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American Lacrosse Conference Tournament - University of Florida - Gainesville, Florida - 2012

ALC Semifinals Game 2 – Friday, May 4, 2012

Florida 5, Ohio State 4


Florida Post-Game Quotes


Florida Head Coach Amanda O’Leary

Opening Statement:

“What a great job Ohio State did; incredibly well-coached program. We know going into this game that they were going to have some tricks up their sleeve and they did. They kept us on our heels the entire game. Credit them with a really hard-fought game out there today. I’m just really pleased that we came out with a win tonight.”


On if she thought she could win a game only scoring five goals:

“(laughs) If we hold them to four [goals], we can. It was definitely a defensive battle out there. You have to credit Ohio State. They came in with a great defensive game plan. They obviously took what we had done in our first game [against them] and basically fixed it and I thought they came out and did a great job. Credit them but I credit these young ladies and the rest of the team for not giving up. 5-4 is a really low scoring game for us and I just think you have to credit these guys; they came out, never gave up and, although things weren’t falling offensively, they kept going to goal and I’m just really proud of their effort.”


On Florida’s defense:

“I think we did get better as the game went on. I think Ohio State did a fantastic job of pressuring the ball carrier offensively, defensively, through the midfield but again, I think our team was able to execute through the midfield. I think our defensive unit did a fantastic job tonight. Mikey did a great job in the goal cage. I’m just really pleased with our defensive abilities tonight.”


On Northwestern:

“We’re going to have to play a solid 60 minutes against them. They’re No. 1 in the country for a reason. We’re going to need to play hard, play well and we need to clean up some of our offensive mistakes. I think, defensively, we have some key things to focus on. Overall, 60 minutes is what we’re going to have play tomorrow to be successful.”


On Florida’s offense:

“I think we stuck with our game plan. We generated a lot of shots; we generated 24 shots. That’s a good number of shots for us. They just weren’t falling. I thought we prepared a really good game plan offensive and defensively. Sometimes it falls and sometimes it doesn’t but it says a lot about our team in the fact that when [the ball] wasn’t falling, we were able to count on two freshmen to come in and carry the load. As kitty said, upperclassmen, freshmen, transfers, everybody is a vital part of this program. It’s just really critical for all of us, and we’re really lucky, to have a lot of different people.”


On the development of Florida’s players:

“I think we counted on our defense to come up with a lot of big plays. We limited their offensive firepower and that was a spark. Ultimately, I credit this group because in years past, we may not have come out victorious in a game like this. They’re maturing, they have great leadership out there and they work really, really well together. They’re unselfish and with all of that and their maturity, it certainly made a difference tonight.”



Florida Freshman Midfielder Nicole Graziano

On coming off the bench and scoring:

“I think our whole coaching staff prepares not just the starters, but they make sure that anyone on the bench is ready to go at any moment and at any time. I credit the coaches for preparing all of us for the game. I got the opportunity, thanks to my teammates, and was able to just put it away.”


On her two goals:

“I think my teammates did a really great job of moving the ball around. Our defense had a great stop to get into the offensive end and then the team did a great job moving off ball and getting it around and I just happened to be open and put it in the back of the net.”


On being able to play the ALC Tournament at home:

“I think that it’s really great to be on our home field because of the audience we have. I think that each of our goals got the momentum up a little bit and by our last goal, the momentum was really high and we were all really pumped up, so I think it was great momentum for us.”



Florida Junior Attacker Kitty Cullen

On Ohio State’s goalkeeper:

“I think their goalie [Tori DeScenza] played phenomenal. She was able to stop us all over the place and she did a really awesome job. I think we were lucky enough to have people on our team this year like Nicole, who can come off the bench, give us a spark and get some goals in there. I credit their goalie a lot; she did a really great job.”


On Northwestern:

“Northwestern is a great team. They’re No. 1 in the country for a reason. I think they’re going to come out and get us since we just beat them a few weeks ago. We’ve completely moved past that game and we're focused on tomorrow. We’re going to learn from and move past tonight and get ready for tomorrow and we’re going to focus on ourselves and get back to the basics.”


On the difference between last year and this year:

“I think the huge difference between our team last year and this year is that we were really successful last year but this year, we have so many new and great additions; we have people coming off the bench, we have freshmen, we have transfers that are able to put the ball in the back of the net and able to make stops defensively and they’re going to be a huge part of our team in the postseason.”


On the opportunity to win the ALC Tournament Championship at home:

“I think it would be a huge accomplishment for us. It’s something our program hasn’t done before and it would be really exciting to win the [tournament] championship for the first time in the ALCs on our home field.”



Florida Freshman Midfielder Nora Barry

On staying focused during scoring lulls:

“I think that it’s really frustrating for our offense when the shots aren’t falling. It helps our momentum when we’re able to score. Nicole’s goals and Brittany’s goal helped our offense get into a groove a little bit more towards the end of the game.”


On being able to contribute in the postseason as a freshman:

“It’s really exciting that I get to have so much playing time and contribute as much as I can. I just like to help my team as much as I can each game and I’m just glad I have as many opportunities as I do to do that.”


On both goals:

“I saw that the double [team] slid to Brittany and I was able to cut in the middle and luckily, I was open, so she found me and I was able to find the net both times. I was the open player because someone was double-teaming the ball.”


ALC Semifinals Game 2 – Friday, May 4, 2012

Florida 5, Ohio State 4


Ohio State Post-Game Quotes


Ohio State Head Coach Alexis Venechanos


Opening Statement:

“I think we came in with a good game plan. I am really proud of how our athletes competed to the very end. We had our backs against the wall a bit playing a day prior but we didn’t use that as an excuse. I am very proud of the way we competed. We made some adjustments at halftime and got the draw and I am just very proud to be sitting here with Tori (DeScenza) and Alayna (Markwordt), they were a huge part of our season. Just wouldn’t change a thing, wouldn’t change the season, wouldn’t change what we did today. I am really proud how we represented the university and the program.”


On the approach against Florida:

“Well we had some quality possessions from our attack. We wanted to limit Florida’s opportunities. We know that they had a couple week break and we knew they would be a little antsy to get back on that field. So we thought limiting their possessions would give us the best opportunity to win.”


On Tori DeScenza and the defense:

“I think Tori did a great job of keeping everybody in the game. They got a lot of shots early and her being able to make changes to the defense gave us opportunities to continue to run our game plan on the attacking end. That was crucial. I think everyone had an equal part of the game from the attack midfield all the way down to the defense.”


On the momentum change after the 3-3 tie second half:

“The game is a run of momentum. Having the fourth goal definitely propelled us. I think our two quick goals by Alayna (Markwordt), put us back in the mix and our game plan when it was 3-3. We knew we had some fight. We were in the game yesterday in the same situation. We kept believing to the end.”


On Alayna Markwordt

“Credit to Alayna, she continues to have the best defender in the nation every game we play against. Credit to her she is able to continue to play her best and get her teammates involved. When she has the shots she will take the shots and she did a great job of reading that. Jamie Reeg did an excellent job on her and Alayna still got her teammates involved and still were able to put some goals on the board for us.”


On playing a low-scoring game to beat Florida:

“I don’t know. I think every game situation is different. What happened before in this tournament site and we felt like this was the best game plan for this situation.”


On Florida changing game plan this game:

“I don’t think so. I think we were well prepared for them. I am really excited how we competed to the very end.”



Ohio State Freshman Goal Keeper Tori DeScenza

On Defense:

“We came out as a defense today. I think playing as a unit, I trusted them in front of me and just to be able to see the ball coming in. We know Florida is a great team shooting. We just really focused on that ball.”



Ohio State Senior Attacker Alayna Markwordt

On the attack:

“Our attack was just working together and when the opportunities came up we just capitalized on them. Getting the draw control was really crucial so we just moved it down the field and the opportunity was there.”

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