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2005 Football Game Audio Clips
Wyoming 09-03-05  |  Louisiana Tech 09-10-05  |  Tennessee 09-17-05  |  Kentucky 09-24-05
Alabama 10-01-05  |  Mississippi State 10-08-05  |  LSU 10-15-05  |  Georgia 10-29-05
Vanderbilt 11-05-05  |  South Carolina 11-12-05  |  Florida State 11-26-05
Iowa (Outback Bowl) 01-02-06
Iowa (Outback Bowl) 01-02-06   Top
Coach Urban Meyer - "On the Gators blocking field goals in the last two games of the season"
Coach Urban Meyer - "Proud of his team's preparation for the bowl game"
Coach Urban Meyer - "He's so happy for Vernell Brown"
Coach Urban Meyer - "He talks about the 38 yard touchdown pass Chris Leak threw to Dallas Baker"
QB Chris Leak - "Is happy to end a three game Bowl losing streak"
QB Chris Leak - "He describes the 38 yard touchdown pass he threw to Dallas Baker to give the Gators a 31-7 lead"
Wide receiver Jemalle Cornelius - "Talks about his blocked punt in the first quarter"
Wide receiver Jemalle Cornelius - "He wants to contribute to the team any way he can"
Cornerback Vernell Brown - "Thrilled to return to the field a month after breaking his leg against Vanderbilt"
Cornerback Vernell Brown - "He knew he was going to be back for the bowl game"
Cornerback Vernell Brown - "He describes his interception that was returned 60 yards for a touchdown"
"Jemalle Cornelius blocks a punt, Tremaine McCollum returns it for a touchdown"
"Marcus Thomas sacks qb Drew Tate"
"Kestahn Moore with a big run for the Gators"
"Vernell Brown's 60 yard interception return for a touchdown"
"Chris Leak hits Dallas Baker for a 24 yard touchdown pass with one second to go in the first half"
"Brandon Siler makes a big defensive play on Iowa's Albert Young"
"Second Leak-to-Baker touchdown pass"
"Billy Latsko gets a first down on a fake punt"
"Mick Hubert's final call of the game on the Gator Football Network"
Florida State (post-game) 11-26-05   Top
Coach Urban Meyer - "Full Post Game Interview"
Coach Urban Meyer - "He talks about the homefield advantage at the Swamp"
Coach Urban Meyer - "Marcus Thomas' field goal block was the biggest play in the game"
Coach Urban Meyer - "On the offensive gameplan against the Noles"
Center Mike Degory - "Full Post Game Interview"
Center Mike Degory - "It was great to beat FSU in his final game in the Swamp"
Center Mike Degory - "Gators wanted to redeem themselves for the loss at South Carolina"
Center Mike Degory - "The blocked field goal was the turning point of the game"
Wide receiver Chris Jackson - "Full Post Game Interview"
Wide receiver Chris Jackson - "It meant alot for the team to score first"
Wide receiver Chris Jackson - "The wide receivers had a big game"
Defensive tackle Marcus Thomas - "Full Post Game Interview"
Defensive tackle Marcus Thomas - "The defense had a great gameplan for the FSU offense"
Defensive tackle Marcus Thomas - "Did he think he had a chance to block the field goal in the second quarter?"
Defensive tackle Marcus Thomas - "What was the defensive gameplan for the second half?"
Linebacker Earl Everitt - "Full Post Game Interview"
Linebacker Earl Everitt - "The team was determined to go unbeaten at home"
Linebacker Earl Everitt - "Remarks made by FSU runningback Lorenzo Booker got the team fired up"
Safety Jarvis Herring - "Full Post Game Interview"
Safety Jarvis Herring - "The Gators had something to prove against the Seminoles"
Safety Jarvis Herring - "Turnovers were a big factor in the game"
Coach Urban Meyer - "Full Post Game Interview"
Coach Urban Meyer - "It was great to beat FSU at home"
Coach Urban Meyer - "The offense was patient against FSU's defense"
Coach Urban Meyer - "The margin of victory surprised him"
Florida State (Game Play-by-play) 11-26-05   Top
"Chris Leak hits Chad Jackson for a Gator touchdown"
"Marcus Thomas blocks a field goal and Reggie Lewis returns it for a touchdown"
"Earl Everitt sacks FSU quarterback Drew Weatherford"
"Earl Everitt sacks FSU quarterback Drew Weatherford"
"Jarvis Moss sacks Weatherford"
"Jemalle Cornelius makes a big catch to keep a drive alive"
"Jarvis Herring steps in front of a Weatherford pass at the Gator one yard line"
"Brandon Siler recovers an FSU fumble"
"Chris Leak hits Dallas Baker for a 27-0 Gator lead"
"Marcus Manson scores to make it 33-0 Gators"
South Carolina 11-12-05   Top
Coach Urban Meyer - "On getting behind early on the road again"
Coach Urban Meyer - "He goes over some of the key mistakes in the game"
Coach Urban Meyer - "No quit in his team even though they trailed 20-3"
Coach Urban Meyer - "The Gators have to move on after this loss"
Billy Latsko, RB - "He talks about his role in an improving running game"
Billy Latsko, RB - "Have to bounce back against the FSU Seminoles"
Marcus Thomas, DT - "Things just didn't go their way"
Marcus Thomas, DT - "South Carolina kept the defense off balance"
DeShawn Wynn, RB - "The Gators got bogged down with mistakes"
DeShawn Wynn, RB - "He was optimistic at halftime that they were going to win the game"
"Kestahn Moore gets a big nine yard gain"
"Marcus Thomas blocks an extra point and Dee Webb returns it for 2 points"
"Chris Leak hits Chad Jackson for 19 yard completion"
"Leak hits Chad Jackson 31 yards for a touchdown"
"Leak hits Billy Latsko for a touchdown"
"Marcus Thomas quarterback sack in the second half"
"Jarvis Moss tackles Blake Mitchell for a loss"
Vanderbilt 11-05-05   Top
Coach Urban Meyer - "Talks about the toughness of his players in the double overtime victory"
Coach Urban Meyer - "It wasn't the first overtime game in his coaching career"
Coach Urban Meyer - "Trying to get his players ready to play South Carolina in a must-win game"
Coach Urban Meyer - "The Gators had their chances to win the game in regulation"
QB Chris Leak - "Is thrilled to win a hard-fought, double-overtime game"
QB Chris Leak - "On the decision to go to the end zone to Jemalle Cornelius in the second overtime"
WR Chad Jackson - "Talks about being in the first overtime game of his Gator career"
WR Chad Jackson - "The Gator offense is starting to come around"
DB Reggie Lewis - "Talks about his game-ending interception in the second overtime"
DB Reggie Lewis - "He jumped on the route that resulted in his big interception"
LB Brandon Siler - "On what winning a game in double overtime means"
"Chris Leak sneaks in for a touchdown to make it 7-7"
"Vernell Brown picks off a Jay Cutler pass"
"Kestahn Moore makes it 14-7 Gators"
"Brandon Siler recovers the first of two fumbles"
"Chad Jackson scores on an end around to make it 21-14 Gators"
"Brandon Siler recovers another Vandy fumble"
"Chris Leak scrambles for a one yard touchdown and a 28-14 Gator lead"
"Marcus Manson scores his first career touchdown for a 35-21 Gator lead"
"Leak hits Chad Jackson for a touchdown in the first overtime period"
"Leak connects with Jemalle Cornelius in the second overtime"
"Reggie Lewis saves the game with an interception in the second overtime"
Georgia 10-29-05   Top
Coach Urban Meyer - "He understands even more now about how special the rivalry is between Florida and Georgia"
Coach Urban Meyer - "The first drive of the game was the best of the season for the Gators"
Coach Urban Meyer - "He wasn't pleased with DeShawn Wynn's fumble at the Georgia five yard line in the second quarter"
Coach Urban Meyer - "Jeremy Mincey had some tremendous defensive plays in the fourth quarter"
Coach Urban Meyer - "This would have been a tough loss to come back from"
Mike Degory - "Says the win puts the Gators back in the SEC East hunt"
Mike Degory - "What did the Gators do differently to get the offense on track in the first quarter?"
Chris Leak - "Says the Gators worked hard during the bye week on the offense"
Chris Leak - "The Gators were glad to get the ball first"
Jeremy Mincey - "On rebounding from the loss to LSU"
Jeremy Mincey - "The defense wanted to win the game for the Gators on the final Georgia drive"
Tate Casey - "Describes his first touchdown catch of the season"
Tate Casey - "The offense came through with a big game against a good defensive team"
Tate Casey - "Said the running game was there for the Gators"
Tate Casey - "Gators never lost heart even after the disappointing loss to LSU"
"Chris Leak scores from two yards out"
"DeShawn Wynn runs to the Georgia two"
"Chris Leak hits Tate Casey for a touchdown"
"Reggie Nelson picks off Joe Trereshinski"
"Eric Wilbur crosses Georgia up with a fake punt"
"Jeremy Mincey throws a Georgia runningback for a loss"
"Marcus Manson rips off a big gainer"
"Brandon Siler stuffs the run on Georgia's final possession"
"Mincey gets to the quarterback to end Georgia's chances"
LSU 10-15-05   Top
Coach Urban Meyer - "Talks about the loss to LSU"
Coach Urban Meyer - "Was he proud of the way his team played?"
Coach Urban Meyer - "Some of the positives he takes from the loss"
Coach Urban Meyer - "Plans for the upcoming bye week"
DE Joe Cohen - "Says the loss is not acceptable"
DE Joe Cohen - "Talks about Steve Harris deflected pass that he intercepted"
RB DeShawn Wynn - "Talks about what the team can learn from the loss"
RB DeShawn Wynn - "The offensive line gave them some good run blocking"
RB Kestahn Moore - "Says they worked hard to prepare for the game"
RB Kestahn Moore - "He describes his first half touchdown run"
"Brandon Siler recovers a fumble"
"Jarvis Herring recovers a fumble"
"Kestahn Moore runs for a Gator touchdown"
"Jarvis Moss gets a sack and a fumble recovery"
"DeShawn Wynn's long run sets up a Chris Hetland field goal"
"Joe Cohen intercepts a Steven Harris deflection"
"DeShawn Wynn gives the Gators their first lead 16-14"
Mississippi State 10-08-05   Top
Coach Urban Meyer - "Talks about the good special teams plays and the effort of the defense"
Coach Urban Meyer - "Singles out Reggie Nelson and Brandon Siler for their performances"
Coach Urban Meyer - "Quarterback Chris Leak played with a shoulder injury"
Coach Urban Meyer - "It was great to win, but now they just get ready for LSU"
Brandon Siler - "He talks about his second half sack for a safety"
Brandon Siler - "They have to have a great week of practice for LSU"
Dallas Baker - "It was great to win after last week's loss to Alabama"
Dallas Baker - "The strength coaches worked hard with him to make him a stronger player"
"Kyle Jackson interception"
"Jeremy Mincey sack of qb"
"Reggie Nelson recovers a Mississippi State fumble"
"Deshawn Wynn's 13 yard touchdown run"
"Dallas Baker has a big run after a catch to set up a Gator touchdown"
"Brandon Siler sacks the quarterback in the end zone for a safety"
"Another big Dallas Baker catch and run"
"Dee Webb blocks a punt that's recovered in the end zone by Terrance Holmes"
Alabama 10-01-05   Top
Coach Urban Meyer - "Coach Meyer says its was a disappointing loss"
Coach Urban Meyer - "He needs to reevaluate the offense"
Coach Urban Meyer - "On what happened to his nationally-ranked defensive unit"
Coach Urban Meyer - "The Gators will have to regroup"
QB Chris Leak - "Reacts to the 31-3 loss to Alabama"
QB Chris Leak - "How can the Gators bounce back from a loss like that?"
LB Brandon Siler - "Says they made too many mistakes"
LB Brandon Siler - "He was surprised with the way they performed"
DT Marcus Thomas - "Says Alabama caught them off guard"
DT Marcus Thomas - "He still thought they would come back in the second half"
DT Marcus Thomas - "The Gators will regroup for Mississippi State"
"Gators recover a Tyrone Prothro fumble"
"Chris Leaks scrambles to get a first down"
"Chad Jackson with a first down run"
"Linebacker Brandon Siler gets a quarterback sack"
"Dallas Baker's 42 yard pass reception"
"Earl Everitt rips the ball loose and Siler recovers"
"Baker makes a big catch"
Kentucky 09-24-05   Top
Coach Urban Meyer - "He was pleased with Chris Leak's play"
Coach Urban Meyer - "On Leak running the option better"
Coach Urban Meyer - "It was great to see wide receiver Jamelle Cornelius have a career game"
Coach Urban Meyer - "Defense played great again"
Coach Urban Meyer - "On why he decided to play mostly with the reserves in the second half"
WR Chad Jackson - "Was glad to see the offense have a breakout game"
WR Chad Jackson - "Talks about the roll the Gators were on in the first half"
LB Earl Everitt - "Talks about his two interceptions"
LB Earl Everitt - "On the difference between this year's Gator defense and the 2004 unit"
WR Jamelle Cornelius - "Wide receiver Jamelle Cornelius is happy to win the game for injured teammate Andre "Bubba" Caldwell"
QB Chris Leak - "Says the offense executed beautifully in the first half"
QB Chris Leak - "Leak talks about overcoming Kentucky's early 7-0 lead"
QB Chris Leak - "He has a better grasp of the offense right now"
RB DeShawn Wynn - "Talks about his four touchdown performance"
RB DeShawn Wynn - "Offensive line came to play against Kentucky"
"Chris Leak finds a wide open DeShawn Wynn for the Gators first score"
"Leak hits Chris Jackson for a touchdown pass"
"Jemalle Cornelius makes a big play to setup a touchdown"
"Deshawn Wynn scores for a 21-7 lead"
"Earl Everitt picks off a pass"
"Wynn scores his second touchdown"
"Leak hits Dallas Baker for a td"
"Everitt with his second interception of the game"
"Leak and Jackson hook up for a second touchdown"
"Tony Joiner picks off a pass"
Tennessee 09-17-05   Top
Coach Urban Meyer - "Now he knows what it's like to play a big game in "the swamp""
Coach Urban Meyer - "Surprised it was such a low-scoring game"
Coach Urban Meyer - "The defensive effort was something"
Coach Urban Meyer - "He talked about the serious injuries to Bubba Caldwell and Ray McDonald"
LB Brandon Siler - "The defense played great"
LB Brandon Siler - "It was no secret they had to stop Tennessee's running game"
LB Brandon Siler - "On what this victory means to him and the Gators"
QB Chris Leak - "It was a great win"
QB Chris Leak - "The defense played a tremendous game"
QB Chris Leak - "Offense wasn't great but did the job when it counted"
RB DeShawn Wynn - "They tried to get the running game going"
RB DeShawn Wynn - "They can't dwell on the victory"
"Jarvis Herring sacks quarterback Eric Ainge"
"DeShawn Wynn gets a big first down"
"Bubba Caldwell scores a touchdown"
"Dee Wee blocks a field goal attempt"
"Tremaine McCollum recovers a fumbled punt"
"Tennessee's fake punt and Tony Joiner's near interception"
"Chris Leak scrambles for a first down"
"The Gator stops Gerald Riggs on a key third down play"
"Jemalle Cornelius gets a crucial first down to set up a field goal"
"The Gators swarm all over Eric Ainge on Tennessee's final drive"
"Mick Hubert's final call of the Gators' 16-to-7 victory"
Louisiana Tech 09-10-05   Top
Coach Urban Meyer - "On what he liked the most about the win"
Coach Urban Meyer - "Did he get from runningback DeShawnWynn what he expected?"
Coach Urban Meyer - "There were problems with the passing game"
Coach Urban Meyer - "Gives his thoughts about the defense and the offense in the game"
QB Chris Leak - "Nice to be 2 and oh"
QB Chris Leak - "He talks about throwing an 80 yard touchdown pass to Chris Jackson"
QB Chris Leak - "It was great to see # 21 (DeShawn Wynn) have a big game"
Safety Kyle Jackson - "He describes his first quarter interception"
Safety Kyle Jackson - "On why the defense has been so good in the first two games"
Runningback DeShawn Wynn - "On the Gators' emphasizing the run against the Bulldogs"
Runningback DeShawn Wynn - "Was he surprised he rushed for over 100 yards?"
Runningback DeShawn Wynn - "Is this the kind of performance Gator fans can expect from him the rest of the season?"
"Deshawn Wynn runs 51 yards to the LA Tech 7"
"Urban Meyer urges his players to go for it on fourth and goal from the one"
"Deshawn Wynn scores a one yard touchdown on fourth and goal"
"Kyle Jackson interception"
"Wynn scores his second touchdown of the game"
"Chris Leak hits Wynn with a 23 yard touchdown pass"
"Leak call his own number to make it 27-to-3"
"Dee Webb interception on a tipped pass"
"Todd McCullough's interception"
"Leak scores his second touchdown of the game"
Wyoming 09-03-05   Top
Coach Urban Meyer "It wasn't pretty, but he'll take the win"
Coach Urban Meyer "He talks about what the "Gator Walk" was like before the game"
Coach Urban Meyer "He praised the play of his defense"
Coach Urban Meyer "He talks about his team not turning the ball over"
Coach Urban Meyer "Special teams play was spotty"
Right tackle Lance Butler "Talks about the offensive struggles in the season opener"
Right tackle Lance Butler "The offense has alot of promise if they cut down on mistakes"
WR Chad Jackson "Talks about his four touchdown game"
WR Chad Jackson "There were alot of factors that led to the Gators' early offensive struggles"
QB Chris Leak "Is happy with a season opening victory"
QB Chris Leak "The Gators have some things to work on"
DL Ray McDonald "Talks about his first game as a defensive end"
Cornerback Dee Webb "Discusses the team's fine defensive effort"
"Chris Leak's first touchdown pass to Chad Jackson"
"Leak's second touchdown pass to Chad Jackson"
"Leak hits Bubba Caldwell with a long pass"
"Leak and Jackson team up for a third touchdown pass"
"Vernell Brown picks off a Casey Bramlett pass in the fourth quarter"
"Chad Jackson runs in for his fourth touchdown of the game"

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