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1997 Football Game Audio Clips

Florida State 11/22/1997 Top
Play-by-Play Highlights
Fred Taylor 3yd TD run, 6-0  
Doug Johnson to Travis McGriff, 6yd TD pass, 12-17  
Taylor 4yd TD run, 18-17  
Teako Brown interception  
Taylor 61yd TD run, 25-20  
Johnson to Jacquez Green, 62yd pass  
Taylor 17yd run  
Taylor 1yd TD run, 32-29  
Dwayne Thomas interception  
South Carolina 11/15/1997 Top
Play-by-Play Highlights
Noah Brindise to Jamie Richardson, 2yd TD pass, 7-0  
Jacquez Green 86yd punt return TD, 14-7  
Fred Taylor 12yd TD run, 21-14  
Mike Moten 23yd fumble return TD, 27-14  
Taylor 13yd TD run, 34-14  
Taylor 44yd TD run, 41-21  
Vanderbilt 11/08/1997 Top
Play-by-Play Highlights
Fred Weary interception  
Noah Brindise to Travis McGriff, 44yd TD pass, 10-0  
Brindise to Bo Carroll, 13yd TD pass, 17-0  
Final, 20-7  
Auburn 10/18/1997 Top
Play-by-Play Highlights
Jacquez Green to Jamie Richardson, 12yd TD pass, 7-0  
Noah Brindise to Green, 10yd TD pass, 17-10  
Fred Weary fumble recovery  
Green 4yd TD run, 24-10  
Teako Brown interception  
Final, 24-10  
LSU 10/11/1997 Top
Play-by-Play Highlights
Fred Taylor 2yd TD run, 7-14  
Taylor big 53yd run  
Taylor 1yd TD run, 14-14  
Taylor 3yd TD run, 21-28  
Arkansas 10/04/1997 Top
Play-by-Play Highlights
Bo Carroll 95yd kickoff return, TD 7-0  
Fred Taylor 3yd TD run, 14-0  
Doug Johnson to Jacquez Green, 29yd TD pass, 21-0  
Johnson to Nafis Karim, 14yd TD pass, 28-0  
Jonson to Green, 3yd TD pass, 35-0  
Noah Brindise to Taras Ross, 9yd TD pass, 42-0  
Jesse Palmer to Darrell Jackson, 16yd TD pass, 49-7  
Fred Weary interception  
Palmer to Carroll, 32yd TD pass, 56-7  
Kentucky 09/27/1997 Top
Play-by-Play Highlights
Ed Chester deflection, Willie Rodgers pick up  
Fred Taylor 16yd TD run, 7-0  
Doug Johnson to Jacquez Green, 5yd TD, 14-0  
Johnson to Green, 10yd TD, 21-0  
Johnson to Green, 25yd TD, 28-0  
Fred Weary interception  
Johnson to Travis McGriff, 5yd TD, 35-7  
Johnson to Jamie Richardson, 17yd TD, 42-7  
Taylor 16yd TD run, 49-7  
Eugene McCaslin 6yd TD run, 55-21  
Tennessee 09/20/1997 Top
Play-by-Play Highlights
Doug Johnson to Jamie Richardson, 11yd TD, 7-0  
Tony George interception, 89yd TD return, 14-0 CNN's "Play of the Day  
George fumble recovery  
Johnson to Jacquez Green, 19yd TD, 20-7  
Fred Weary interception  
Johnson to Taras Ross, 30yd TD, 33-14  
Game closing  
Central Michigan 09/06/1997 Top
Play-by-Play Highlights
Doug Johnson to Jamie Richardson, 9yd TD, 7-0  
Terry Jackson blocked punt, Jacquez Green 13yd TD return, 14-0  
Johnson to Terry Jackson, 50 yd TD, 21-0  
Johnson to Green, 16yd TD, 28-0  
Tim Beauchamp bigtime sack  
Johnson to Rod Frazier, 12yd TD, 35-3  
Johnson to Jackson, 19yd TD, 42-3  
Johnson to Richardson, 28yd TD, 49-3  
Bo Carroll big run, 50yd  
Johnson to Jackson, 11yd TD, 56-3  
Noah Brindise to Erron Kinney, 12yd TD, 63-3  
Carroll 49yd TD run, 69-6  
Carroll 12 yd TD run, 76-6  
Jesse Palmer to Ian Skinner, 8yd TD, 82-6  
Southern Mississippi 08/30/1997 Top
Play-by-Play Highlights
Fred Taylor 30 yd run, 1st down of the season  
Doug Johnson to Jamie Richardson, 25 yd TD, 7-0  
Tony George forced turnover  
Teako Brown interception  
Fred Weary interception  
Johnson to Jacquez Green, 18 yd TD, 14-0  
Johnson 1 yd TD run, 21-0  
Final, 21-6  

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