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2005 Misc. Audio Clips
Gator Media Day in Gainesville on Monday, November 21st
Coach Meyer - "Talks about playing a third great rival this week"
Coach Meyer - "Admires what Bowden has been able to do in 30 years of coaching the Noles"
Coach Meyer - "FSU wide receivers versus the Florida secondary will be a key matchup in this game"
Coach Meyer - "His seniors have been through alot in their four years at Florida"
Tightend Tate Casey - "Says this is the biggest rivalry on the Gator schedule"
Tightend Tate Casey - "He talks about going up against FSU's linebackers this week"
Tightend Tate Casey - "Team is fresh after an off week"
Offensive Tackle Randy Hand - "Says the FSU-UF rivalry is still special despite some of the disappointments both schools have experienced this season"
Offensive Tackle Randy Hand - "It would be nice to finish the season unbeaten at home"
Quarterback Chris Leak - "Says this is an historic rivalry"
Quarterback Chris Leak - "He's glad to be home for this week's game"
Quarterback Chris Leak - "FSU's linebackers might be the best group they've faced all season"
Quarterback Chris Leak - "He plans on returning for his senior season at UF"
Senior Linebacker Todd McCullough - "Talks about leaving Florida without winning an SEC title"
Senior Linebacker Todd McCullough - "FSU is still the most intense of the Gator rivalries"
Senior Linebacker Todd McCullough - "Covering FSU receiver Gregg Carr will be no picnic"
Gator Media Day in Gainesville on Monday, November 7th
Coach Meyer - "Young wide receivers will have to pick up the slack for a injury-depleted unit"
Coach Meyer - "What's been the learning curve for him this season?"
Coach Meyer - "Chris Leak played his best game of the season. Leak was named SEC Player of the Week"
Coach Meyer - "He will broach the subject of the Gators playing against former Gator coach Steve Spurrier this week with his players"
Linebacker Brandon Siler - "He's approaching this week's game with South Carolina like a championship game"
Linebacker Brandon Siler - "Doesn't care about all the hype surrounding this week's game"
Defensive End Jeremy Mincey - "The injury to cornerback Vernell Brown is a huge blow to the defense"
Defensive End Jeremy Mincey - "He talks about the significance of Saturday's game with S. Carolina and Georgia's game with Auburn"
Quarterback Chris Leak - "He talks about South Carolina's defense"
Quarterback Chris Leak - "Offensive line has given him good protection the past two weeks"
Gator Media Day in Gainesville on Monday, October 31st
Coach Meyer - "Winning the field position battle was a big factor in the win over Georgia"
Coach Meyer - "He liked the way the guards protected Chris Leak on Saturday"
Coach Meyer - "Being in contention for the SEC East is a great motivator for this team"
Quarterback Chris Leak - "Talks about the protection he got from his offensive line against Georgia"
Quarterback Chris Leak - "He talks about the first two drives that led to touchdowns"
Offensive tackle Randy Hand - "Talks about what was difference about the Gator offense"
Offensive tackle Randy Hand - "Offensive line had something to prove against the Bulldogs"
Defensive tackle Steven Harris - "Talks about the depth that's being developed on the defensive line"
Defensive tackle Steven Harris - "He discusses Vanderbilt's quarterback Jay Cutler"
Linebacker Brandon Siler - "Says losing to Vanderbilt would take away from the big victory over Georgia"
Linebacker Brandon Siler - "On the Gators being ranked fifth in the country in total defense"
Gator Media Day in Gainesville on Monday, October 24th
Coach Meyer - "Georgia's defense is as formidable as there is in the SEC"
Coach Meyer - "He believes the offensive line is going to get better"
Coach Meyer - "His players need to make some plays on offense"
Coach Meyer - "The 50-50 split in fan support makes the Floriday-Georgia rivalry special"
DE Jarvis Moss - "They will continue to prepare as if injured quarterback D. J. Shockley is playing Saturday"
DE Jarvis Moss - "On what makes his pass rush so effective"
LB Todd McCullough - "On why the Florida-Georgia game is his favorite to play in"
LB Todd McCullough - "Georgia's backup quarterback Joe Tereshinski made some big plays in the Arkansas game"
DE Joe Cohen - "He's seen his former high school teammate Reggie Nelson do all the things he's doing now as a Gator defensive back"
DE Joe Cohen - "On the upcoming battle with Georgia's huge offensive line"
DE Joe Cohen - "Its great to have fellow defensive end Ray McDonald back for this week's big game with Georgia"
QB Chris Leak - "Its very important for him to get his feet set when he's in the passing pocket"
QB Chris Leak - "The Gators know a win over Georgia gets them right back into eastern division contention again"
QB Chris Leak - "Its unfortunate that Georgia quarterback D. J. Shockley will miss this game because of a knee injury"
Gator Media Day in Gainesville on Monday, October 10th
Coach Meyer - "He's going to take it easy on his first team players today"
Coach Meyer - "Getting his "spread" offense going has been more of a challenge then he anticpated"
Coach Meyer - "LSU will be a formidable opponent"
Coach Meyer - "Chris Leak does not deserve all the criticism he's been getting for the Gators offensive struggles"
Coach Meyer - "Mike Degory and his wide receivers are nursing injuries"
DE Jeremy Mincey (SEC Lineman of the Week) - "He's looking forward to going up against LSU runningback Joseph Addai"
WR Kenneth Tookes - "UF wide receiver Kenneth Tookes says he's getting playing time because of his blocking skills"
WR Kenneth Tookes - "Tookes is patiently waiting to get passes thrown his way"
WR Kenneth Tookes - "He says the young Gator receivers are going to be big time players"
DE Jarvis Moss - "Credits coach Meyer for helping him remedy his health problems"
DE Jarvis Moss - "Will his role at defensive end expand this week?"
DE Jarvis Moss - "The Gators will need to put pressure on LSU quarterback DeMarcus Russell"
S Jarvis Herring - "He talks about LSU quarterback JeMarcus Russell and his wide receiver Skyler Green"
S Jarvis Herring - "Reggie Nelson has become a big playmaker in the Gator secondary"
S Jarvis Herring - "How does he deal with the noise at Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge?"
Gator Media Day in Gainesville on Monday, October 3rd
Coach Meyer - "How does he think his team will respond to the 31-3 loss to Alabama"
Coach Meyer - "They have to go with the guys they have on the offensive line"
Coach Meyer - "Pointing fingers at individuals after a loss is the worst thing you can do"
Coach Meyer - "He needs to have his players do what they can do best on offense"
Coach Meyer - "Marcus Manson will compete for playing time at runningback this week"
Jeremy Mincey - "He was asked what went wrong in the game against Alabama?"
Jeremy Mincey - "How does the team recover from a 31-3 loss?"
Jeremy Mincey - "The Gators can't allow one loss to ruin their season."
Tate Casey - "He says the Gators have to take the loss to Alabama like a man"
Tate Casey - "On what the Gators need to do to play better offense"
Tate Casey - "The 31-3 loss to him and the other Gators by surprise"
Gator Media Day in Gainesville on Monday, September 26th
Coach Meyer - "Alabama's defense is very good"
Coach Meyer - "A hostile environment awaits the Gators this Saturday"
Coach Meyer - "Alabama's receivers are a big concern to the Gators"
Coach Meyer - "Billy Latsko's earned playing time on offense"
Coach Meyer - "Tuesday's practice performances determine playing time on Saturday"
Center Mike Degory - "Compares the Alabama defense with Tennessee's"
Center Mike Degory - "On Bama's defensive tendencies"
Center Mike Degory - "On how it felt to put 49 points on the board in the first half against Kentucky"
QB Chris Leak - "He says being more experienced has alot to do with his lack of interceptions this season"
QB Chris Leak - "Alabama's defense is mighty good"
QB Chris Leak - "He's getting comfortable running the "spread" offense"
DE Jeremy Mincey - "He talks about the way the defense is playing"
DE Jeremy Mincey - "What Coach Meyer demands from his players"
DE Jeremy Mincey - "The starting defense gave the second team a little piece of their mind in the Kentucky game"
Gator Media Day in Gainesville on Monday, September 19th
Coach Meyer - "He gives the status of defensive end Ray McDonald who was scheduled for knee surgery Monday morning"
Coach Meyer - "Quarterback Chris Leak was a big winner on Saturday"
Coach Meyer - "Joe Cohen is emerging. Cohen takes the place of McDonald while he is sidelined."
Coach Meyer - "His team is not making adjustments very well right now"
Coach Meyer - "Jemalle Cornelius has the ability to do the things that Andre Caldwell did"
Defensive end Jeremy Mincey - "He will miss his opposite defensive end Ray McDonald, who is out with a knee injury"
Defensive end Jeremy Mincey - "Joe Cohen and Derrick Harvey will be counted on heavily with McDonald out"
Linebacker Earl Everitt - "Why defense is better this season"
Linebacker Earl Everitt - "Cohen will hold his own as McDonald's replacement"
Tightend Tate Casey - "He's determined to step up his play now that Andre Caldwell is out for the rest of the season"
Tightend Tate Casey - "The Gators can't take Kentucky lightly this week"
Starting offensive tackle Randy Hand - "He talks about the blocking problems against Tennessee"
Starting offensive tackle Randy Hand - "Its great to get off to a 3-and-oh start"
Gator Media Day in Gainesville on Monday, September 12th
Coach Meyer - "No Tennessee jokes or digs from his this week"
Coach Meyer - "The plan this week is to keep Chris Leak out of bad plays"
Coach Meyer - "Tennessee's defensive line is very good"
Coach Meyer - "He's nervous if the game comes down to a field goal attempt"
Coach Meyer - "Have the Gator players taught him anything about this rivalry with Tennessee?"
Center Mike Degory - "Can't make the same mistakes they made in the first two games against Tennessee"
Center Mike Degory - "The toughest team usually wins this battle"
Linebacker Brandon Siler - "He's glad to finally play a running team"
Linebacker Brandon Siler - "He started to think about Tennessee immediately following the Louisiana Tech game"
Linebacker Brandon Siler - "On whether this is one of Tennessee's best offensive lines"
Linebacker Todd McCullough - "On whether this is one of Tennessee's best offensive lines"
Linebacker Todd McCullough - "On 2 game losing streak against Tennessee"
Linebacker Todd McCullough - "He credits defensive line coach Greg Mattison with the maturation of the Gator D-line"
Quarterback Chris Leak - "The Gators will need to take care of the football against Tennessee"
Quarterback Chris Leak - "It's special to play Tennessee in the Swamp"
Quarterback Chris Leak - "Tennessee's defense is as good as ever"
Gator Media Day in Gainesville on Monday, September 5th
Coach Meyer - "The Gators will be in good shape if they can get pressure on the qb like they did against Wyoming"
Coach Meyer - "He's impressed with the way the players want to improve after game one"
Coach Meyer - "Runningback DeShawn Wynn needs to work hard this week to earn playing time vs La Tech"
Coach Meyer - "The defense played great against Wyoming"
Coach Meyer - "Upon further review, the blocking for the running game wasn't that bad"
WR Jermalle Cornelius - "Thoughts on how the team played against Wyoming"
WR Jermalle Cornelius - "Watching the upsets take place in week 1 has the Gators attention as they get set to play La Tech"
OT Randy Hand - "They've got to clean up the blocking mistakes in game one"
OT Randy Hand - "The Gators will work hard on improving the running game this week"
DE Jeremy Mincey - "The Gators have plenty of things to work on this week"
Gator Media Day in Gainesville on Monday, August 29th
Coach Meyer - "Coach Urban Meyer says his team is ready to play some football"
Coach Meyer - "Wyoming has the Gators' attention"
Coach Meyer - "Gators are coming off some of the best practices of the fall"
Coach Meyer - "The guy that's coming on for the Gators is wr Bubba Caldwell"
WR Bubba Caldwell - "Says he's getting excited about the start of the season"
WR Bubba Caldwell - "Says the players are about ready to play a game"
Center Mike Degory - "Says its time to stop talking and start playing"
Center Mike Degory - "Talks about the Wyoming defense"
QB Chris Leak - "Discusses Wyoming's offense"
QB Chris Leak - "Things are becoming second nature to the Gator offense"
Defensive end Jeremy Mincey - "Hopes to get to touch the Gator head before storming the field on Saturday"
Defensive end Jeremy Mincey - "Says coach Meyer hasn't said anything about what it would be like to run out of the tunnel on Saturday"
Gator Media Day in Gainesville on Friday, August 12th
Coach Meyer - "He thinks quarterback Chris Leak has what it takes to be the leader of the offense"
Coach Meyer - "He was proud of the way the players selected the team captains"
Coach Meyer - "On bringing back homefield advantage in the Swamp"
Coach Meyer - "He singles out wide receiver Bubba Caldwell for his play in the first week of training camp"
Coach Meyer - "Skyler Thornton has earned the right to be the starting runningback"
C Mike Degory - "The offensive line will be counted on heavily this season"
C Mike Degory - "The Gators have bought into coach Urban Meyer's system"
WR Gavin Dickey - "On changing positions (from quarterback to wide receiver)"
WR Gavin Dickey - "He's proud the way the Gator players behaved in the offseason"
QB Chris Leak - "He's built alot of rapport with the Gator wide receivers"
QB Chris Leak - "On the tweaking of his throwing motion"
DB Dee Webb - "The Gators are excited to get the season underway"
DB Dee Webb - "He thinks the Gator defense will surprise alot of people this season"
LB Brandon Siler - "On what it was like to put the pads on for the first time Friday"
LB Brandon Siler - "On what advice he's given the incoming freshmen linebackers"
Urban Meyer's Florida Sports Writer's Association Coaches Meeting in Orlando 07-31-05
Leadership is coming from several players, not only quarterback Chris Leak
He talks about going on a retreat with his assistant coaches this week before fall camp starts
Two-a-days won't be a walk in the park
An improved secondary will be the key to a good Gator defense
The players are not only accountable to their coaches but the coaches' families
He doesn't plan on holding out any players for the season opener against Wyoming
His system fits the talents of his players, not vice-versa
Urban Meyer's appearance at the SEC Media day in Hoover, Alabama 07-27-05
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Urban Meyer In Orlando 04-14-05
"On the capacity crowds he's been speaking to during his Gator Club travels"
"What is he being asked by Gator fans at the Gator Club meetings?"
"On what his message is to the Gator Club fans who come out to see him"
"He wasn't surprised to see 58,000 fans at the April 9th spring game"
"The sound of a Gator custom van that transported Meyer from the airport to the Central Florida Gator Club meeting"
"This offseason will help determine how good the Gators can be in 2005"
"He knows Gator fans have big expectations about the team"
Urban Meyer In Orlando 03-07-05
"He's chomping at the bit to get spring practice underway"
"He's looking forward to the competition for positions in the spring"
"The Gator players have done a good job in offseason conditioning"
"Chris Leak is the starting quarterback"
"He has recognized early how passionate Gator fans are"

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