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2008 Football Game Audio Clips
Oklahoma (BCS Championship) 01-08-09 Top
Post-Game Clips
Urban Meyer loves his team  
Meyer - On what was the difference in the game  
Meyer - He talks about the goal line stands and the big second half drive and Percy Harvin's heart  
Meyer - What stands out about his second national championship team?  
QB Tim Tebow - He talks about what Oklahoma's defense did to give him problems in the first half  
Tebow - He talks about taking over the game in the second half  
Tebow - He told offensive coordinator Dan Mullen to let him run the ball more in the second half  
Tebow - Did he use not winning the Heisman Trophy as a motivation in the game?  
DE Carlos Dunlap (Defensive MVP) - They were well prepared for Oklahoma's no-huddle offense  
Dunlap - The Gator defense stiffened inside the red zone  
Play-by-Play Highlights
Brandon Hicks sacks Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford  
Aaron Hernandez with a key catch in first touchdown drive  
Tebow to Murphy 20 yard touchdown pass (7-0)  
Torrey Davis stuffs Oklahoma on fourth and goal at UF 3  
Percy Harvin rips off a 45 yard run to get the Gators out of a hole  
Major Wright intercepts Bradford at the Gator 4  
Tebow gets a key first down to keep a drive alive  
Tebow with another key first down  
Jeff Demps nearly gets in on the option  
Percy Harvin takes a direct snap for a 2 yard touchdown run (14-7)  
Carlos Dunlap blocks a Sooner field goal attempt  
Harvin nearly takes it all the way to set up a field goal  
Ahmad Black stops an Oklahoma drive with an interception  
David Nelson makes a big first down catch on 2nd and 11  
On 3rd and 6 Aaron Hernandez gets a big first down on a shovel pass  
Tebow hits Nelson with a jump pass for 4 yard score (24-14)  
Joe Haden breaks up a pass on fourth-and-four  
Final call of the game  
Alabama (SEC Championship) 12-06-08 Top
Post-Game Clips
Coach Urban Meyer - His team overcame some blows from Alabama in third quarter  
Urban Meyer - His players expected a dogfight  
Urban Meyer - He was impressed with the way his team handled trailing in the fourth quarter  
Urban Meyer - He talks about the game defensive end Jermaine Cunningham had  
QB Tim Tebow - He did think anything about being 0-5 lifetime when trailing in the fourth quarter.  
WR Riley Cooper talks about what it felt like to score the clinching touchdown  
Cooper - On what it felt like to be in a close game  
DT Lawrence Marsh - Gators stayed poised when they fell behind 20-17  
Marsh - It was a physical game  
WR Carl More - Guys stepped up with the loss of Percy Harvin  
Play-by-Play Highlights
Tebow to Carl Moore 3 yard touchdown pass (7-0)  
Gators stop a fake field goal  
Riley Cooper catches 51 yard pass  
Aaron Hernandez gets a key first down at Alabama five  
Tebow hits David Nelson 5 yard touchdown (17-10)  
Tebow shovel pass to Hernandez to Alabama 3 for first down  
Jeff Demps scores from 1 yard out (24-20)  
Jermaine Cunningham sacks John David Wilson  
Tebow hits Louis Murphy for big gain to Alabama 21  
Tebow and Cooper hook up on 6 yard touchdown pass (31-20)  
Joe Haden intercepts Wilson  
Florida State 11-29-08 Top
Post-Game Clips
Coach Urban Meyer gives his players credit for the way they played in the rain on the road  
Meyer - Getting that opening touchdown drive was key  
Meyer talks about how well Tim Tebow is playing right now  
Meyer - The Gators showed how good they are at running the ball  
Tim Tebow explains what makes the Gators so good lately  
Tebow says the Gators enjoy playing the game  
Tebow - The Gators were hoping to have a good start against FSU  
Brandon Spikes talks about the keys to stopping FSU's offense  
Spikes comments on the Gators getting four more turnovers  
Spikes the Gator defense prepared well for this game  
Play-by-Play Highlights
Percy Harvin 9 yd td run (7-0)  
Major Wright interception  
Tim Tebow's tough run for a first down  
Jeff Demps goes 44 yards to set a score  
Tim Tebow hits Aaron Hernandez on 7 yard touchdown pass (14-0)  
Tebow scores from 4 yards out (21-6)  
Tebow-to-Hernandez from 28 yards out (28-9)  
Brandon Spikes picks off his fourth pass  
Tebow hits Louis Murphy for a 23 yard touchdown pass (35-9)  
Chris Rainey runs 62 yards to the FSU 12  
Janoris Jenkins with his third pick of the season  
Jeff Demps scores from 2 yards out (45-15)  
The Citadel 11-22-08 Top
Post-Game Clips
Coach Urban Meyer talks about the Gators fast start  
Meyer says Tebow's playing great  
Meyer was glad to see how well his first-teamers played  
Urban Meyer - Its going to be a tough week preparing for Florida State  
Tim Tebow was happy to see the Seniors have a big game  
Tebow talks about the focus they had at the start of the game  
Tebow says they will prepare hard for FSU  
Emmanuel Moody talks about his first 100-yard game as a Gator  
Moody says he and Chris Rainey had a feeling they would have a big day  
Percy Harvin pays a tribute to senior wide receiver Louis Murphy  
Play-by-Play Highlights
Janoris Jenkins picks off a pass  
Tim Tebow 15 yard touchdown pass to Louis Murphy (7-0)  
Chris Rainey 7 yard touchdown run (14-0)  
Tebow 43 yard touchdown pass to Riley Cooper (21-0)  
Percy Harvin 12 yard touchdown run from the Wild Gator formation (28-0)  
Will Hill interception  
Tebow 31 td pass to Deonte Thompson (35-0)  
Chris Rainey's 74 yard run  
Kestahn Moore 2 yard touchdown run (42-0)  
Moore 22 yard touchdown run (49-6)  
Ahmad Black makes a big hit  
Javier Estopinan 1 yard touchdown run (56-6)  
John Brantley-to-David Nelson 12 yard touchdown run (63-6)  
Emmanuel Moody's first touchdown as a Gator (70-13)  
South Carolina 11-15-08 Top
Post-Game Clips
Urban Meyer gives his initial thoughts on the 56-6 win over South Carolina  
Urban Meyer - He wasn't pleased with fumbles by Chris Rainey and Jeff Demps  
Urban Meyer - He talks about Percy Harvin's 80-yard touchdown run  
Brandon Spikes had a feeling the defense would play well against South Carolina  
Brandon Spikes - The Gator defense learned alot from the Ole Miss loss  
James Smith talks about recovering an errant pass on a kickoff and almost scoring a touchdown  
Smith on why they've been good on covering kicks this season  
Percy Harvin says they were determined to play well against the SEC's best defense  
Harvin describes his 80-yard touchdown run  
Harvin talks about the Gator running game  
Play-by-Play Highlights
Brandon Spikes returns an interception 12 yards for a touchdown (7-0)  
Ahmad Black gets his 6th interception of the year  
Percy Harvin 13 yard touchdown run (14-0)  
James Smith recovers a botched kickoff and nearly scores a touchdown  
Brandon Hicks sacks a quarterback  
Tim Tebow goes in from one yard out (21-0)  
Tebow hits Deonte Thompson on a 46 yard touchdown pass (28-0)  
Harvin runs 80 yards for a touchdown (35-3)  
Jeff Demps runs 38 yards for a touchdown (42-6)  
Tebow passes 5 yards to Aaron Hernandez for a touchdown (49-6)  
Will Hill picks off the first pass of his career  
Chris Rainey's 3-yard td run 56-6  
Vanderbilt 11-08-08 Top
Post-Game Clips
Coach Urban Meyer - The Gators have reached a major goal - the SEC title game  
Urban Meyer - Special teams have alot to do with Gators' fast starts  
Urban Meyer - The team is playing with alot of confidence  
Urban Meyer - Tim Tebow has his game going  
Percy Harvin likes running from the shotgun  
Percy Harvin was glad to see Riley Cooper and David Nelson score touchdowns  
Tim Tebow reacts to clinching the SEC East title  
Tim Tebow - On the Gators quick-strike capability on offense  
Play-by-Play Highlights
Tebow to Murphy 11 yd td pass (7-0)  
Brandon Spikes tackle for loss  
Tebow runs 26 yds for a td (14-0)  
Ahmad Black interception  
Tebow runs 8 yds for a touchdown (21-0)  
William Green tackle for loss  
Tebow 11 yard touchdown to Riley Cooper (28-0)  
Tebow 41 yard touchdown to David Nelson (35-0)  
Percy Harvin goes in from 1 yard out (42-0)  
Carlos Dunlap's second punt block  
Final call of the game  
Georgia 11-01-08 Top
Post-Game Clips
Coach Urban Meyer - It was a great victory for the Gators  
Urban Meyer - Def coordinator Charley Strong deserves alot of credit for the victory  
Linebacker Brandon Spikes says they were ready to play this game  
Brandon Spikes - They had a gameplan to stop Georgia's Knowshown Moreno  
Brandon Spikes - They've been waiting a year to get their revenge  
Quarterback Tim Tebow talks about avenging last year's loss  
Tim Tebow - The Gator players are maturing  
Tim Tebow - He liked what the offense was able to do  
Tim Tebow - Redzone success was the difference in this game  
Play-by-Play Highlights
Percy Harvin scores the first touchdown 7-0  
Tim Tebow goes in from one yard out 14-0  
Joe Haden returns an interception 87 yards  
Tebow scores for 20-3 lead  
Tebow to Louis Murphy 44 yards 28-3  
Terron Sanders recovers a Knowshon Moreno fumble  
Tebow scores from 7 yards out 35-3  
Ahmad Black picks off Matthew Stafford  
Tebow hits Harvin from 25 yards out 42-3  
Deonte Thompson catches the first td pass of his career 49-3  
Kentucky 10-25-08 Top
Post-Game Clips
Coach Urban Meyer - The fans had alot to do with the win  
Urban Meyer - He talks about freshman William Green blocking the first punt of the afternoon  
Urban Meyer - The Gators can score in all three phases of the game  
Urban Meyer - The offensive line is what makes the offense go right now  
Quarterback Tim Tebow - He talks about the Gators productive day against Kentucky  
Tim Tebow - Scoring 28 points in the very first quarter was big  
Tim Tebow - He liked the way the offense has been executing  
Tim Tebow - This will be a big week of preparation for the Georgia game  
Play-by-Play Highlights
William Green has the first punt block of the game  
Tim Tebow 3 yard td run 7-0  
Jeff Demps blocks a punt  
Brandon James scores from 1 yard out 14-0  
Percy Harvin scores a 16 yd td run 21-0  
Harvin catches a 33 yd td pass from Tebow 28-0  
Joe Haden blocks a field goal attempt  
Tebow hits Jeff Demps for a 61 yd td pass 35-0  
Carlos Dunlap and Brandon Spikes combine on a sack  
Tebow ties Emmitt Smith for all-time Gator record for rushing touchdowns 42-3  
Ahmad Black returns an interception 40 yards for a touchdown 49-3  
Kestahn Moore scores from one yard out 56-3  
John Brantley hits David Nelson on a 38 yd td pass 63-3  
LSU 10-11-08 Top
Post-Game Clips
Defensive tackle Lawrence Marsh talks about stopping LSU's run  
Marsh says they fed off the intensity of the crowd and linebacker Brandon Spikes  
Percy Harvin says the Gators offense is hitting on all cylinders  
Harvin describes the tipped pass he caught for the opening touchdown  
Tim Tebow talks about jumping on LSU 17-0 after the first quarter  
Tebow says the Gators showed grit when they scored after LSU cut their lead to 20-14  
Play-by-Play Highlights
Tebow hits Harvin for 70 yard touchdown (7-0)  
Tebow hits Harvin for a 7 yard touchdown (17-0)  
Brandon Spikes' first interception  
A. J. Jones fumble recovery  
Tebow 2 yard touchdown run (27-14)  
Jeff Demps 43 yard td run (34-14)  
Spikes' 51 yard interception return (41-14)  
Kestahn Moore 3 yard touchdown (51-21)  
Arkansas 10-04-08 Top
Post-Game Clips
Coach Urban Meyer talks about his team's resilience when score was 17-7  
Urban Meyer was not pleased about the penalties  
Urban Meyer - The defense bent, but didn't break  
Urban Meyer discusses the play of Jeff Demps and Chris Rainey  
Urban Meyer - The special teams gave a great effort  
Urban Meyer talks about next week's game with LSU  
Jeff Demps says the runningbacks knew they had to step up with injuries to Emmanuel Moody and Kestahn Moore  
Jeff Demps talks about his 36 yard touchdown run that made it 14-0  
Brandon James describes his recovery of a muffed punt  
Brandon James - Special teams can change games
Chris Rainey reacts to the Gators having two 100 yard rushers in the same game for the first time since 1997  
Chris Rainey says they have to prepare well for LSU  
Ahmad Black talks about the Gators' defensive effort  
Ahmad Black - The secondary had something to prove after last week's loss  
Play-by-Play Highlights
Tebow to Brandon James touchdown pass (7-0)  
James recovers a muffed punt return  
Jeff Demps goes 36 yards for a touchdown (14-0)  
Joe Haden interception  
Tebow to Harvin 21 yard touchdown (24-7)  
Chris Rainey 75 yard touchdown run (31-7)  
Demps 48 yard touchdown (38-7)  
Carlos Dunlap sack  
Matt Patchan sack  
Final call by Mick  
Ole Miss 09-27-08 Top
Post-Game Clips
Coach Urban Meyer talks about the three turnovers.  
Urban Meyer - One loss does not a season make  
Urban Meyer - On the injury woes on the offensive line  
Urban Meyer - The problems with the offense  
Joe Haden says missed tackles hurt them  
Joe Haden - the defense tried to give the offense a chance late in the game  
Murphy - The Gators can come back from the loss  
Murphy - The Gators will be back  
Play-by-Play Highlights
Major Wright interception  
Harvin 43 yd touchdown  
Brandon Spikes sack # 1  
Brandon Spikes sack # 2  
Tim Tebow 1 yd touchdown  
Tebow 20 yd run  
Tebow 1 yd touchdown # 2  
Harvin 15 yd td  
Miss blocks extra point  
Tebow stopped on fourth and 1  
Tennessee 09-20-08 Top
Post-Game Clips
Coach Urban Meyer talks about Brandon James' impact on the game.  
Urban Meyer - Getting the early 7-0 lead was big.  
Urban Meyer - The offense isn't winning any "style" points right now  
Urban Meyer - He talks about the Gator defense  
Runningback Emmanuel Moody was thankful for the playing time. Moody rushed for 58 yards.  
Emmanuel Moody - The Gators took another step towards their goal.  
Play-by-Play Highlights
Tim Tebow 2 yd td pass to Aaron Hernandez 7-0  
Fumble recovered by Ryan Stamper  
Brandon James 78 yd punt return  
Carlos Dunlap fumble recovery  
Janoris Jenkins inteception  
Tebow's 15 yard touchdown pass to Percy Harvin  
Miami (Fla.) 09-06-08 Top
Post-Game Clips
Urban Meyer talks about his team's ability to stop Miami's run  
Meyer talks about the halftime adjustments to the offense  
Meyer says Carl Moore's catch that was reviewed was the turning point in the game  
Jeff Demps talks about his punt block that resulted in a safety  
Louis Murphy apologizes for remarks he made about Miami earlier in the week  
Murphy appreciated that his teammates still had faith in him after a tough first half  
Percy Harvin was glad to be back on the field  
Harvin says wasn't thinking corner all the way on his 2 yard touchdown run  
Brandon Spikes says the Gator defenders knew they had to stop Miami's running game  
Spikes was confident someone would make a big play  
Tim Tebow says its was a team win  
Tebow said they did make some halftime adjustments  
Play-by-Play Highlights
Tim Tebow hits Aaron Hernandez with 13 yd touchdown pass for 7-0 lead  
Carlos Dunlap stops Robert Marve on a third down play  
Jeff Demps blocks a punt that results in a safety just before halftime for 9-3 lead  
Percy Harvin makes a nice run during an 84-yard drive  
Hernandez goes 38 yards with a catch  
Carl Moore making a 28 yard catch that was originally called out of bounds but was reversed by instant replay  
Harvin scores from two yards out for 16-3 lead  
Louis Murphy makes a big play during Florida's 95 yard drive  
Murphy catches a 19 yard touchdown pass from Tebow for a 23-3 lead  
Jermaine Cunningham sacks Robert Marve  
Dunlap sacks Marve  
Hawaii 08-30-08 Top
Post-Game Clips
Urban Meyer - He's glad that they opened the season against a team like Hawaii  
Urban Meyer - He updates the injury situation for next week's game against Miami
Urban Meyer - He likes the way his team prepared for the game  
Urban Meyer - Miami is going to be a special game.  
Runningback Chris Rainey talks about getting back on the field after his injury last season  
Return man Brandon James explains how the blocking helped set up his 74 yd punt return
Freshman runningback Jeff Demps talks about his first game as a Gator  
Safety Major Wright says the defense wanted to make a statement  
Tim Tebow talks about the slow start in the scoreless first half  
Tebow says he has alot of weapons at his disposal  
Tebow talks about what stood out with the offense on Saturday  
Play-by-Play Highlights
Lawrence Marsh sacks Hawaii's quarterback  
Brandon James scores from one yard out  
Major Wright picks off a pass and returns it for a touchdown  
James goes 74 yards with a punt for a touchdown  
Chris Rainey goes 33 yards for the first touchdown of his Gator career  
Jeff Demps shows his speed with a 62-yard touchdown run  
Tim Tebow hits Louis Murphy for a 48 yard touchdown pass  
Ahmad Black returns an interception 80 yards for a touchdown  

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