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2004 Misc. Audio Clips
Urban Meyer Introdutory Press Conference 12-07-04
"He recalls one of the first times he came to Gainesville while recruiting for Notre Dame and how he was impressed with the UF campus"
"He thanks Ron Zook for leaving him some good players and he talks about his offensive philosophy"
"What does he think about facing former Gator coach Steve Spurrier next season?"
"On what he told the players about adapting to the new coaching staff"
"He welcomes the high expectations of Gator fans"
"He plans on getting under the skin of the Gator rivals"
"He hopes to be at the University of Florida for awhile"
"He realizes it will be a challenge to recruit while getting Utah ready for their bowl game"
"Putting a staff together at Florida is job one"
Media Day 11-16-04
Coach Ron Zook "He expects to see both FSU quarterbacks - Chris Rix and Wyatt Sexton - in Saturday's game"
Coach Ron Zook "He discusses Wyatt Sexton"
Coach Ron Zook "Senior offensive lineman Mo Mitchell has been a model of consistency this season"
Coach Ron Zook "He's preaching self-control to his players after the postgame fight after last year's game with the Seminoles"
Coach Ron Zook "He doesn't concern himself with some fans who are now supporting him because of what the team has done the past two games"
Runningback Ciatrick Fason "Will he be hurt if coach Zook decides not to coach in the bowl game?"
Runningback Ciatrick Fason "He talks about his rivalry with fellow Jacksonville high school product Leon Washington, the FSU runningback"
Runningback Ciatrick Fason "He has alot of confidence the offensive line can get the job done against FSU"
Center Mike Degory "The Gator offense will take what the FSU defense gives them"
Center Mike Degory "Travis Johnson leads a tough FSU front seven"
Center Mike Degory "The Gator offense has reached a peak"
Wide Receiver Jemalle Cornelius "He's been able to follow the Noles on television this season"
Wide Receiver Jemalle Cornelius "The Gator wide receivers are having fun"
Media Day 11-09-04
Coach Ron Zook "Updates the Gator injury situation"
Coach Ron Zook "South Carolina has a good defensive scheme"
Coach Ron Zook "Defensive tackle Kenny Parker epitomize's what the team is all about"
Coach Ron Zook "Coaching against one of the big time coaches in South Carolina's Lou Holtz"
Coach Ron Zook "Saturday's game will be special for the Gator seniors"
Runningback Ciatrick Fason "He doesn't care about getting alot of carries during a game"
Runningback Ciatrick Fason "On the balanced offense between his running and Chris Leak's passing"
Runningback Ciatrick Fason "Its possible for him to finish with 1,300 yards rushing this season"
Media Day 11-02-04
Coach Ron Zook "Vandy has always been a tough game to prepare for"
Coach Ron Zook "Ciatrick Fason has become a complete back"
Coach Ron Zook "Freshman Brandon Siler and Todd McCullough will fill in at middle linebacker for the injured Channing Crowder"
Coach Ron Zook "Channing Crowder is out for this week's game"
Runningback Ciatrick Fason "The offensive line and the runningbacks have developed a bond"
Runningback Ciatrick Fason "The linemen want him to get 1,000 yards rushing more than he does"
Runningback Ciatrick Fason "He wants to play in a postseason bowl game."
Offensive guard Lance Butler "Mindset for the final three games"
Offensive guard Lance Butler "Not thinking about a bowl game"
Offensive guard Lance Butler "He breaks down the Vanderbilt offense"
Defensive tackle Kenny Parker "How does the Gator defense get better against the run?"
Defensive tackle Kenny Parker "Helping freshman linebacker Brandon Siler"
Defensive tackle Kenny Parker "Defending the option"
Media Day 10-26-04
Coach Ron Zook "He offers a scouting report on Georgia's defense"
Coach Ron Zook "Fatigue had alot to do with his team's performance against Miss St."
Coach Ron Zook "Georgia has alot of weapons on offense"
Coach Ron Zook "Why did he decide to stay for the final four games?"
Coach Ron Zook "What would it mean to beat Georgia this week?"
Kicker Matt Leach "Feels bad for coaching staff"
Kicker Matt Leach "They want to win for the coaches"
Kicker Matt Leach "Players will be motivated to play hard"
Center Mike Degory "The players are in shock right now"
Center Mike Degory "On what the Florida-Georgia series is all about"
Safety Jarvis Herring "Gators want to finish the season strong"
Safety Jarvis Herring "Georgia has something to prove to him"
Defensive tackle Ray McDonald "Gators will play loose against Georgia"
Defensive tackle Ray McDonald "On the speech that coach Zook gave to the players Monday"
Linebacker Travis Harris "He reacts to the news that Zook and the coaches will be leaving"
Linebacker Travis Harris "The players must take some responsibility for what's happened this season"
Runningback Ciatrick Fason "He talks about the Spurrier rumors"
Runningback Ciatrick Fason "On the criticism he had for some of his players after last week's game"
Runningback Ciatrick Fason "He talks about going back to his hometown of Jacksonville for this week's game"
Media Day 10-19-04
Coach Ron Zook "The Gators have to take care of their selves when they play Miss State"
Coach Ron Zook "He seeks more consistency from his team"
Coach Ron Zook "Quarterback Chris Leak strives for perfection"
Coach Ron Zook "Channing Crowder has been a big influence on promising freshman linebacker Brandon Siler"
Runningback Ciatrick Fason "The Gators will get Miss State's best effort"
Runningback Ciatrick Fason "Chris Leak is on a mission right now"
Runningback Ciatrick Fason "The Gators are looking at a five-game season right now"
Safety Corey Bailey "Gators seeking improvement each week"
Safety Corey Bailey "On having to play Miss State's mobile quarterback Omar Connor"
Safety Corey Bailey "Doesn't playing on the road after four weeks at home"
Quarterback Chris Leak "Andre Caldwell's big-play ability"
Quarterback Chris Leak "Mississippi State defense"
Quarterback Chris Leak "Having to go on the road this week"
Defensive Tackle Ray McDonald "Preparing for the cowbells in Starkville"
Defensive Tackle Ray McDonald "Coach Zook is pacing them in practice to keep them fresh"
Media Day 10-12-04
Coach Ron Zook "On what his team needs to do to win close games"
Coach Ron Zook "He talks about a Gator fan who called him and wanted to know how he was doing after LSU loss"
Coach Ron Zook "He is confident his team is heading in the right direction"
Coach Ron Zook "The offensive line continues to be a team strength"
Coach Ron Zook "He gave the players Monday off so they could recharge their batteries"
Coach Ron Zook "On what he wants his players to take from the disappointing loss to LSU"
Media Day 10-05-04
Coach Ron Zook "The Gators have worked hard to establish the run"
Coach Ron Zook "Gators playing unselfish football"
Coach Ron Zook "On throwing the ball downfield a little bit more"
Center Mike Degory "He's looking forward to a night game at the Swamp"
Center Mike Degory "He expects LSU's defense to pull out all the stops"
Center Mike Degory "LSU will bring its "A" game to Gainesville"
Quarterback Chris Leak "Coach Zook would like him to curb his scrambling"
Quarterback Chris Leak "Would he prefer that team's blitz him?"
Quarterback Chris Leak "Coach Nick Saban will have LSU ready to play this week"
Linebacker Channing Crowder "He's not worried about LSU's quarterbacks"
Linebacker Channing Crowder "He talks about the Gators lack of a pass rush this season"
Linebacker Channing Crowder "The SEC has been unpredictable so far this season"
Linebacker Travis Harris "What kind of LSU team does he expect to see this week?"
Linebacker Travis Harris "Last year's win at LSU has them confident this week"
Linebacker Travis Harris "He says LSU runningback Justin Vincent is very good"
Runningback Ciatrick Fason "LSU will be loaded for bear this week after a lopsided loss to Georgia last week"
Runningback Ciatrick Fason "The Gator offense will take what the LSU defense will give them"
Runningback Ciatrick Fason "This is a huge game for both the Gators and the Tigers"
Media Day 09-28-04
Coach Ron Zook "On what its like to prepare for different offensive schemes week to week"
Coach Ron Zook "Arkansas is a well-coached team"
Coach Ron Zook "Will Gators do more blitzing as the season goes along?"
Linebacker Channing Crowder "Quarterback Matt Jones makes the Razorbacks go"
Linebacker Channing Crowder "His hobby of chasing Hogs doesn't really come into play this week"
Linebacker Channing Crowder "They have to contain Matt Jones"
Quarterback Chris Leak "Talks about Ciatrick Fason's 210 yd game vs Ky"
Quarterback Chris Leak "Ark defense swarms to the football"
Quarterback Chris Leak "He talks about how much his favorite target, O.J. Small, means to the offense"
Center Mike Degory "Ciatrick Fason didn't need much help from the offensive line on Saturday"
Center Mike Degory "He gives a scouting report on the Arkansas defense"
Center Mike Degory "On how the Gators gained momentum by beating Arkansas last year"
Linebacker Travis Harris "He talks about Arkansas' quarterback Matt Jones"
Linebacker Travis Harris "He comments on Arkansas' number-one ranked offense in the SEC"
Linebacker Travis Harris "Arkansas will try to establish the run against the Gators"
Runningback Ciatrick Fason "On why opposition players have a tough time tackling him"
Runningback Ciatrick Fason "Teammate DeShawn Wynn will be ready to play against Arkansas"
Runningback Ciatrick Fason "He makes a concerted effort to avoid "the big hit" in a game"
Media Day 09-21-04
Coach Ron Zook "He has no doubt his players will bounce back against Kentucky"
Coach Ron Zook "He recalls the day he named Chris Leak the starter for last year's Kentucky game"
Coach Ron Zook "The Gator offense can get even better"
Linebacker Channing Crowder "He sizes up Kentucky quarterback Shane Boyd"
Linebacker Channing Crowder "The Gators want to reclaim dominance in "the Swamp""
Linebacker Channing Crowder "He talks about the adjustments the defense made against Tennessee"
Quarterback Chris Leak "He talks about Kentucky's defense"
Quarterback Chris Leak "He talks about his improvement since his first start, against Kentucky, last year"
Quarterback Chris Leak "Looking forward to playing four straight home games"
Runnningback Deshawn Wynn "He thinks they will do a good job of running against Kentucky defense"
Runnningback Deshawn Wynn "Gators want to get up early on the Wildcats"
Runnningback Deshawn Wynn "Chris Leak continues to improve each game"
Defensive tackle Ray McDonald "He says the defensive line tried to do too much against Tennessee last week"
Defensive tackle Ray McDonald "Kentucky won't rush for 300 yards against them like they did last week against Indiana"
Defensive tackle Ray McDonald "The Gator defensive linemen need to put more heat on opposing quarterbacks"
Runningback Ciatrick Fason "Kentucky will be highly motivated to beat the Gators."
Runningback Ciatrick Fason "Suspended for last year's Kentucky game was the turning point of his Gator career"
Media Day 09-14-04
Coach Ron Zook "Says that the running game had the biggest bearing on the outcome of Florida-Tennessee games"
Coach Ron Zook "His players will need to play with the same poise they played with last week against Eastern Michigan"
Coach Ron Zook "Gator running back Ciatrick Fason has great instinct"
Coach Ron Zook "He isn't worried about the way quarterback Chris Leak treats his first college game against his brother, Tennessee's C. J. Leak"
Safety Corey Bailey "He compares the two Tennessee quarterbacks"
Safety Corey Bailey "On what its like to play at Neyland Stadium"
Quarterback Chris Leak "On what it will be like to play against his brother C.J. Leak"
Quarterback Chris Leak "He says his disagreement with Tennessee over the way they treated his brother is behind him"
Quarterback Chris Leak "Beating Tennessee on the road would be huge for the Gators"
Linebacker Travis Harris "Gator defense hopes to exploit inexperience of Tennessee's quarterbacks"
Linebacker Travis Harris "The Vols will want to run the football right down the Gators' throats"
Linebacker Travis Harris "Tennessee has a great set of backs (Geral Riggs, Jabari Davis and Cedric Houston)"
Linebacker Channing Crowder "Tennessee will want to play smash-mouth football"
Linebacker Channing Crowder "On the matchup between Tennessee's offensive line and Florida's defensive line"
Linebacker Channing Crowder "Playing at Death Valley at LSU prepared them for the game in Knoxville"
Center Mike Degory "It will be a knockout, dragout contest"
Media Day 08-31-04
Coach Zook "Ready for the season to begin"
Coach Zook "On the threat of Hurricane Francis for Saturday's game"
Coach Zook "The team is not looking ahead to game three vs Tennessee"
Coach Zook "On the practice tempo and how it prepares the Gators for the upcoming season"
Guard - Lance Butler "The offensive line should be strong this season"
Guard - Lance Butler "The offense has lofty goals for the season"
Running Back - Ciatrick Fason "He's a better player than he was last year"
Running Back - Ciatrick Fason "Is he the the go-to guy this season?"
Running Back - Ciatrick Fason "The Gator offense should be explosive"
Defensive Tackle - Ray McDonald "On the challenge the middle tennessee offense presents"
Defensive Tackle - Ray McDonald "His prediction on what the defense will be able to do against Blue Raiders"
Defensive Tackle - Ray McDonald "The Gators have good depth at defensive tackle"
Quarterback - Chris Leak "What can the Gators expect from the 2004 offense?"
Quarterback - Chris Leak "Will the tempo of the offense change in 2004?"
Quarterback - Chris Leak "On possible threat of Hurricane Francis Saturday"
Press Conference 04-12-04
(Real Audio) Coach Zook "Comments on the NFL"
(Real Audio) Coach Zook "Where the team is"
(Real Audio) Coach Zook "Comments on the offensive line"

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