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American Lacrosse Conference Tournament - University of Florida - Gainesville, Florida - 2012

ALC Championship – Saturday, May 5, 2012

Florida 14, Northwestern 7

Post-Game Quotes


Florida Head Coach Amanda O’Leary


Opening Statement:

“I'm just really, really proud of this program. First, I'd really like to thank all of the fans. Last night we had more than 1,000 fans here. It was such an amazing momentum builder for us to walk out onto that field and see all of our fans there for us. Again, today, we had amazing support from the community and it just made me really proud to be a Florida Gator. I'd like to thank the fans and community – I'm really proud of our team today. They came out and persevered after a tough game last night and played a really solid 60 minutes, and that’s what we asked them to do. I'm really happy.”


On how the team improved against Northwestern:

I think they executed the game plan. They came in really focused. Erica and Caitlin did a really good job of putting together and formulating an offensive game plan that I think the team executed. Defensively, they did a super job of containing Northwestern's three big scorers and Mikey did a great job in the goal cage. When everything is clicking, we can find a lot of success.”


On the game plan:

“I think we’re always trying to find the free player. Northwestern’s really quick to double team, so when they double teamed, I think we were able to find the free player pretty quickly and we were able to score.”


On if the win is another historic step for the program:

“I think it is a historic step. Last year, we were defeated in the ALC Championship game. It was a 10-9 contest, and I thought we played very well last year. For us to come out and compete the way we did today, I think it was a momentous occasion.”


On Shannon Gilroy’s performance:

“It was amazing. She dominated the draw and be able to score at the other end just says a lot about her athleticism. As she said, we have a lot of strong players. Kitty and Brittany were drawing too, and the fact that the supporting cast was able to find the free players helped. As Shannon said, we weren’t able to finish last night but we finished today. I credit all of them that they were able to find the free player. They played really unselfishly and I think that was one of the keys.”


On draw control possessions:

“Shannon is excellent at what she does. She’s a draw specialist. She came up against three players from Northwestern that are all excellent draw takers. If she wasn’t winning it herself, I think we counted on Nora and Brittany and Kayla to come up with the balls, and I think they were able to do so.”


On if the team can still improve:

“We’re hoping we’re on the ladder up. We always think that there is a better game we have inside. I think it’s a testament to our offense that our defense is so good. Every day they go out and compete against one of the best offenses in the country. They’re up against the Caroline Chesterman’s, the Shannon Gilroy’s, the Brittany Dashiell’s and the Kitty Cullens. They’re used to playing at a really high caliber every single day, so it’s a challenge at practice.”


On Jamie Reeg’s defense:

“Jamie is a tremendous defender. We typically put her up against the best crease attacker that we’re going to come across and she’s done a fantastic job for us each, and every game. She’s solid, she has great footwork and she’s a tall person so she can cover a lot of ground. She’s just really smart. We’ve got a keeper in Jamie.”


On losing to Northwestern and now being able to compete:

“We do laugh about it. Looking back, they just dominated us. The fact that this team has progressed the way they have is a testament to their hard work and it’s a testament to our support staff. The list goes on and on. It starts from the very top and goes to the fans. We’re all just so appreciative of what they do for this program, and we want to go out and play for them as much as we want to play for us.”


Florida Freshman Midfielder Shannon Gilroy


On scoring goals:

“I might have picked my spots better than yesterday. Yesterday was an off day for all of us, so I think we really had to work on our shooting, and finish our shots today.”


On the difference in game against Northwestern and Ohio State in the tournament:

“I think we were really ready for the game. We were all excited and were able to play as a team together.”


On the mentality during draws:

“I try not to think about anything. The ball can go anywhere. If it gets to my then I’ll try to take it myself, but my teammates really help around the circle when I don’t get it to myself.”


Florida Junior Goalkeeper Mikey Meagher


On protection around the goal:

“It was amazing. As usual, the defense did a phenomenal job – each and every one of them. Their ability to hold out the offense is incredible. Each one of them works so hard day in and day out.”


On being named MVP:

“It’s definitely a good feeling, but this is shared with my team. The win wouldn’t have happened without the defense and without Shannon. It’s really a team effort – not an individual one – but I am very happy to receive the award.


Florida Junior Caroline Chesterman


On Florida’s program gaining notoriety:

“As a team, we like to focus on what we’re doing and execute our game plan. I think we were able to stay focused and play a good game of lacrosse today.”


On how the program has grown in her three years:

“Coming in, Mandy told us that one day we were going to be a good team. Last year, we realized we could compete with the best teams in the country. We were the underdogs last year and they realized that we can compete and we can play. This year, I think we’re working hard day in and day out and every day in practice we’re just working hard trying to get better. It’s a good feeling coming off the win today.”


On looking forward to the tournament:

“The win today was great and we’ll enjoy the moment right now, but we have to move on with it. We’re going to practice hard. Tomorrow we find out who we play next and it’s going to be a good team. They’re going to be fighting for the win and we are too. We’re just going to stay focused and work hard in practice and try to execute the game plan.”



ALC Championship – Saturday, May 5, 2012

Florida 14, Northwestern 7


Northwestern Post-Game Quotes


Northwestern Head Coach Kelly Amonte-Hiller

Opening Statement:

“I think Florida played a tremendous game today. They one hundred percent deserved to win. They were excellent all over the field, played very smart and took advantage of every opportunity they had. You can’t win a game when you lose draw controls 18-5. I think that was really the story.”


On Florida’s early lead:

“I think it definitely helps. Any time you can jump on someone and get a little confidence, it makes a big difference. That’s one thing that we’ve struggled with a little bit toward the latter half of the season, and we need to fix that. A lot of it is mentality.”


On issues of draw control:

“I think Florida wanted the ball more than we did. I think that is simply knowing that you want something – you want it really badly, and you go after it. They were just winning plain ole 50-50 battles. There’s no real science to it. I think Shannon Gilroy did a tremendous job – actually on the draw, directing it to where she wanted it to go – and she was pretty much handling our draw people. She did a great job as well.”


On Shannon Gilroy:

“She’s just so poised, she is a great threat on the field and she always puts her shots away. I think that she did that today. She was really a key person for them all over the field; starting with the draws, all the way down to riding defensively and coming up with goals for them (Florida).”


On Florida building a program so fast:

“Any time that you’re putting this kind of support behind something it definitely makes a difference. Mandee had a couple years to jump start her recruiting, and she is a top-notch coach. She coached me in college, so I really know what she brings to the table, coaching wise. She does a great job maximizing her personnel, and getting the most out of them. She’s a great recruiter as well, so she gets great personnel to work with.”


Northwestern Senior Midfielder/ Attacker Alex Frank


On Florida’s chance to win a National Championship:

“They have a great team so it’s really any ones game once the bracket comes out. I think they are definitely going to be at the top of a bracket. They played great today, and once we find out who we match up against, we will have to come out just as hard, and be prepared to play whoever we get picked to play.”


On if they want another chance at Florida:

“Yes. If we get matched up with them, sure, we’ll take it.”


Northwestern Junior Midfielder Amanda Macaluso


On Florida’s potential run in the bracket:

“I think they are definitely a contender. They are very focused, and right now they are playing great lacrosse. They’re playing together, and I don’t see why they wouldn’t be in the mix for a National Championship.”



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