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2007 Football Game Audio Clips
Michigan (Capital One Bowl) (post-game) 01-01-08   Top
Coach Urban Meyer on what he was most concerned about in the loss
Urban Meyer - On Tim Tebow's performance. Was he satisfied?
Urban Meyer - He makes no excuses about the loss to Michigan
Urban Meyer - On what his message was to his players after the game
Tim Tebow's thoughts on the loss
Tim Tebow - The Gator offense did alot, but not enough
Tony Joiner - Def back Tony Joiner talks about playing his final game in a Gator uniform
Tony Joiner - The Gators showed alot of character to come back from a two touchdown deficit
Tony Joiner - Give Michigan's offense credit
Center Drew Miller on what he liked about the Gators offensive performance
Drew Miller - The offensive line had too many breakdowns
Full Urban Meyer Press Conference
Michigan (Capital One Bowl) 01-01-08   Top
Tim Tebow hits Percy Harvin for a touchdown pass 7-7
Tebow hits Andre Caldwell for a 19 yd td 14-7 Gators
Harvin goes 66 yards for a first down
Micheal Hart with the first of his two fumbles
Major Wright ends a Michigan threat with an interception
Gators make a big mistake on the second half kickoff
Tim Tebow touchdown run makes it 28-21 Michigan
Hart's second fumble into the end zone
Gators fake a punt on fourth down to keep a drive going
Tebow hits Caldwell for his second touchdown of the game 28-28
Micheal Pouncey intercepts a pass on a carom from Jermaine Cunningham
Percey Harvin scores on an end-around for a 35-31 Gator lead
Florida State (post-game) 11-24-07   Top
Urban Meyer - He's happy for the small group of seniors
Urban Meyer - The Gators gave great performance in every phase of the game
Urban Meyer - Percy Harvin is a great runner
Urban Meyer - Heisman hopeful Tim Tebow has a great supporting cast around him
Percy Harvin - It felt good to be back on the field after missing two games with migraine headaches
Percy Harvin - He talks about what the last two weeks have been like for him
Tim Tebow - He talks about his touchdown pass to Louis Murphy that gave Florida a 14-3 lead
Tim Tebow - The Gators offense has been clicking the last four games
Tony Joiner - It was great to go out a winner in his final game in the Swamp
Tony Joiner - He talks about the Gator defensive gameplan against FSU
Florida State (play-by-play) 11-24-07   Top
Tim Tebow scores on a 22 yard run for a 7-3 lead
Tebow hits Louis Murphy for a 32 yard td 14-3
The Gators stop FSU on third-and-one to force them into a field goal
Tebow hits Murphy again for a 14 yard td 21-6
Tebow 6 yard touchdown run 31-12 Florida
Jermaine Cunningham sacks Drew Weatherford
Tebow and Andre Caldwell combine on 31 yd td pass 38-12 Florida
Tony Joiner tackles Preston Parker on a fourth-and-three
Percy Harvin goes 24 yards for a touchdown 45-12 Florida
Mick Hubert's final call
Florida Atlantic (post-game) 11-17-07   Top
Urban Meyer - He reacts to the news that Georgia beat Kentucky knocking the Gators out of the SEC East race
Urban Meyer - He explains why kick returner Brandon James didn't play in the game
Urban Meyer - Tim Tebow didn't play his best game
Urban Meyer - There wasn't a specific effort to get Caldwell the ball so he could break the receiving record
Andre Caldwell - He talks about breaking Alvarez's record
Andre Caldwell - He was glad that Alvarez was on hand for his record-breaking performance
Tim Tebow - The Gator offense played good enough to win.
Tim Tebow - Offense has been on a roll. The Gators have averaged over 50 points per game in their last three games.
Florida Atlantic (play-by-play) 11-17-07   Top
Brandon Spikes knocks down a pass
Tim Tebow's 2 yd td run sets a new SEC rushing record with 20 td's 28-13
Andre Caldwell ties Carlos Alvarez's career record at UF
Tebow hits Cornelius Ingram for a touchdown 35-20
Kestahn Moore scores from 6 yards out for his second td of the game 42-20
Tebow hits Aaron Hernandez on a 14 yard td pass 49-20
Justin Trattou sacks the FAU quarterback
Ryan Stamper recovers an FAU fumble
Cameron Newton scores on a 24 yard touchdown run 59-20
South Carolina (post-game) 11-10-07   Top
Urban Meyer says it was a good team win.
Urban Meyer - He talks about his team's defensive performance.
Urban Meyer - He was concerned about not having Percy Harvin available.
Tim Tebow - He wanted the seniors to go out as winners in their final SEC game.
Tim Tebow - Other people stepped up with Harvin sidelined.
Tim Tebow - On why he threw a touchdown pass to Andre Caldwell with less than two minutes to go.
DB Tony Joiner on why they were able to stopped the run.
Linebacker Brandon Spikes says getting that early fumble set the tone for the game.
Andre Caldwell - He's showing what he can do when he's healthy.
South Carolina (play-by-play) 11-10-07   Top
The Gators recover a fumble on the first play of the game
Tim Tebow scores on a 5 yard run 7-0
John Curtis blocks a South Carolina punt
Tebow 22 yd td pass to Jarrod Fayson 13-0
Tebow 1 yd td run 20-14
Tony Joiner interception
Tebow 3 yd td run 27-14
Tebow 2 yd td run 34-14
Derrick Harvey and Carlos Dunlap share a sack
Tebow's fifth rushing touchdown of the game 44-31
Tebow 21 yard td pass to Andre Caldwell 51-31
Vanderbilt (post-game) 11-03-07   Top
Urban Meyer - Micheal Pouncey's first game as defensive tackle was remarkable
Urban Meyer - Getting the ball in Percy Harvin's hands will be a priority from now on
Urban Meyer - Tim Tebow was efficient
Urban Meyer - It was great to have such a good game in front of the home fans
Returner Brandon James is glad to contribute on special teams
Percy Harvin thanked the offensive line for his big day
Harvin says Saturday's performance was more like it for the Gator offense
Tim Tebow said it was an exciting day for the offense
Tim Tebow - The team was upset about the way they played against Georgia
Tim Tebow - The did their damage against a very good Vandy defense
Safety Tony Joiner says they wanted to win badly for the homecoming crowd
Tony Joiner - The defense was fired up for this game
Vanderbilt (play-by-play) 11-03-07   Top
Tebow quarterback sneak 7-0
Brandon James 53 yd punt return
Percy Harvin 18 yd td 14-0
Tebow 12 yd td pass to Jarrod Fayson 21-7
Jermaine Cunningham interception
Tebow 4 yd td pass to Bubba Caldwell 28-7
Tebow 14 yd td pass to Caldwell 35-10
Micheal Pouncey knocks down a pass
Brandon James recovers a fumbled punt
Joe Haden breaks up a pass in the end zone
Tebow one yard td run 42-10
Vandy qb fumbles at goal line but the play is ruled a touchdown
Harvin becomes the first player in Gator history to rush and catch for 100 yards in the same game
Harvin scores on a 13 yd run 49-16
Mick Hubert's final call
Georgia (post-game) 10-27-07   Top
Urban Meyer - Coach Urban Meyer says Tim Tebow was playing with pain
Urban Meyer - Hopes players learned a lesson from the loss to Georgia
Urban Meyer - There's still alot to play for in the SEC East race
Urban Meyer - Meyer addresses Georgia players storming the field after the Bulldogs first touchdown
Tim Tebow - Gators learned a tough lesson about making mistakes
Tim Tebow - He addresses the mistakes they made
Tim Tebow - On what Georgia's defense did to slow their offense down
Georgia (play-by-play) 10-27-07   Top
Moreno's td and the Georgia players storming the end zone call
Tim Tebow hits Louis Murphy on a 40 yd touchdown
Wondy Pierre-Louie 25 yd interception return
Tebow hits Jarred Fayson on a 30 yd pass
Tebow runs in from 2 yards out makes it 28-24 Ga
Gators make a big third down play
Ryan Stamper sacks Matthew Stafford for a loss
Tebow to Harvin to the Ga 11 in fourth quarter
Tebow scores to cut the Ga lead to 35-30
Mick Hubert's final call on the Gator Football Network
Kentucky (post-game) 10-20-07   Top
Urban Meyer - Big win after two tough losses
Urban Meyer - Responding to Ky touchdowns was big
Urban Meyer - He needs all his playmakers for the rest of the season
Urban Meyer - He talks about Tim Tebow's 5 touchdown game
Percy Harvin talks about the long pass on the Gators' final drive that help set up the td that salted the game away
Jermaine Cunningham talks about the team's 6 sacks against Andre Woodson
Tim Tebow the Gators control their own destiny now in SEC East race
Tebow talks about the Gator offense responding each time that Kentucky scored
Kentucky (play-by-play) 10-20-07   Top
Tebow to Ingram touchdown 7-7
Woodson sacked by Cunningham
Tebow 66 yd td to Louis Murphy 14-7
Tebow 1 yd td to Adrian Hernandez 21-7
Tebow 8 yd td to Bubba Caldwell 28-10
Javier Estopinan sacks Woodson
Percy Harvin 25 yd td run 38-24
Derrick Harvey sacks Woodson
Tebow hits Harvin to Ky 2 yd line
Tebow scores from 2 yards out 45-31
LSU (post-game) 10-06-07   Top
Urban Meyer - He's proud the way his team played against the number one ranked team in the country.
Urban Meyer - He saw alot of good things from a very painful loss.
Tim Tebow - Proud of his teammates for playing hard.
Tim Tebow - The Gators weren't bothered by the loud crowd at Tiger Stadium.
Tim Tebow - The turnovers tainted what was a good offensive night against the number one defense in the country.
Joe Haden - The loss really hurt.
Joe Haden - His growing pains as a freshman defensive back are over.
Kestahn Moore - The Gators fought right down to the end.
Kestahn Moore - The offensive line did a good job of opening up holes for him.
LSU (play-by-play) 10-06-07   Top
Joe Haden gets his first career interception.
Tebow hits Percy Harvin for a 27 yard play to set up a touchdown.
Tim Tebow hit Kestahn Moore for a two yard TD.
Tim Tebow eight yard touchdown run 17-7 Fla lead.
Tebow hits Cornelius Ingram with a 37 yard touchdown pass for 24-14 Gator lead.
Jermaine Cunningham bats down a third down pass.
Joe Haden mades a huge tackle on a third down play.
LSU's Jacob Hester scores from two yards out to give LSU a 28-24 lead with 1:09 to play.
Final call of the game as Tebow tries a long pass into the end zone.
Auburn (post-game) 09-29-07   Top
Urban Meyer - The loss hurt.
Urban Meyer - The offense had its woes against Auburn's defense.
Urban Meyer - On why Andre Caldwell hardly played.
Urban Meyer - He'll find out alot about his players after this loss.
Tim Tebow - They have to try and get over this loss.
Tim Tebow - Why were you able to get your offense going in the second half, but not the first half?
Tony Joiner - The Gators have to regroup after a heartbreaking loss.
Tony Joiner - This loss to Auburn was tougher than last year's.
Auburn (play-by-play) 09-29-07   Top
Brandon Spikes gets a first quarter sack.
Tim Tebow uncorks a bomb to Percy Harvin.
Joe Haden recovers an Auburn fumble.
Tim Tebow hits Cornelius Ingram for a touchdown to make it 17-10 Auburn.
A Tebow to Harvin pass sets up Florida's tying touchdown.
Tebow scores from two yards out.
Ryan Stamper sacks Brandon Cox.
Wes Byrum boots a 43 yard field goal with time running out as Auburn upsets Florida 20-17.
Ole Miss (post-game) 09-22-07   Top
Urban Meyer - Glad to get out of Oxford with a win.
Urban Meyer - On how his young players reacted to their first road game in the SEC and too may Tebow carries.
Urban Meyer - On what he liked - and didn't like - about the way his defense played.
Tim Tebow - He liked the character the team showed to hold off Ole Miss in the final minutes.
Tim Tebow - On the Gators having another big day running the football.
Tim Tebow - The Gators were able to win a game when they didn't play their best.
Ole Miss (play-by-play) 09-22-07   Top
Percy Harvin catches a 19 yd touchdown pass from Tim Tebow for 7-3 Gator lead.
Tim Tebow scores on a 9 yd touchdown run for a 14-3 Gators lead.
Jermaine Cunningham sacks quarterback Seth Adams in the first quarter.
Derrick Harvey sacks Adams to stop a Miss drive.
Tim Tebow scores from 6 yards out for a 21-6 Gator lead.
Tebow hits Louis Murphy on a 37 yard touchdown pass for a 27-9 Gator lead.
Tony Joiner gets a huge interception to preserve a 27-24 Gator lead.
Tennessee (post-game) 09-15-07   Top
Urban Meyer - It was a great night to be a Florida Gator
Urban Meyer - He says Percy Harvin is one of the best players in college football
Urban Meyer - He talks about the play of his defense
Urban Meyer - Markihe Anderson's interception and Dustin Does fumble return were big plays in the game
Urban Meyer - He compares the way the team is responding to Tim Tebow to Micheal Jordan
LB Dustin Doe says the defense played assignment football
Tim Tebow says the Gators strove for a balanced attack and got it
Tim Tebow on why the coaching staff wanted him to throw a deep pattern to Percy Harvin
WR/RB Percy Harvin says the offense is alot of fun right now
Percy Harvin - On what quarterback Tim Tebow told him before throwing a 50 yard pass to him in the fourth quarter
Tennessee (play-by-play) 09-15-07   Top
Brandon James takes a punt back 83 yards for a touchdown 7-0
Markihe Anderson picks off an Eric Ainge pass
Tim Tebow hits Riley Cooper on a 30 yard td pass 14-3
Tebow runs seven yards for a score 21-6
Jermaine Cunningham cuts down a Tenn player for a nine yard loss
Tebow hits Cornelius Ingram on a 20 yd td pass 28-6
Dustin Doe returns a fumble 18 yards for a touchdown 35-20
Tebow hits Percy Harvin on a 50 yard pass
Percy Harvin runs 19 yards for a touchdown 42-20
Tebow hits Percy Harvin who makes an acrobatic catch
Tebow runs five yards for a Gator touchdown 49-20
Backup quarterback Cam Newton caps off the Gator scoring 59-20
Troy (post-game) 09-08-07   Top
Urban Meyer - He says there was alot to like about the first half
Urban Meyer - The two blocked punts were key in the game
Urban Meyer - He talks about why the Gators struggled in the second half
Urban Meyer - On Tim Tebow's performance
Linebacker Dustin Doe thinks the defense played well
Dustin Doe - The Gators have to learn how to put teams away
Tim Tebow - He says it was important to score a touchdown after Troy cut the lead to 52-31
Tim Tebow - The Gator offense still needs to shore things up for Tennessee
Tim Tebow - He looks ahead to the SEC opener against Tennessee
Troy (play-by-play) 09-08-07   Top
Florida blocks a Troy punt in first quarter
Kestahn Moore scores on a one yard run 7-0
Brandon James 59 yard kickoff return
Tebow 3 yard td run 14-7
Tebow five yard td pass to Percy Harvin 21-7
Kestahn Moore 1 yd td 28-7
The Gators recover a fumble in the second quarter
Andre Caldwell 18 yd td 35-7
Tebow five yard td to Cornelius Ingram 42-7
Justin Trattou intercepts a Troy pass
Tebow 3 yard td pass to Jarred Fayson
Brandon Spikes quarterback sack
Tim Tebow scores on a 16 yard run 59-31
Western Kentucky (post-game) 09-01-07   Top

QB Tim Tebow talks about his debut as starting Gator quarterback

Tim Tebow - He was happy to deliver some long passes to Riley Cooper and Andre Caldwell
Tim Tebow - The Gator offense will be crisper next week against Troy
Urban Meyer talks about what the team got out of a 49-3 win over Western Kentucky
Urban Meyer - They tried to get the ball to as many playmakers as they could
Urban Meyer - Tim Tebow had his ups and downs in his first Gator start
Western Kentucky (play-by-play) 09-01-07   Top
The Gators stop WKY on fourth and one on the first series of the game
Tebow's quarterback sneak for a touchdown 7-0
Tebow-to-Riley Cooper touchdown 14-0
Tebow-to-Percey Harvin touchdown 21-0
Kestahn Moore 3 yd touchdown 28-0
Derrick Harvey records his second sack of the game
Harvey records his third sack of the game.
Tebow-to-Cooper td number two 35-0
Backup quarterback Cameron Newton's first career touchdown 49-3

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