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The Gator Sports Nutrition Department is committed to supporting the student athlete by providing nutrition education and resources to succeed academically and athletically while abiding by NCAA and SEC rules and regulations. Also, to extend nutritional support to promote healing and recovery for all injured athletes.

The Sports Nutrition program provides a supporting pillar to allow for the athlete to reach numerous performance platforms throughout their time at UF. The sports nutrition staff works as a performance team with the strength and conditioning staff and the sports medicine staff to give the athlete an optimal supportive environment to maximize physical gains.

The sports nutrition staff educates gator student athletes with the following guidelines for a simplistic approach


The Gator Nutrition Checklist

❑ Fuel Up

Stick with:

  1. Lean protein (if it has less legs, its better) Fish first, then turkey/chicken, then beef and pork
  2. Healthy fats (the short list: olive oil, avocados, walnuts, almonds, pecans, flax seed oil, and fish oil)
  3. Whole grains(3 grams of fiber/serving or more)
  4. At least 3 colors on your plate for each meal: carb, meat and fruit/veg!

❑ Fuel frequently

Consume 3 meals, 2-3 snacks every day. Eat every 3 hours starting with breakfast (whenever you wake up). Feed the muscle to keep the muscle!

Gauge your sweat - salty sweater, heavy sweater or light seater?

Always drink water / Gatorade before, during and after practice

Track your water consuption - strive for 1/2 - 1 oz per lb per day

Observe your urine color

Remember to carry your water bottle

❑ Hydrate G.A.T.O.R.

Urine should be clear/lemonade. If you are thirsty, you are dehydrated! Follow the GATOR way to maintain proper hydration.


… to be fresh for the subsequent workout, practice, or game by fueling and hydrating - Pre, During and Post training.

Pre: Consume carbohydrates and protein
Ex.: Pb and J sandwich + Low-fat milk

During: Drink Water and Gatorade

Post: Consume carbohydrates and protein
Ex.: take a post workout shake or low fat chocolate milk, or meal as soon as workout terminates

❑ Approach: 80/20 rule

80% of the time, eat generally healthy, 20% of the time treat. Be aware of what is too much and avoid anything in excess.


Nutrition Services

Individualized Sports Nutrition Care

  • Blood work analysis and correcting deficiencies
  • One-on-one athlete counseling regarding goals
  • Individual body composition analysis
  • Healing and recovery from injury or surgery

Team Sports Nutrition Care

  • Team talks
  • Grocery store tours
  • Kitchen skills workshops
  • Updates on latest nutrition trends
  • Live plate coaching at meals
  • Menu planning


The Bod Pod

The Bod Pod

The Bod Pod uses air displacement and measurements of density to obtain body composition analysis.


On Campus Dining

Athletes can use their meal plans at Gator Dining, the Training Table, or Broward’s Fresh Food Company. Flex bucks can be used at several other campus location. The nutrition staff aids to help athletes understand their options for easy fuel options throughout the day and helps the athlete schedule their meals and snacks.

Training Table

The Training Table is available for scholarship athletes and is open for dinner Monday-Thursday from 5:00 – 8:00pm. Meals include a variety of premium choice entrees, side dishes, salads, fruit, and beverages.


Sarah Snyder, MS, RD, CSSD, LDN, CSCS, USAW
Director of Sports Nutrition
352-375-4683 x 4826

Kelsee Gomes, MS, RD, CSSD, LDN, CLT
Coordinator of Sports Nutrition
352-375-4683 x 4827


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