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2006 Misc. Audio Clips
Florida BCS News Conference in Gainesville on Monday, December 11th
Urban Meyer - On why he thinks his counterpart, Ohio State coach Jim Tressell, has been so successful wherever he's been
Urban Meyer - Despite a nagging ankle injury, freshman Percy Harvin has been a difference-maker for the Gators
Urban Meyer - He regrets his wife missed a chance to meet legendary Ohio State coach Woody Hayes
WR Cornelius Ingram is glad now that he didn't transfer from Florida last year
Quarterback Chris Leak says a recent trip to a Jacksonville Jaguars game shows how closeknit the players are
Chris Leak - He and the other seniors are trying to get the freshman prepared for the game
Chris Leak - He discusses what its been like for him to share the spotlight with freshman quarterback Tim Tebow
Center Steve Rissler says the offensive line had a pretty good season
Steve Rissler - He talks about preparing for Ohio State's highly-touted defense
Linebacker Brandon Siler talks about the strategy against Ohio State quarterback Troy Smith and wide receiver Ted Ginn
Brandon Siler - The Gators are taking the BCS championship game seriously
Brandon Siler - Its important for the Gators to maintain their focus in practices leading up to the title game
Brandon Siler - Its hard to believe he'll be playing in the national championship game against the Heisman trophy winner, Troy Smith
BCS Championship Teleconference with Urban Meyer on Sunday, December 3rd
Meyer talks about the matchup with the Ohio State Buckeyes
He wasn't sure at the beginning of the season if he had a team capable of playing in the BCS championship game
He thought the "style points" issue might hurt the Gators' chances of playing in the BCS game
Meyer is asked the question whether his comment about Michigan having their chance to beat Ohio State had any effect on the BCS voting.
Gator Media Day in Gainesville on Monday, November 27th
Chris Leak - The Gators still seeking a perfect game on offense
Chris Leak - On the chance of winning an SEC title in his senior season
Chris Leak - He thinks that injured runningback DeShawn Wynn will be able to play against Arkansas
Steve Rissler - Somebody else will need to step up if DeShawn Wynn is unable to go Saturday
Steve Rissler - On preparing for Arkansas' physical defense
Ryan Smith - Tackling will be at a premium for the Gators against Arkansas' Darren McFadden and Felix Jones
Ryan Smith - He's gone from losing his job at Utah to becoming the SEC's interception leader with Florida in one season
Jamalle Cornelius - After all the seniors have been through, its great to go to the SEC title game
Jamalle Cornelius - On what he expects will happen in Saturday's SEC championship game.
Gator Media Day in Gainesville on Monday, November 20th
Urban Meyer - He downplays the problems FSU has been having this season
Urban Meyer - On referring to FSU as "the team out west"
Urban Meyer - The Gators would not be 10-and-1 without contributions from the freshmen
Urban Meyer - On what it means to beat your instate rival
Urban Meyer - On why he's decided to back off the BCS talk
Chris Leak - The team isn't concerned about what's happening in the BCS
Chris Leak - He has alot of respect for this week's opponent Florida State
Chris Leak - FSU is stil FSU despite their struggles this season
Brandon Siler - He says his injured knee is getting better
Brandon Siler - This is still an emotional rivalry
Brandon Siler - Friends playing against friends is why the FSU-Florida game is so intense
Phil Trautwein - He understands why beating the Gators would make FSU's season
Gator Media Day in Gainesville on Monday, November 13th
Urban Meyer - It looks a computer is the reason Florida is fourth and not third in this week's BCS poll.
Urban Meyer - He predicts the winner of the SEC championship game will wind up playing in the BCS championship game
Urban Meyer - He talks about the chance of resting some injured starters in this week's game with Western Carolina
Urban Meyer - There will be plenty of incentive to be fired up for this week's game with Western Carolina
Urban Meyer - The Gators may make some changes to shore up the run defense this week
Gator Media Day in Gainesville on Monday, November 6th
Urban Meyer - South Carolina is a vastly improved football team
Urban Meyer - He'll try to use the BCS as a motivation tool this week
Urban Meyer - He recognizes the emmense contributions that South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier made to Florida football
Urban Meyer - The Gators have a banged up offensive line right now
Chris Leak - The Gators still have room for improvement
Chris Leak - Its great to finally get to the SEC Championship game in his senior season
Chris Leak - The fans, more than the players, are interested in all the BCS talk
Phil Trautwein - They look forward to avening last year's game with South Carolina
Phil Trautwein - The Gators have earned their berth in the SEC championship game on December 2nd
Clint McMillan - He admits that he was a Florida State fan who rooted against Steve Spurrier
Clint McMillan - He's disappointed that defensive tackle Marcus Thomas won't be apart of the Gators championship run
Steve Rissler - He talks about when he found out that Tennessee lost and the Gators won the SEC East
Steve Rissler - The Gators won't let up against South Carolina, even though they've already clinched the division title
Brandon James - He's not sure why the offense is struggling in the second half of games
Brandon James - They will be fired up to beat South Carolina.
Brandon Siler - He's disappointed former defensive tackle Marcus Thomas was more commited to the team
Brandon Siler - The defense will be just fine without Thomas
Gator Media Day in Gainesville on Monday, October 30th
Urban Meyer - He loves the enthusiasm of his players
Urban Meyer - He blames himself for the problems with the offense in the second half against Auburn and Georgia
Chris Leak - He says he didn't have a concussion in Saturday's game with Georgia
Chris Leak - He thought he might have had a concussion after it happened
Defensive end Ray McDonald - Florida's defense playing with alot of confidence right now
Ray McDonald - They will need to keep Vandy quarterback Chris Nickson contained
Ryan Smith - He knows all about Florida's recent close calls against Vanderbilt
Ryan Smith - They will not overlook Vandy this week
Defensive end Jarvis Moss - He's thrilled with the way backup defensive end Derrick Harvey has come on lately. Harvey leads the Gators in sacks with 7.
Linebacker Brandon Siler - The defense didn't mind winning the game for the offense against Georgia
Gator Media Day in Gainesville on Monday, October 23rd
Urban Meyer - They need to get the ball into the hands of Percy Harvin and Tim Tebow more this week
Urban Meyer - This is a great rivalry
Urban Meyer - Wide receiver Bubba Caldwell is playing the best football of his Gator career
Urban Meyer - He knows that quarterback Chris Leak has had great success against Georgia
Urban Meyer - He's not overly concerned that his players will take Georgia lightly
Co-Defensive Coordinator Greg Mattison - Watching Georgia's game against Tennessee gives him cause for concern
Greg Mattison - Freshman Jermaine Cunningham is making strides at defensive end for the Gators
Greg Mattison - On what Auburn was able to do against his defensive line two weeks ago
Chris Leak - He compares freshman wide receiver/runningback Percy Harvin to the NFL's Antwan Randle EL
Chris Leak - Moving the pocket will be key for the Gators against Georgia this week
Chris Leak - Despite Georgia's struggles, this will be a dog fight this Saturday
Chris Leak - They have to have a balanced attack against the 'Dawgs'
Gator Media Day in Gainesville on Monday, October 9th
Urban Meyer - He talks about Auburn's running back Kenny Irons
Urban Meyer - Quarterback coach Dan Mullen is gaining confidence calling the plays
Urban Meyer - On the Gators being a stronger team - mentally and physically - this season
Urban Meyer - He is concerned that some of his players will get carried away with the team's lofty number two ranking
Chris Leak - He reacts to being the number two team in the country
Chris Leak - He and the other seniors will keep the players focused for Auburn
Chris Leak - They've put the big win over LSU behind them
Ray McDonald - The Gators want to be number one
Ray McDonald - On Auburn giving up the second most sacks in the SEC
Tate Casey - Cutting down on penalties will be emphasized in practice this week
Tate Casey - He would love to be the Gators' receiver of choice around the goal line
Kestahn Moore - He kind of wishes Auburn had beaten Arkansas last week
Kestahn Moore - On why he thinks the Gators are having to battle from behind in their games.
Brandon Siler - On why the Gators are the most penalized team in the SEC
Brandon Siler - No national championship talk around the team right now
Gator Media Day in Gainesville on Monday, October 2nd
Urban Meyer - LSU is loaded with talent
Urban Meyer - It should be a great game on Saturday
Urban Meyer - He changed the offensive scheme after last year's loss to LSU
Urban Meyer - Gives an update on the status of runningback DeShawn Wynn
Chris Leak - He talks about what makes LSU's pass defense so tough
Chris Leak - He has confidence in Kestahn Moore if DeShawn Wynn isn't able to play at runningback because of a knee injury
Chris Leak - They can't afford to make turnovers against the Tigers
Chris Leak - Having a good defense behind him is a comforting feeling
Runningback Kestahn Moore hopes that starter DeShawn Wynn will be able to go this week. Wynn has a knee injury
Moore says he and Marcus Manson are ready to step up if Wynn can't go
Defensive tackle Clint McMillian talks about going up against LSU's offensive line
Clint McMillian - It will be a challenge going up against LSU's giant quarterback JeMarcus Russell
Phil Trautwein says this will be a big game for the offensive line
Phil Trautwein - On what's behind Florida's slow start, but strong finish on offense
Defensive back Ryan Smith gives his thoughts on going up against LSU quarterback JeMarcus Russell
Wide receiver Jemalle Cornelius says communication among the offensive linemen against LSU will be critical
Gator Media Day in Gainesville on Monday, September 25th
Did he hear the fans booing in Saturday's game with Kentucky? - Chris Leak
A productive running game makes his life easier - Chris Leak
On what he's doing to improve after last week's game with the Wildcats - Chris Leak
The Gators haven't forgotten last year's 31-3 loss at Alabama - Phil Trautwein
He and fellow tackle Carlton Medder have their work cut out against Alabama's defensive ends- Phil Trautwein
He feels the Gators are where they ought to be after four games - Jarvis Moss
He knew his quarterback sacks would come. Moss had his first two sacks against Kentucky- Jarvis Moss
Last year's 31-3 loss to Alabama left a bad taste in his mouth - Jemalle Cornelius
The Gators have to sustain drives against Alabama's defense- Jemalle Cornelius
Gator Media Day in Gainesville on Monday, September 18th
Kentucky's team has evolved
Isn't concerned about a letdown after a big win at Tennessee
He talks about freshman returner Brandon James making such a big impact in the Tennessee game
Center Steve Rissler has done a wonderful job of helping right tackle Carlton Medder's development
He's not concerned that defensive end Jarvis Moss doesn't have any sacks so far
He didn't panic when the Gators trailed 17-7 to Tennessee
The Gators believe they are the best team in the country
Tim Tebow talks about his progress so far this season
He's working hard to try and improve his passing
He has fond memories of his first game against Kentucky in 2003.
The depth at wide receiver helped the Gators get over the loss of Percy Harvin, who injured his ankle against Tennessee
Gator Media Day in Gainesville on Monday, September 11th
Concerned about turnovers
Its time to talk Tennessee football
He's not sure if Deshawn Wynn is his number one back
They didn't hold back alot in their play calling against UCF
Does he get nervous before big games?
Getting off to a fast start will be important against Tennessee Saturday night
The Gator secondary still has some things to clean up for the Tennessee game
You can tell things are different around the athletic office with the SEC opener coming up this Saturday
Tennessee should be able to weather the loss of defensive players Justin Harrell (DT) and starting cornerback Inky Johnson to injury
It will be important for the Gators to quiet the crowd at Neyland Stadium early.
The secondary needs to focus on Tennessee this week
He has cleaned up his act and its showing on the field
Gator Media Day in Gainesville on Friday, August 28th
He's trying to keep the game week distractions down to a minimum for his freshmen
The offensive line is doing a good job of building chemistry
Preseason practice has gone well
Southern Miss will be a tough opener for the Gators
WR Jermalle Cornelius says the veterans on the offense are helping the young players get ready for the first action of their career
Are there enought balls to go around on the Gator offense?
Quarterback Chris Leak says he's looking forward to getting the freshman wide receivers involved early in Saturday's game with Southern Miss
He's helping backup quarterback Tim Tebow deal with the distractions that surround the season opener
Starting center Steve Rissler says the Gators will have great senior leadership this season
He gives the starting lineup on the offensive line for Saturday's game with Southern Miss
Runningback Billy Latsko says freshman quarterback Tim Tebow has come along way since spring practice
Latsko feels like DeShawn Wynn will finally be the kind of runningback the coaches want him to be.
He's looking forward to finally playing a real game
He likes that they are opening the season against one of the top teams from Conference USA
Gator Media Day in Gainesville on Friday, August 11th
He talks about having one of the toughest schedules in America
The Gators are a good team right now, but not a great team
He wants big play makers on offense this season
They need to get tougher
He wants to have the fastest team in the country
He's comfortable in the Gator offense this season
The Gators have a chance to be a great offense
On being the first freshman to have a black stripe peeled off his helmet meaning he will play as a freshman this season.
There's a big difference in the attitude of the team this preseason
Does he feel comfortable playing behind the defensive line of Marcus Thomas, Ray McDonald and Joe Cohen?
He can't believe the season is about to start in three weeks
What does he think about all the adulation he's been getting from the Gator Nation since he signed with Florida back in February?
Gator Media Day in Gainesville on Monday, July 31st
True freshman Jared Fayson has been impressive in summer workouts
He compares qb Chris Leak with his former Utah qb Alex Smith
Freshman quarterback Tim Tebow knows what's expected of him this season
Leak and Tebow have handled their quarterback competition with class
He's encouraged with the work ethic of the runningbacks this summer
In his opinion, what makes a "great" team?
He really likes his incoming freshman from Tampa
Text messaging is an important recruiting tool for him
He's looking at linebackers Brandon Siler and Earl Everitt for leadership on defense
What's the difference between going into this season and going into his first season at UF?
The Gators number one priority is getting back to the SEC Championship game

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