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2003 Football Game Audio Clips
Iowa (Outback Bowl) 01-01-04
Coach Ron Zook - Expresses his disappointment over the way his team played
Coach Ron Zook - Talks about the suspensions to Keiwan Ratliff, Guss Scott and Matt Piotrowicz
Coach Ron Zook - The Gators lost momentum after Iowa scored its first touchdown
Chris Leak - Says the offense was never in sync against Iowa
Wide receiver Kelvin Kight - Says the Gator offense bogged down after his 70 yard td reception
Wide receiver Carlos Perez - Laments a loss in his final game as a Gator
Defensive tackle Ray McDonald - Vows the team will come back strong next season
Bobby McCray gets an early Gator sack
Chris Leak hits Kelvin Kight on a 70-yard touchdown pass
Marcus Thomas makes a big third down play
Matt Leach boots a 48-yard field goal
Leak hits Carlos Perez to get a big first down
Leak hits Dallas Baker for a third quarter touchdown that was nullified by a penalty on Baker
Leak hits Baker for a touchdown that counts in the fourth quarter
Florida State 11-29-03
Coach Ron Zook - It was a great football game to be apart of
Coach Ron Zook - There were alot of momentum swings
Coach Ron Zook - He reacts to the questionable calls that went against the Gators
Tightend Ben Troupe - Describes his touchdown catch that put Florida ahead 34-31
Wide receiver Kelvin Kight - Says the seniors are disappointment they couldn't beat FSU
Wide receiver Kelvin Kight - Says the Gators final touchdown drive was a thing of beauty
Kicker Matt Leach - Says its a painful loss
Linebacker Reid Fleming - Says the Gators proved they could play with the Seminoles
Linebacker Reid Fleming - Says the Gator defense made adustments in the second half to slow down FSU's running game
Linebacker Reid Fleming - On the officials taking away some of their turnovers from them
Andre Caldwell throws a pass to Chris Leak
Leak hits Ben Troupe with a touchdown pass to make it 17-12 FSU
Leak dives in for the two point conversion
Keiwan Ratliff returns a Chris Rix fumble 77 yards for a touchdown
Leak makes a big play to dig the Gators out of a hole
Leak makes a shovel pass to Ran Carthon
Leak converts a 4th and 2
Leak hits Ben Troupe for another touchdown to put the Gators ahead 34-31
South Carolina 11-15-03
Coach Ron Zook - Says the Gators overcame alot of mistakes to win the game
Coach Ron Zook - Gives his players and coaches credit for staying together despite a 3-and-3 start
Coach Ron Zook - He tried to keep his players from getting down after they fell behind 9-0
Tightend Ben Troupe - On what he did to get open on the touchdown pass from Chris Leak
Tightend Ben Troupe - The Gators never lost confidence even though they fell behind 9-0
Linebacker Channing Crowder - Says the Gator defense overcame a lack of execution to make big plays in the second half
Linebacker Channing Crowder - Describes what happened when they stopped South Carolina on a crucial two point conversion
Runningback Ciatrick Fason - On what was behind Florida's turnaround from a 3-3 team to an 8-and-3 record
Runningback Ciatrick Fason - He told his teammates he was going to lead the way in the second half
Safety Daryl Dixon - Says its incredible to finish conference play with a five game winning streak after a 1-2 start
Safety Daryl Dixon - The Gators won the game despite not playing their best game
Quarterback Chris Leak - Talks about overcoming a 9-0 deficit
Quarterback Chris Leak - Says the offense got rolling after struggling in the first quarter
Ciatrick Fason with a big run during the Gators first scoring drive
Fason goes 30 yards on the scoring drive
Chris Leak runs nine yards for a touchdown
Fason breaks off a big run to set up Florida's second touchdown
Chris Leak hits Ben Troupe for a touchdown
The Gators get a big fumble recovery in the third quarter
DeShawn Wynn runs 10 yards for a Gator touchdown
The Gators stop Carolina's two point conversion try
Keiwan Ratliff's ninth interception of the season ends Carolina's chances
South Carolina flubs a fake punt on fourth down in the third quarter
Vanderbilt 11-08-03
Coach Ron Zook - Says his team did alot of good things in the victory over Vanderbilt
Coach Ron Zook - On what he told his team at halftime
Coach Ron Zook - Praises the play of his senior-led secondary
Runningback Ran Carthon - Said he was glad to get a win for the alumns on homecoming
Runningback Ran Carthon - The Gator backs were determined to have a big game
Runningback Ran Carthon - The Gator players have developed a bond over the past four weeks
Receiver O J Small - Says faith in the system has alot to do with an improved offense
Receiver O J Small - He likes that Chris Leak spreads the ball around
Safety Daryl Dixon - Says the Gator defensive backs have great chemistry
Safety Daryl Dixon - Talks about teammate Keiwan Ratliff's penchant for the interception
Defensive back Corey Bailey - Describes his third quarter interception that stopped a Vanderbilt threat
Defensive back Corey Bailey - Says senior safety Guss Scott puts the other defensive backs in a great position to make plays
Chris Leak scrambles for 12 yards on a third and eight to keep the Gators first touchdown drive alive
Chris Leak touchdown sneak
Chris Leak hits Ciatrick Fason for a touchdown pass
Corey Bailey intercepts a Jay Cutler pass to end a Vanderbilt threat
Daryl Dixon makes his second interception of the game
Fason's second touchdown of the game
Keiwan Ratliff sets a school record with his eighth interception of the year
Georgia 11-01-03
Coach Ron Zook - Reacts to beating Georgia
Coach Ron Zook - The defense answered the bell in crunch time
Coach Ron Zook - He talks about the Gators final drive and quarterback Chris Leak's ability to engineer the drive
Coach Ron Zook - He gives the defense credit for keeping Georgia out of the end zone when the score was 13-10 Gators
Safety Gus Scott - Talks about the defensive effort against Georgia
Safety Gus Scott - On what was on his mind in the final seconds when Georgia had the ball
Kicker Matt Leach - He reacts to kicking the game-winning field goal
Kicker Matt Leach - On what coach Ron Zook said to him on the sidelines before he went in to kick the winning field goal
Quarterback Chris Leak - Reacts to winning a big game over the number four team in the country
Quarterback Chris Leak - The Gators offense kept their heads in the game despite scoring no touchdowns in the first half
Middle linebacker Reid Fleming - Says the defense did what it had to do when the time came
Middle linebacker Reid Fleming - Despite their injury troubles - that Georgia was going to give them a battle
Defensive end Travis Harris - Was happy to make big plays in the place of starter Bobby McCray
Defensive end Travis Harris - His sack of Georgia quarterback David Greene was a big confidence boost
Keiwan Ratliff ties a Gator record with his seventh interception of the season
Defensive end Travis Harris gets a first quarter quarterback sack
Carlos Perez catches a Chris Leak touchdown pass for a 10-3 Gator lead
Chris Leak hits Dallas Baker with a long pass
Travis Harris breaks up a third and goal pass that forced Georgia to go for a field goal late in the fourth quarter
Matt Leach hits an 18 yard field goal to give the Gators a 16-13 lead
Mick Hubert's final call of the Gator victory
Arkansas 10-18-03
Quarterback Chris Leak comments about the offense putting back to back good first halves together in the last two games
Quarterback Chris Leak - He talks about the screen pass he threw to Ciatrick Fason for a touchdown
Ciatrick Fason says the backs are comfortable catching passes from Leaks
Ciatrick Fason - The LSU game gave him alot of confidence going into the Arkansas game
Ciatrick Fason - He describes his 75-yard touchdown run
Defensive back Keiwan Ratliff talks about what the gameplan was for the Arkansas offense
Defensive back Keiwan Ratliff - Regrets his celebration penalty after his third interception
Defensive back Keiwan Ratliff - Describes his third interception
Offensive tackle Randy Hand says the offensive line continues to jell
Hand says the offensive line works on blocking on screen passes
Chris Leak hits Ciatrick Fason on a screen pass for a touchdown
Keiwan Ratliff makes the first of three interceptions
Ciatrick Fason goes 75 yards for a touchdown
Earl Everett makes a big sack on fourth and two
Ratliff with his second pick of the game
Deshawn Wynn goes 17 yards for a touchdown
Keiwan Ratliff takes an interception back for a touchdown
LSU 10-11-03
Ron Zook says the Gators prepared well for the LSU game
Ron Zook - On what he told his team at the half
Ron Zook - Gator depth at running back was tested with injuries to Ran Carthon and Deshawn Wynn
Ron Zook - Chris Leak overcame alot of adversity
Ron Zook - Praises the play of his defense
Chris Leak says LSU's long punt return for a touchdown didn't faze them any
Chris Leak - Plays on third down were better this week
Keiwan Ratliff says keeping big plays down to a minimum was a big key
Keiwan Ratliff - That players-only meeting after last week's loss to Ole Miss really helped
Ciatrick Fason describes his 35 yard touchdown catch to put the Gators up 19-7
Ciatrick Fason - He was glad to contribute to the team on Saturday
Runningback Ran Carthon says this was a total team victory
Chris Leak hits Ran Carthon for a touchdown
Keiwan Ratliff's first interception
One of Bobby McCray's third sack of Matt Mauck
Leak throws a bomb to Carlos Perez
Matt Leach set a career record with a 50-yard field goal
The Gators stop LSU on a key fourth down and one in the fourth quarter
Ciatrick Fason's first career touchdown catch
Ratliff's second interception
University of Mississippi 10-04-03
Ron Zook says they gave Eli Manning and the Ole Miss just too many opportunities in the second half
Zook talks about why the Gators weren't as productive on offense in the second half
Ron Zook - The team needs to stick together after a tough loss
Ron Zook - Did Ole Miss take Gator tightend Ben Troupe out of the game in the second half?
Ron Zook - Why was Ole Miss able to run the ball so well against the Gators?
Wide receiver O.J. Small says the Gator offense failed to make big plays in the second half
Wide receiver O.J. Small describes his touchdown catch
Wide receiver O.J. Small - Leak will be fine despite a tough game against Ole Miss
Ron Carthon says the Gators will need to pull together
Ron Carthon - Lack of execution on third down is hurting the team right now
Ron Carthon - His career rushing game was a bitter - sweet accomplishment
Tight End Ben Troupe - He describes his 18 yard touchdown catch
Tight End Ben Troupe - On Chris Leak's struggles in second half
Linebacker Matt Farrior says the team has the regroup after this loss
Linebacker Matt Farrior - The Ole Miss offense didn't surprise them
Ben Troupe catches 18 yard scoring pass
O.J. Small catches big pass from Chris Leak
Leak hits O. J. Small for a touchdown
Matt Farrior intercepts Eli Manning
Leak gets out of a big hole with a long pass to Kelvin Kight
Corey Bailey recovers an Ole Miss fumble
University of Kentucky 09-27-03
Ron Zook gives his players credit for an amazing comeback win
Ron Zook, he knew the Gators weren't out of it even though they got behind 21-3
Quarterback Chris Leak says the team never gave up
Quarterback Chris Leak talks about the touchdown pass to Carlos Perez that put the Gators ahead
Quarterback Chris Leak, the Gators showed alot of heart
Wide receiver Carlos Perez says the Gators need to build off the big comeback win
Wide receiver Carlos Perez talks about the touchdown that cut Kentucky's lead to 21-16
Defensive end Bobby McCray says the Gators battled hard against Kentucky's quarterback Jared Lorenzen
Defensive end Bobby McCray says Lorenzen is a load
Wide receiver Kelvin Kight says the Gators showed in the fourth quarter they can be explosive
The Gator defensive back relives his interception that set up the Gators winning touchdown
Chris Leak airs it out to Carlos Perez
Bobby McCray sacks Kentucky quarterback Jared Lorenzen
Leak his Carlos Perez to cut Kentucky's lead to 21-9
Corey Bailey intercepts Lorenzen
Leak hits Carlos Perez for a second touchdown to make it 21-16 Kentucky
Johnny Lamar intercepts a pass and almost takes it all the way for a touchdown
Ran Carthon scores the go-ahead touchdown
Leak hits Kelvin Kight with a key two point conversion
University of Tennessee 09-20-03
Ron Zook talks about the outcome and Casey Claussen's hail mary pass before half
Ron Zook talks about the Gators missed golden opportunities
QB Ingle Martin said the Gators left some points on the field
QB Ingle Martin was asked what do the Gators need to do to play better on offense
QB Ingle Martin, Tennessee's defense was tough
Linebacker Reid Fleming says the Gators aren't going to lose heart because of the loss
Linebacker Reid Fleming on how he think the defense played against the Vols
Offensive tackle Max Starks says the Gators have to do a better job of sustaining drives
Eric Wilbur booms a 75-yard punt
Gus Scott interception
Mo Mitchell forces a fumble, Johnny Lamar recovery
Casey Claussen's hail Mary pass to James Banks
Chris Leak hits Ben Troupe with the biggest pass play of the game
Ingle Martin hits Kelvin Kight will be a big play just before the fourth quarter
Deshawn Wynn touchdown
Florida A&M University 09-13-03
The Gator head coach talks about how they wanted to emphasize the run against A-and-M
Coach Zook - True freshman fullback Joe Cohen was a big reason for the team's rushing success
Coach Zook - It's time to start thinking about the Tennessee Vols
Coach Zook - On the status of his team after three games
Runningback Deshawn Wynn - Says the Gators really rolled after a slow start
Runningback Deshawn Wynn - Says runningbacks coach Mike Locksley predicted the backs would have a big game
Runningback Deshawn Wynn - On what he looks for when he runs the football
Linebacker Channing Crowder - Says the defense had to get used to the Florida A-and-M "spread" offense
Linebacker Channing Crowder - Talks about the Gators sure tackling ability this season
Linebacker Channing Crowder - The Gators are already thinking about the next game with Tennessee
University of Miami 09-06-03
Zook talks about the mistakes that cost the Gators the game and how proud he was of his team
Zook talks about the defensive breakdowns that allowed Miami to come back in the game after a 33-10 lead
Zook told his players they had to keep playing hard even though they were ahead at the half and 33-10 in the third
QB Ingle Martin talks about the slight concussion that forced him to sit out the second half
Martin credits the coaches for getting them ready to play third ranked Miami
Martin says the Gators won't accept "moral" victories
He describes his 65 yard touchdown run in the third quarter
Defense wants to score points in every game
On why the Gator defense had trouble stopping Miami in the second half
Ingle Martin hits Carlos Perez for the Gators first touchdown
Keiwan Ratliff returns a errant lateral for a touchdown
Daryl Dixon forces a fumble, recovers a fumble
Deshawn Wynn rambles 65 yards for a touchdown on the first play of the third quarter
Daryl Dixon intercepts Brock Berlin
Johnny Lamar intercepts Brock Berlin
Ran Carthon ran in for a touchdown to give the Gators a 33-10 lead
San Jose State 08-30-03
Gator coach Ron Zook says the team was very efficient against San Jose State
Zook says the defensive coaching staff had the guys ready to play
Zook talks about the effort or senior runningback Ran Carthon
Cornerback / punt returner Keiwan Ratliff says hard work paid off for the special teams unit
Quarterback Ingle Martin says the Gator offense took off after a slow start
Martin talks about the ability of the young receiving corp to make yards after the catch
Senior offensive guard Max Starks says the Gators put a complete game together
Starks says the competition level takes a huge leap with Miami next Saturday
The Gators block a punt
Ran Carthon scores the first Gator touchdown of 2003
Ingle Martin hits Kelvin Kight for his first career touchdown pass
Gus Scott picks off San Jose State and returns it for a score
Ran Carthon scores his second touchdown of the year
Freshman Chris Leak throws his first career touchdown pass
Deshawn Wynn and Reggie Lewis team up for a touchdown
Freshman Gavin Dickey and Chad Jackson team up for another score

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