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2003 Misc. Audio Clips
Outback Bowl
"Dec. 28, 2003"
"Dec. 27, 2003"
Outback Bowl Press Conference 12-10-03
"Center Mike Degory - Would like to avenge last year's loss to Michigan in the Outback Bowl"
"Center Mike Degory - He says teammate Vernell Brown is well over that interception he threw on the Gators final chance against Michigan"
"Center Mike Degory - Iowa brings an experienced team to Tampa on New Year's Day"
"Guard Lance Butler - Says it would be great to head into the offseason with a victory over the Hawkeyes"
"Guard Lance Butler - He likes playing against a team the Gators haven't faced in a long time"
"Guard Lance Butler - Iowa is a typical, beefy Big ten team"
Weekly Press Conference 11-25-03
"Coach Zook - Is the FSU game like a BCS game for the Gators if they don't get to the SEC title game?"
"Coach Zook - He says this rivalry means alot to former Gators like 2002 wide receiver Taylor Jacobs"
"Coach Zook - He envisions freshman quarterback Chris Leak calling his own plays down the road"
"Senior safety Daryl Dixon - On what was behind the poor tackling the Gators had against South Carolina two weeks ago"
"Senior safety Daryl Dixon - This is a huge game to win this week"
"Defensive tackle Kenny Parker - On what sets FSU quarterback Chris Rix apart from other quarterbacks they've gone up against"
"Defensive tackle Kenny Parker - On playing for bragging rights against FSU"
"Defensive back Johnny Lamar - Says the Gators have had a great year already"
"Defensive back Johnny Lamar - He's surprised how much the Gator freshman have been key contributors this season"
"Quarterback Chris Leak - Talks about playing in his first FSU game"
"Quarterback Chris Leak - The leadership provided by the senior Gators has been immeasurable"
"Center Mike Degory - On the team's chances of winning the SEC east"
"Center Mike Degory - He wants to win for the seniors"
"Center Mike Degory - The Noles defense is great"
Weekly Press Conference 11-11-03
"Coach Zook - Says the Gators can't worry about anything else but South Carolina"
"Coach Zook - Is it disturbing to him that the Gators are last in the SEC in time of possession"
"Coach Zook - He talks about what senior receivers Kelvin Kight and Carlos Perez have meant to the Gators"
"Quarterback Chris Leak - Talks about South Carolina's offense"
"Quarterback Chris Leak - Talks about what he learned from his performance against Vanderbilt"
"Defensive tackle Kenny Parker - Says defensive coordinator Charlie Strong, the former Gamecocks defensive coordinator, should have an advantage against the South Carolina offense"
"Defensive tackle Kenny Parker - Realizes that they can only control what they do on the field"
"Offensive tackle Max Starks - On why the Gators have had trouble converting third downs"
"Offensive tackle Max Starks - Talks about the hostile environment they can expect at Williams-Brice Stadium in Columbia"
Weekly Press Conference 11-04-03
"Coach Zook - Talks about the Vanderbilt Commodores"
"Coach Zook - He says he and the players are working out his plan"
"Offensive Guard Lance Butler - Says the team wants to win badly at home this week"
"Offensive Guard Lance Butler - The Vanderbilt Commodores are a pretty good team"
"Defensive tackle Kenny Parker - Says the Gators can't let up the intensity against Vandy"
"Defensive tackle Kenny Parker - The Gators can't afford to lose anymore games"
"Quarterback Chris Leak - Says offensive coordinator Ed Zaunbrecher has been great for him"
"Quarterback Chris Leak - It will be great to win a homecoming game"
"Offensive tackle Max Starks - Says he can't imagine having a 22 game losing streak in the SEC like Vandy does"
"Offensive tackle Max Starks - Talks about how much coach Ron Zook has impacted the Gators turnaround"
Weekly Press Conference 10-28-03
"Coach Zook - Isn't sure why his team is able to respond when they have their backs against the wall"
"Coach Zook - Talks about what he thinks about the rivalry with Georgia"
"QB Chris Leak - What he's been able to do to improve the past two games"
"QB Chris Leak - He knows Georgia will bring the blitz against him Saturday"
"Center Mike Degory - Georgia's all american defensive end David Pollack is a huge challenge for the Gators"
"Center Mike Degory - On what makes the Georgia defense one of the best in the country"
"RB Ciatrick Fason - Says being suspended by coach Ron Zook for the Ole Miss game was a blessing in disguise"
"RB Ciatrick Fason - Realizes he has big-play capability"
"DT Kenny Parker - From Warner Robbins, Georgia, has never been a fan of the Bulldogs"
"DT Kenny Parker - On the all-for-one, one-for-all philosophy the Gator players have assumed the past two weeks"
"DB Johnny Lamar - Says he believes in defensive coordinator Charley Strong's system"
"DB Johnny Lamar - Georgia will bring their A-game despite their recent struggles"
Weekly Press Conference 10-14-03
"Coach Zook - On the continued improvement of quarterback Chris Leak"
"Coach Zook - On the importance of winning two in a row for the first time this season"
"Coach Zook - What kind of game does he expect with Arkansas?"
"LB Channing Crowder compares the Gators coming off a win over sixth ranked LSU to dating."
"Crowder - The Gator defense matches up well with Arkansas' offense"
"Crowder - Discusses at length his amazing comeback from knee surgery just two weeks ago"
"Center Mike Degory says he enjoys blocking for runningback Ciatrick Fason"
"Degory - Says Arkansas is in the same situation Florida was in the week before - trying to comeback from a loss"
"Degory - The Gator offensive linemen take it personally when quarterback Chris Leak gets sacked"
"Defensive end Darrell Lee on the support they line is getting from the Gator secondary"
"Lee talks about the defensive gameplan for Arkansas quarterback Matt Jones"
Weekly Press Conference 10-11-03
"Coach Zook - the Gators prepared well for the LSU game"
"Coach Zook - On what he told his team at the half."
"Coach Zook - Gator depth at running back was tested with injuries to Ran Carthon and Deshawn Wynn."
"Coach Zook - Chris Leak overcame alot of adversity"
"Coach Zook - Praises the play of his defense"
"Chris Leak - says LSU's long punt return for a touchdown didn't faze them."
"Chris Leak - Plays on third down were better this week"
"Keiwan Ratliff - keeping big plays down to a minimum was a big key"
"Keiwan Ratliff - The players-only meeting after last week's loss to Ole Miss really helped"
"Ciatrick Faison - describes his 35 yard touchdown catch to put the Gators up 19-7"
"Ciatrick Faison - was glad to contribute to the team on Saturday"
"Ran Carthon - says this was a total team victory"
"Chris Leak hits Ran Carthon for a touchdown"
"Keiwan Ratliff's first interception"
"One of Bobby McCray's three sacks of Matt Mauck"
"Leak throws a bomb to Carlos Perez"
"Matt Leach set a career record with a 50-yard field goal"
"The Gators stop LSU on a key fourth down and one in the fourth quarter"
Weekly Press Conference 09-30-03
"Coach Zook on how the Ole Miss crowd reacted to last year's win over the Gators"
"Coach Zook on Chris Leak's ability to learn from mistakes is a great trait"
"Coach Zook, What do the Gators need to improve on this week?"
"Coach Zook, he doesn't want the offense to rest on Chris Leak's shoulders."
"Coach Zook, Ole Miss has a great, veteran offense "
"Defensive end Darrell Lee talks about how disappointing it was to lose at Ole Miss in 2002"
"Offensive lineman Max Starks talks about why it was difficult for the Gators to run in the first half against Kentucky"
"Cornerback Johnny Lamar - a former walkon - reacts to being named the SEC Defensive Player of the Week"
"Cornerback Johnny Lamar - He talks about the talents of Ole Miss quarterback Eli Manning"
"Senior defensive end Travis Harris was asked if there was a revenge factor in this game after the loss at Ole Miss last year."
"Senior defensive end Travis Harris, Eli Manning will be tough to stop."
"Center Mike Degory talks about how sick he felt after losing in Oxford last season"
"Center Mike Degory, Freshman quarterback Chris Leak showed great poise in the comeback win against Kentucky."
Weekly Press Conference 09-23-03
Coach Zook "What does he want to accomplish on offense?"
Coach Zook "He says that freshman quarterback Chris Leak has a great grasp of the offense"
Coach Zook "What does Leak bring to the Gator offense?"
Coach Zook "Kentucky's struggles against the rush had no bearing on naming a true freshman as quarterback"
Coach Zook "Gators have already put the Tennessee loss behind them"
Deshawn Wynn - RB "Says freshman quarterback Chris Leak is very focused"
Deshawn Wynn - RB "Leak will play football at the drop of a hat"
Deshawn Wynn - RB "He thinks leaving Leak in the game as a starter should help the Gator offense get into rhythm"
Todd McCullough - LB "Has decided to have season-ending shoulder surgery"
Todd McCullough - LB "Says that the linebacking corps will be okay without him"
Todd McCullough - LB "Says freshman Channing Crowder is quite a prospect"
Johnny Lamar - CB "On the importance of beating Kentucky this week"
Johnny Lamar - CB "He says Kentucky's all-SEC return man Derek Abney really surprised him last season"
Weekly Press Conference 09-16-03
Coach Zook "Talks about the great atmosphere he expects for Saturday's game with Tennessee"
Coach Zook "Compares Tennessee with Miami"
Coach Zook "Talks about runningback Deshawn Wynn, the Gators leading rusher, and whether he will get more carries this week against Tennessee"
Coach Zook "Says the Gators will need to apply some pressure on Tennessee quarterback Casey Claussen"
Keiwan Ratliff - C "Says Tennessee's win in the Swamp two years ago has no bearing on this week's game"
Keiwan Ratliff - C "Both teams have alot to prove in this game"
Reid Fleming - LB "Says It's more comfortable to play in this year's Gator defense"
Matt Farrior - LB "He wants it to be very hot for Tennessee this week"
Matt Farrior - LB "Says the Gators need to try and rattle Tennessee quarterback Casey Claussen"
Matt Farrior - LB "He says Tennessee looks better then the Miami team the Gators played two weeks ago"
Max Starks OL - LB "He has bitter memories of the 2000 loss to Tennessee in Gainesville that cost the Gators the SEC East title"
Dallas Baker - WR "Is more interested in winning games then catching passes"
Weekly Press Conference 09-09-03
Coach Zook "Says the goals for his team didn't need reassessing after loss to Miami"
Coach Zook "Freshman linebacker Channing Crowder was impressive in his first game"
Coach Zook "There will be some changes on the Gator kickoff coverage team"
Coach Zook "The team needs to continue to improve"
Coach Zook "He talks about the danger FAMU quarterback Ben Dougherty poses this Saturday"
Ran Carthon - RB "On why the Gators had trouble running against Miami in the fourth quarter"
Ran Carthon - RB "On how the players are getting over the disappointing loss to the Hurricanes"
Reid Fleming - LB "On what his friend, and Miami quarterback Brock Berlin, talked about after the game Saturday night"
Reid Fleming - LB "The Gators becoming a big-play defensive team"
Weekly Press Conference 09-02-03
Coach Zook "Gives a recap of San Jose State and a look ahead to Miami"
Coach Zook "Talks about cornerback Johnny Lamar's emergence in the Gator defense"
Coach Zook "Playing Miami will be a good barometer for his team"
Coach Zook "Talks about the confidence he's had in kicker Matt Leach"
Coach Zook "Miami quarterback Brock Berlin, a former Gator, was well liked"
Coach Zook "A scouting report on the Miami Hurricanes"
Coach Zook "They will need to stop the run against Miami"
Coach Zook "He will stick with the two quarterback system this week"
Shannon Snell - G "Says he's going to continue to be outspoken"
Shannon Snell - G "He will be counted on for leadership this week"
Daryl Dixon - S "Expects Miami to try and ram the football down their throats"
Daryl Dixon - S "Says the Gators have nothing to lose this Saturday"
Darrell Lee - DE "On how the Gators intend to defend Miami's running attack"
Darrell Lee - DE "Says the tough conditioning in fall camp should help the Gators this week"
Travis Harris - DE "Talks about the need to rotate alot of linemen against Miami"
Weekly Press Conference 08-26-03
Coach Zook "On who will be the starting quarterback against San Jose State Saturday"
Coach Zook "San Jose State scouting report"
Coach Zook "On tempering the excitement of his players on game day"
Coach Zook "Senior guard Shannon Snell is poised to have a big year"
Coach Zook "The Gators will have quantity on a young defense"
Coach Zook "Freshman wr Andre Caldwell has speed to burn"
Off coordinator Ed Zaunbrecher "Has an abundance of wide receivers to help the Gator offense in alot of areas"
Off coordinator Ed Zaunbrecher "On moving from the booth to the field"
Off coordinator Ed Zaunbrecher "On what he's trying to teach all of his quarterbacks about the possibility of starting on Saturday"
Def Coordinator Charlie Strong "Says his defensive tackles must "stay home" against San Jose State"
Def Coordinator Charlie Strong "Says he wants his defensive unit to play with confidence"
Jemalle Cornelius - WR "Says the Gators have something to prove this season"
Todd McCullough - LB "Says the players have grown to respect Ron Zook and his coaching staff"
Todd McCullough - LB "It hasn't been difficult adjusting to new defensive coordinator Charlie Strong's system"
Mike Degory - C "Says the true freshmen are in for an experience when they come out of the tunnel at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium for the first time"
Mike Degory - C "Talks about what first game jitters are like in major college football"
Shannon Snell - G "On what the team would like to accomplish against San Jose State"
Max Starks - G "Talks about his move from left tackle to right guard"
Gator Media Day 08-09-03
Coach Zook "He likes the way the whole squad is bonding so early"
Coach Zook "All four Gator quarterbacks are taking a serious approach to the competition"
Coach Zook "Senior tightend Ben Troupe can disrupt defenses. They have to get the ball in his hands."
Coach Zook "True freshmen wide receivers Andre Caldwell and Chad Jackson have been impressive"
Coach Zook "The Gator team is up to the challenge of the upcoming season"
Charlie Strong - Defensive Coordinator "Likes what he has to work with on defense"
Darrell Lee - DE "Is fired up about the lack of respect in the polls"
Darrell Lee - DE "Lee and fellow senior DE Bobby McCray are determined to have a big year as a tandem"
Bobby McCray - DE "Likes the role of underdog this season"
Bobby McCray - DE "He realizes he will be counted on for his leadership on defense this season"
Todd McCullough - ML "Why he thinks the Gators will be better this season"
Todd McCullough - ML "The cupboard isn't bear at linebacker even though Bam Hardmon and Mike Nattiel have graduated"
Keiwan Ratliff - DB "Says the defensive backs will be a major part of the defense this season"
Keiwan Ratliff - DB "What does highly-touted wide receiver Dallas Baker (New Smyrna Beach) bring to the table?"
Andre Caldwell - WR "Doesn't feel pressure to succeed like his brother, former Gator WR Reche Caldwell."
Chris Leak - QB "On how things have gone in camp so far"
Chris Leak - QB "The veterans have been great to the incoming freshman"
Florida Sportswriter's Association Media Day 07-27-03
Coach Zook "Thinks the Gator offense should be pretty good in 2003"
Coach Zook "The second year of training camp is alot easier"
Coach Zook "He won't hesitate to play incoming freshmen this season"
Coach Zook "He's impressed with the way the incoming freshmen players have worked out on their own this summer"

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