper (30-0)  
Tebow runs 48 yards before fumbling  
Demps rips off 52 yard run against FSU  
Tebow 1 yard touchdown 37-3  
Adrian Bushell intercepts Manuel in the end zone  
Final call of the game  
FIU 11/21/2009 Top
Post-Game Clips
Coach Urban Meyer says this game was won earlier in the week  
Meyer says the Gators took care of business  
Meyer talks about the emphasis of spreading the ball around  
Meyer - There aren't too many games left to enjoy Tim Tebow  
John Brantley says it was great to see some playing time  
Brantley says the backups took advantage of their opportunities  
Justin Williams talks about what he was thinking about when he caught his second touchdown pass  
Williams - You earn your stripes on special teams  
Linebacker Brandon Spikes talks about his interception return for a touchdown  
Spikes - The Gators played with alot of enthusiasm  
Tim Tebow talks about his big day with two touchdown passes and one touchdown run  
Tebow describes his 55 yard touchdown that gave the Gators a 14-0 lead  
Tebow - The Gators worked on their offense  
Play-by-Play Highlights
Brandon Spikes returns an interception for a touchdown  
Tim Tebow sets the SEC record for touchdowns with his 54th  
Tebow connects with Chris Rainey to make it 21-0 Gators  
Rainey dashes 22 yards for a touchdown (28-0)  
Jeff Demps scores from 3 yards out for 35-0  
Dustin Doe makes a big hit  
Tebow hits Riley Cooper for 18 yard touchdown (42-3)  
William Green and Jaye Howard combine on a sack  
John Brantley throws a 20 yard touchdown pass to Omarius Hines (49-3)  
Brantley throws a 16 yard touchdown pass to Justin Williams (56-3)  
Brantley hits Frankie Hammond for a 31 yard score (62-3)  
Final call  
South Carolina 11/14/2009 Top
Post-Game Clips
Urban Meyer - It was a great victory  
Meyer - Getting the early lead in the game was huge  
Meyer - He talks about how true freshman Xavier Nixon played at left tackle  
Meyer - The defensive line is fresh at the end of games  
Linebacker Brandon Spikes says def coordinator Charlie Strong wasn't happy with his defense at halftime  
Tim Tebow says its hard to go 8-0 in the SEC  
Tebow says "winning" is the identify of the Gator team  
Tebow says the Gators still have offensive issues to deal with  
Justin Trattou describes his big fourth quarter interception that turned the game around  
Trattou - The defensive line played a great game in the second half  
Play-by-Play Highlights
Tebow to Riley Cooper 68 touchdown (7-0)  
Moody takes an option toss and scores a touchdown (17-7)  
Brandon Spikes recovers a fumble  
Joe Haden sacks Garcia before halftime  
Justin Trattou and Will Hill combine on a sack  
Trattou intercepts Garcia to change the momentum  
Tim Tebow scores from one yard out (24-14)  
Garcia is sacked by Jaye Howard  
Jermaine Cunningham sacks Garcia  
Joe Haden picks off a pass  
Final call  
Vanderbilt 11/07/2009 Top
Post-Game Clips
Urban Meyer - He reacts to winning 19 straight games  
Meyer - He liked the majority of things the Gators did  
Meyer - On being 9-0 and on a 19-game winning streak  
Meyer - On what Vandy was doing to disrupt the Gator offense  
RB Jeff Demps credits Rick Burgess with the block that sprung him for the touchdown  
WR David Nelson describes his 8-yd td catch from Tim Tebow  
Gators still have to convert touchdowns in the red zone  
DE Carlos Dunlap says there was an emphasis to get off blocks better  
Dunlap says the Gator defense wants to shut teams out  
CB Joe Haden says coach Meyer counts on him on special teams  
TE Aaron Hernandez says they need to keep fighting  
Play-by-Play Highlights
Pressure from Jermaine Cunningham  
Ryan Stamper interception  
Jeff Demps 26 yard touchdown run (10-0)  
Tim Tebow 1 yd td run (20-3)  
Warren Norman is snowed under  
Vandy punter snafu  
Tebow's 8 yard touchdown pass to David Nelson (27-3)  
Final call of the game  
Georgia 10/31/2009 Top
Post-Game Clips
Urban Meyer - Reacts to Tim Tebow breaking Herschel Walker's record with this 50th rushing touchdown  
Meyer - He liked the balanced offensive attack  
Meyer - What he liked about the defensive effort  
Meyer - Special kudos to the special teams unit  
Brandon Spikes - He was glad to be able to play after missing last week's game with an injury  
Spikes - He talks about his interception for a touchdown  
Ryan Stamper - Linebacker mate A.J. Jones had a tremendous game  
Tim Tebow - Great to win in his final Florida-Georgia game  
Tebow - He talks about the opening drive of the game  
Tebow - He describes the play that broke Herschel Walker's record  
Play-by-Play Highlights
Tebow's first touchdown pass to Riley Cooper 7-0  
Tebow's second touchdown pass to Riley Cooper 14-0  
Caleb Sturgis kicks 56 yard field goal 17-10  
Tebow scores SEC record 50th rushing touchdown 24-10  
A.J. Jones interception on the first play of the second half  
Tebow five yard touchdown run 31-10  
A.J. Jones second interception  
Ryan Stamper interception  
Brandon Spikes' five yard interception for touchdown  
Final call of the game  
Mississippi State 10/24/2009 Top
Post-Game Clips
Urban Meyer - It was a tough place to play  
Meyer - Having trouble in the red zone  
Meyer - He discusses Chris Rainey's td run  
Meyer - On the job the defense did against Mississippi State's Anthony Dixon  
Meyer - He knows he'll be criticized for Tebow throwing the ball from the four yard line that was intercepted and returned for a touchdown.  
Play-by-Play Highlights
A.J. Jones picks off a pass  
Tim Tebow scores a 27 yard touchdown run 10-3  
Chris Rainey runs to the Mississippi State 6  
Rainey blocks a Mississippi State punt  
Jones and Carlos Dunlap combine on a sack  
Tebow picks up a key first down on fourth and 1  
Rainey runs in from 8 yards out 22-13  
Dustin Doe returns an interception 23 yards for a touchdown 29-13  
Final call of the game  
Arkansas 10/17/2009 Top
Post-Game Clips
Urban Meyer talks about what the perception will be about the close win over Arkansas  
Meyer - People are hoping the number one team goes down  
Meyer - He talks about the six sacks and four turnovers  
Meyer - The Gators had too many missed tackles  
Meyer - He talks about the big plays on the final drive of the game that led to the winning field goal  
Caleb Sturgis says he's prepared well for a chance to kick a game-winning field goal  
Tim Tebow - It was a "gut-check" victory for the Gators  
Tebow - The Gators moved the ball but the turnovers killed them  
Tebow - On how the team was able to come back in the second half  
Tebow - He describes the 77-yard touchdown pass to Deonte Thompson  
Play-by-Play Highlights
Terron Sanders bats down a Mallett pass  
Tebow hits Aaron Hernandez, who reaches a milestone  
Caleb Sturgis hits a 51 yard field goal (Ark 10 UF 6)  
Tebow hits Deonte Thompson for 77 yard touchdown (UF 13 Ark 10)  
A.J. Jones sacks Ryan Mallett  
Jeff Demps scores 10-yard touchdown (UF 20 Ark 20)  
The Gators make big stop on 3rd and 3 forcing a field goal  
Alex Tejeda misses 38 yard field goal to keep it tied  
Tebow converts an important third down pass on the game-winning drive  
Sturgis hits the tie-breaking 27-yard field goal  
Final play and final call  
LSU 10/10/2009 Top
Post-Game Clips
Urban Meyer - It was a hardfought battle with LSU  
Meyer - Tim Tebow gave a courageous performance  
Meyer - Talent is what makes the Gator defense so good  
Cornerback Joe Haden - Everybody did their assignments on defense  
Haden - The Gator secondary were well prepared for LSU's receivers  
Haden - On what's the difference with this defense compared to last year's  
Quarterback Tim Tebow - He credits the defense for playing a great game  
Tebow - He talks about what it was like to play in the game after being cleared to play  
Tebow - On what he learned about his teammates after the win over LSU  
Play-by-Play Highlights
Tim Tebow scramble  
Brandon James makes a first down catch  
Jeff Demps goes for 13 yards  
Tebow hits Riley Cooper for 24 yd touchdown pass 10-3  
Joe Haden's interception ends the first half  
Aaron Hernandez makes a a big catch to set up a Caleb Strurgis field goal 13-3  
Justin Trattou sacks Jefferson  
Brandon Spikes sacks Jefferson  
Jermaine Cunningham sacks Jefferson  
The Gators make a big stop on fourth and one  
Cunningham with his second sack of the game  
Kentucky 09/26/2009 Top
Post-Game Clips
Urban Meyer talks about the impressive win over Kentucky  
Meyer - The players have to overcome alot of adversity to win a road game  
Meyer - He singles out the defense and the offensive line  
Meyer - Tim Tebow was fabulous  
Meyer - He comments on Tebow getting knocked out of the game  
Meyer - He talks about how Chris Rainey's blocked punt was a key play  
Spikes - Things Kentucky players said fired them up  
Spikes - Coach Strong wanted the defense to play with more intensity  
Spikes - He hopes Tim Tebow will be okay  
Play-by-Play Highlights
Joe Haden sacks Kentucky's quarterback at the goal line  
Tim Tebow touchdown run 10-0  
Chris Rainey recovers his own blocked punt 17-0  
Tebow scores another touchdown 24-0  
Tebow hits Aaron Hernandez for a 44 yd td pass 31-0  
Tebow gets knocked out of the game  
Janoris Jenkins gives the Gators 16 straight games with an interception  
Major Wright picks off a pass  
John Brantley 8 yd td pass to Riley Cooper 41-7  
Mick Hubert's final call  
Tennessee 09/19/2009 Top
Post-Game Clips
Meyer - It was a hard fought win  
Meyer - SEC football is a different kind of game  
Meyer - What he liked, and didn't like, about his team after the game  
Meyer - The Gators need to work on the passing game  
Tebow - Tennessee's defense is one of the best he's ever gone against  
James - Brandon James says a win is a win even if you don't play as well as you'd like  
James - The offense can play alot better  
Gilbert - OL Marcus Gilbert says the line had some good plays  
Gilbert - Talks about his block that helped Jeff Demps score his 7 yard touchdown  
LB Ryan Stamper talks about never losing to Tennessee  
Stamper - The defense played great to hold Tennessee to one touchdown  
Play-by-Play Highlights
Brandon James returns the opening kickoff 50 yards  
Tim Tebow bowls over Tennessee's Eric Berry  
Tim Tebow scores for 10-3 lead  
Joe Haden picks off a Tennessee pass  
Tebow scrambles for a big first down  
Jeff Demps 7 yard touchdown run 23-6  
Jaye Howard blows up a play in the Tennessee backfield  
Ahmad Black's interception ends Tennessee's hopes  
Troy 09/12/2009 Top
Post-Game Clips
Meyer - He talks about how he thought the game went against Troy  
Meyer - Tennessee preview  
Meyer - Defense kept them in the game  
Meyer - The offense made adjustments after struggling in the first quarter  
Tebow - Offense making adjustments after slow start  
Tebow - How did he think the passing game went?  
Tebow - He describes the touchdown pass to Brandon James  
Play-by-Play Highlights
Troy fumble caused by Jermaine Cunningham  
Tebow to Deonte Thompson 7-0  
Troy flubs field goal attempt  
Tebow to Riley Cooper td 14-3  
Tebow keeps it for his 45th career rushing touchdown for 21-3  
Janoris Jenkins interception  
Deonte Thompson's second touchdown catch  
Gators recover a fourth down fumble  
Jeff Demps goes 24 yards for a touchdown  
Tebow hits Brandon James for a 31 yard touchdown pass  
Chris Rainey scores for 49-3  
Freshman Mike Gillislee catches a 6-yd td pass from John Brantley  
Charleston Southern 09/05/2009 Top
Post-Game Clips
Meyer - He wanted to thank the fans and students for their support.  
Meyer - The Gators got a few things accomplished on offense.  
Tebow - He liked the performance of the offense.  
Spikes - It was good to play a game after practicing against each other in fall practice.  
Spikes - They were well prepared for what Charleston Southern tired to do to them.  
James - He talks about his 85 yard kick off return for a touchdown - the first for the Gators since 1999.  
James - It was a good start to the season for the Gators.  
Play-by-Play Highlights
Jeff Demps 10 yard touchdown pass 7-0  
Chris Rainey's 76 yd td run 14-0  
Tim Tebow's 1 yd td run 21-0  
Demps' 23 yd td run 28-0  
Major Wright's interception Def Play of the Game  
Tebow to Aaron Hernandez 28 yd td pass 35-0  
Brandon James' 85 yd kor for a touchdown 42-3  
John Brantley hits Justin Williams for 48-3 lead  
Freshman Mike Gillislee scores from 8 yds out 62-3  

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