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"Far beyond the importance of the extension of tax cuts or President Obama bowing to Republican cutthroats, the resignation of head coach Urban Meyer from the UF football program is far more urgent in the hearts and minds of The Gator Nation. What I can identify is a great feeling of sadness. Meyer's tenure with the Gators was undeniably successful. On top of being a winning football coach, Meyer was a professional. He is a man with a true respect for his players, his program and his game. Meyer inspired true confidence by keeping a cool head and remembering the power of example he had over the players, fans and other coaches. Off the field, Meyer was an exemplary member of the community. What can't be put in a Wikipedia article or a sports almanac is what Meyer truly was: a servant leader. That's what made Meyer a great coach and a sorely missed pillar of society. Under extreme scrutiny, pressure, and, at times, defamation, Meyer exemplified leadership that put others above himself in his coaching style, his deeply personal relationships with his players and staff and his poised and professional connection with the public. So, Urban, I think I speak for many when I say we can't thank you enough for the years you gave us, and we wish you much success in the future." (1/5/11)
Nate Rushing, The Alligator

"I was very fortunate during the last six years to get to know Urban Meyer and his family. For those who know Meyer, he's a great guy to be around. You watch, as the years go by, Meyer will be appreciated more and more by the Gator Nation. Not that he shouldn't be appreciated now. Any coach who goes 65-15, wins two national titles, dominates Florida's rivals, brings new traditions, raises the academic profile of the football team and reclaims The Swamp has to be one of the most beloved men to ever coach at UF. And on Saturday, when it was all about him, he made it all about Ian Lockwood, the young man whose career was cut short by brain cancer. That's class, people." (1/3/11)
Pat Dooley, Gainesville Sun

"It was the end of an incredible six-year run for Gator football. Meyer taught the Gator Nation a new way to do things, a new way to look at the game. He introduced new traditions that will forever be a part of the University of Florida. He won a lot of football games. He brought in Tim Tebow. He introduced us to Percy Harvin and Brandon Spikes. He won a national title with Chris Leak. If nothing else, the Gator Nation now understands how important special teams are to the game. Those are the kinds of things I will remember about Urban Meyer's Florida coaching career. It's a shame it had to end. But if you saw the smile on his face after Black's pick-six, a smile his face could barely contain, you know how it ended. Perfectly." (1/2/11)
Pat Dooley, Gainesville Sun, on Urban Meyer's legacy and last game at the 2010 Outback Bowl

"There is no doubt that Florida is in his debt. He achieved more in six years than could have been reasonably expected when he took over a program that was coming off three consecutive mediocre seasons. He changed the mind-set in the locker room, and he convinced Florida fans they should forever dream large." (1/2/11)
John Romano, St. Petersburg Times

"It was certainly a wonderful six years: two Southeastern Conference titles, two BCS national championships, three 13-1 seasons, a 65-15 record, and a Heisman Trophy winner. That was more than anyone expected when UF athletic director Jeremy Foley got Meyer to pick Florida over Notre Dame in December 2004." (1/2/11)
Michael Dirocco, Florida Times-Union

"What distinguishes Meyer is that he won in the rugged SEC and his offensive system ‐‐ while not original ‐‐ was distinctive and he proved to be one of the best recruiters in the recent history of the sport." (1/1/11)
Mike Freeman, CBS Sports

"I'm genuinely sorry to see him leave college. He's done a great job. It's one of those things. He's really a credit to his family, the University of Florida and college football." (1/1/11)
Joe Paterno, Penn State Head Coach

"Coach Meyer is a great coach and he deserves this more than anybody. He gave away everything he had, he left his family

at home to be in the office, he built this program from the ground up. He had a great run at Florida and he deserves to go out a winner." (1/1/11)
Mike Pouncey, UF center, on winning the 2010 Outback Bowl for Coach Meyer

"The day he got hired he talked about building on the foundation that coach [Steve] Spurrier built and that's what he did. He won two national championships in three years. It's hard to win one. Obviously, I think he put the Gator program on a ride —

he won 22 games in a row, three times you're going 13-1 and twice you're holding up crystal balls — [and] he did it with a lot of class. His legacy is a guy who came in here with a mission and he accomplished that mission." (1/1/11)
Jeremy Foley, UF Athletics Director

"I want to thank coach Meyer for everything, on the field and off the field. Without him, a lot of this wouldn't be possible." (1/1/11)
Ahmad Black, former UF safety, after winning the 2011 Outback Bowl MVP Trophy

"I hate to see college coaching lose a man like Urban Meyer. He's got a lot of class, a lot of poise. He's won two national championships in the last five years and he's done it the right way." (12/30/10)
Joe Paterno, Penn State Head Coach

"I think that like anything else, after you leave and the longer you're gone, the greater your legend grows. When they look back at Florida's history, they'll have to say those six years were as good as they get: two national championships, a third-place finish, never lost to Tennessee, lost one time to Georgia, one time to Florida State. When you look at your arch rivals — Tennessee, Georgia and Florida State — only those two games in six years. I think right now everybody says, 'Well they didn't win the national championship last year, although they went 13-1. They didn't win it this year. He's leaving with a (7-5) record. But the longer you're gone, the legacy grows. And when you really look at the record, from a very non-political point of view, you're going to say boy those were six great years."
Lou Holtz, former legendary Notre Dame and South Carolina Head Coach

"What he's accomplished, two national championships (at Florida), the undefeated season at Utah (in 2004), just some amazing things. I don't think he's saying that there's not more that I can accomplish, but he's saying that I want to spend a little time with my family while I still can have quality time in influencing my own biological children, as well as I've influenced all the other players I've coached over the years." (12/27/10)
Mike Bellotti, former Oregon Head Coach and current ESPN Analyst

"Some coaches talk about being like family and don't really mean it. Coach Meyer did. He put a family perspective on everything. He would have you come to his house and his family would treat you like you were one of theirs. It really opened my eyes and showed me he really was concerned about your well-being and your future. Coach Meyer and that staff had a great influence on me. I'll never forget what they did. He used to always say that part of becoming a man is making the right decisions for you and your family. That's what he always preached to us - that family is the most important thing. And he's doing this for his family." (12/17/10)
Jarvis Herring, former UF safety and 2005 Team Captain

"He's a Hall of Fame coach, one of the best coaches ever to coach college football." (12/14/10)
Trey Burton, UF quarterback

"Urban Meyer has done more for Florida than Florida has done for him -- and Florida has done plenty for him. It gave him almost $20 million and the platform to become known, deservedly so, as one of the best coaches in college football history. But look what Meyer did for Florida. He led the school to two national titles and three SEC East titles, which stoked donations at Florida to record highs even as the economy hit generational lows. Urban Meyer didn't do that all by himself, no, but he did more to make it happen than any single person on Earth." (12/14/10)
Gregg Doyel, CBS Sports

"It's really special knowing that my only national championship in college that we won was with Coach Meyer, and I had a chance to be one of his national championship teams. Coach has been there from Day 1 when I first moved up from Lakeland. He basically taught me how to be a man outside of football." (12/14/10)
Ahmad Black, UF safety

"Coach Meyer wasn't just a coach, but he's also a father figure. I think it's very important to have him around. If we have problems, we can still go to Coach Meyer. I think a lot of the guys will appreciate that. Coach Meyer left behind a great program and a great tradition" (12/14/10)
Jeff Demps, UF running back

"We kept talking, the more and more I started to really like him. I've recruited against him and competed him against him but have never met him. But the more I talked to him, the more I liked him. I can tell you this right now, as long as Will Muschamp is the football coach here, Urban Meyer is going to be involved in this program, and I've invited him into the weight room, I've invited him onto the practice field, I've invited him to the meetings and whatever he wants to do because he'll be a great sounding board for me, number one, and he needs to be involved in this program. He knows the players, recruited them all, and he's still helping us in the recruiting class that we've got going this year. And he's a great sounding board for me and a part of this great tradition of Florida football. Good football coaches regardless of where they coach are going to be able to prepare their football teams well, and Urban did a phenomenal job." (12/14/10)
Will Muschamp

"Meyer's run at Florida will go down as one of the great stretches in modern college football. He is the only coach in the Bowl Championship Series era to win two national titles at the same program. His legacy will also include the proliferation of the spread offense, which gained national prominence in 2004 when Utah went 12-0." (12/9/10)
Pete Thamel, New York Times

"Urban Meyer has done a fantastic job at the University of Florida, probably unmatched in college football what he's accomplished there. Urban is great for the college football game. He's a good friend. His work ethic and the quality he has put on the field year in and year out is probably unmatched in college football, which is a tremendous tribute to the job he did there. I think the game is better with him than without him." (12/9/10)
Nick Saban, Alabama Head Coach

"Never mind the stats. Just appreciate that you've lived through the most remarkable run that has ever been, and will ever be, in Gator football. And enjoy this one last ride in the sunset. He left with class and dignity, having rewarded the program with a platinum era." (12/9/10)
Buddy Martin,

"Urban Meyer did more than win games and collect crystal trophies at the University of Florida. He changed the culture. From the Gator Walk to the Champions Dinners to the Lettermen's Luncheons, Meyer reached out to both the past and present of Florida football. Meyer brought new traditions to Florida and restored the swagger the program enjoyed in the 1990s by embracing what Steve Spurrier had built and adding to it. He was a creature of habit and superstition, a complex man with a simple plan. Play defense. Excel at special teams. Don't turn the ball over. Win the red zone battles. Over six seasons, Meyer's Gator teams won 64 games and lost only 15, five of those losses coming in his final season at UF. His teams played in three BCS bowl games and three SEC title games. His most decorated player — Tim Tebow — won the school's third Heisman. In his own way, he was an Urban legend." (12/9/10)
Pat Dooley, Gainesville Sun

"The last six years were probably the best six years ever at the University of Florida. Two SEC championships and two national championships. That's never been done at Florida. I think Urban Meyer will always have a special place in Gators' hearts, just like Steve Spurrier does." (12/9/10)
Kerwin Bell, Jacksonville University Head Coach

"Nobody accomplished more on the national scale at Florida, including Steve Spurrier." (12/9/10)
Dave George, Palm Beach Post

"There is no doubt Urban will be successful in any path he decides to take in the coming months and years. Regardless of the area of emphasis, he was constantly looking for ways to improve and get better every day." (12/8/10)
Greg McGarity, Georgia Athletics Director

"It was the opportunity of a lifetime to play for a man who will be remembered as one of the greatest football coaches of all time. But Coach Meyer was more than just a coach to me—He was a father figure who cared about me as a person and taught me valuable lessons that I will never forget. I respect that Coach Meyer had the courage to make the decision that was right for himself and his family. He will be blessed and better off for it. I am truly glad that he's happy and no matter what, we both will be Gators for the rest of our lives. While change is never easy, the University of Florida will find the right head coach to continue its proud football tradition and will have the full support of Gator Nation. I wish Coach Meyer and his family all the best going forward, and they will always be a big part of my life." (12/8/10)
Tim Tebow, Denver Broncos Quarterback

"The world of college football will miss Urban. He did a great job coaching at Florida. He brought a lot of excitement to Florida football, the SEC and all that. Everybody's going to miss him." (12/8/10)
Pete Carroll, Seattle Seahawks Head Coach

"It's an amazing and unprecedented run. We hired the right guy. That sentiment has not changed from the moment I first met him. He is going to go down in history as one of the best that ever was, at any place or at any level.'' (12/8/10)
Trace Armstrong, former NFL player and UF defensive lineman

"His impact has been tremendous. He has done things that no one has done at UF. He gave us the best he had, and that was awesome. He is dedicated to excellence.'' (12/8/10)
Carlos Alfonso, UF Board of Trustees Vice Chairman

"First and foremost, as a coach, he is not only your coach; he cares about what is going on with you off the field. He wants to be involved in what you have going on away from the field as far as family and stuff like that. I think that's what separates him and makes him the type of coach he is. He is the first coach [at Florida] to win two national championships and he did it within four years. That will be his legacy. He came in and brought a different style of football to the University of Florida and obviously had success with it.'' (12/8/10)
Vernell Brown, former UF cornerback and 2005 Team Captain

"Here's a guy who put his heart and soul into what he did more than anybody in any profession that I have ever been around, and it showed in the amount of success he had. I'll forever be grateful to him for what he did for football and what he did for the University of Florida. We all found out in a hurry what he was about. It was about winning and coaching great ball and making these kids into better young men. And he meant it. He worked 25 hours a day to see that it happened. He did it his own way and it was a pretty special way.'' (12/8/10)
James Bates, former UF linebacker and captain of the school's first-ever national championship team in 1996

"He's done as great a job at the University of Florida as has been done there, or anywhere else. I admire the way he handles himself and I really like his family. The college coaching profession will really miss him.'' (12/8/10)
Bobby Bowden, former FSU Head Coach

"Urban's an outstanding coach who's had great success and done an outstanding job at the University of Florida." (12/8/10)
Jimbo Fisher, FSU Head Coach

"Urban was hired because of his commitment to excellence, because of his integrity and his commitment to his players. In every dimension, he's exceeded everything we could have hoped for as he carried out his duties at the University of Florida. He took us to a new level – a level that will maybe be reached again, but never exceeded. He leaves a lasting legacy at the University of Florida, we are so proud of him and what he's accomplished and the way he's done so. He is a true Gator. We are hopeful that he will remain with us in some capacity after he's through coaching, but whatever he does we're so proud to call him one of our own and so proud to say what he's done for this University and this community." (12/8/10)
Dr. Bernard Machen, University of Florida President

"I watched him every day with admiration in building this program to what it is today and I saw the efforts, the dedication, the commitment, the competitiveness and, like I said, I watched him with admiration because he came here with a goal, he built it and he did it. His commitment to UF was unmatched, his commitment to his team was unmatched and we had a heck of a ride together. It was my privilege to be there in that foxhole with him and my staff's privilege to be in there with him, because he appreciated us being there. He always made it clear that whatever success we had here was not him alone, it was his staff, and he never stopped saying thank you to people. As much as I treasure the championships - and we had a great run - and we had some great nights in Atlanta, Glendale, and Miami, but more than anything else, I will remember and treasure is his friendship. You have a guy that has the utmost respect of everybody in The Gator Nation and that comes back the other way, he respects this University and he loves this University." (12/8/10)
Jeremy Foley, UF Athletics Director

"Coach has changed a lot of lives at this program and obviously he turned this program around from nothing. Florida is going to be Florida like it's always been. It's a great program." (12/8/10)
Mike Pouncey, UF center and co-captain of the 2010 squad

"He impacted me from the minute I got here, but I think the number one thing that he did was help me become a better man. I came out of high school as an 18-year-old kid – jumping into something like this changed me a lot." (12/8/10)
Ahmad Black, UF safety

"Meyer is retooling his life. For that we should admire him. Still young, he has taken control of his life. The flag he planted on top of the SEC and college football won't be taken down for a while. I applaud the man. Meyer did more than earn his money in six seasons at Florida. In the end, it was a surprise only to him that he couldn't win the SEC every year and compete for a national championship most years. He was a rising star at Notre Dame, Bowling Green and Utah. That was the easy part. The hard part was chasing his own legacy at Florida. It will live on, mostly untarnished. It's hard to argue with being the nation's winningest coach (10 years or more). Despite this season, the man is going out on top." (12/8/10)
Dennis Dodd,

"By the end, Meyer became a polarizing figure, respected by many but revered by few. He had enemies both within the profession and among general fans. The only thing one can't dispute: From 2001-09, he was a darn good football coach, arguably the best in the sport." (12/8/10)
Stewart Mandel, Sports Illustrated

"College football will miss Urban Meyer." (12/8/10)
Ivan Maisel,

"His tenure at Florida was a short one, although six seasons at the same school in this era of the SEC seems like an eternity with the way this league chews up and spits out coaches. Still, what Meyer squeezed into six seasons at Florida is staggering, the kind of run we may never see again in this league in such a short window. Two national championships, three BCS bowl appearances, a Heisman Trophy winner and a 17-2 record against the Gators' traditional rivals (Florida State, Georgia, Miami and Tennessee). The results, though, create a legacy that will only endure." (12/8/10)
Chris Low,

"You've got to understand Florida, and understand the shoes you'll step in and follow. You talk about putting your heart and soul into your profession and your job and that football family, I've never seen anybody do it like Urban. His legacy will live on there forever." (12/8/10)
Dan McCarney, North Texas Head Coach and former UF Defensive Line Coach

"He still is the coach who brought you two of the best nights of your life whether you were in Glendale or Miami Gardens or watching on TV. He brought you two SEC championships when you wondered if you could ever win one again. There were a lot of great moments, a lot of great nights under Meyer. And that's what he should be remembered for by the Gator Nation. In the end, Meyer had a great run and helped establish Florida as one of the top programs in the nation. One day, his name will be up on the Ring of Honor." (12/8/10)
Pat Dooley, Gainesville Sun

"He will go down as one of the best coaches in college football history." (12/8/10)
Steve Spurrier, South Carolina Head Coach

"He truly made me a better person on and off the field." (12/8/10)
Terron Sanders, UF defensive tackle

"We really appreciate what he did for us, what he did for Gator Nation. He's a part of Gator Nation forever. He's really taken us to a new level, so hopefully we can get another coach in who can kind of duplicate what he's been able to do, win a couple titles early on, but we can keep it going." (12/8/10)
Alex Brown, former UF defensive end and current New Orleans Saints' defensive end

"Urban is one of my favorite people. He is honest. He isn't a show off or anything like that. He is very modest. He has a great feel for the game. I have looked at a lot of his tapes because he always seems one step ahead of who he is playing against. I like being around him, enjoy visiting with him, and spending time with him. We have had a good relationship and I have a lot of respect for him. I have looked at some of the things that Urban has done because I feel that he is very innovative and very much ahead of things." (12/6/10)
Joe Paterno, Penn State Head Coach

"I've watched their spring practice three of the last four years. He's a great guy and a terrific football coach. Those kids are well coached. They're coached as well as any people in the country." (11/15/10)
Jerry Moore, Appalachian State Head Coach

"Since his arrival in Gainesville, Urban Meyer has always been one of the biggest promoters of Florida's fan base. He's been blown away by the constant sellouts. The passion Gator fans exude in and outside of The Swamp have left Meyer speechless after games. And he's always been amazed by fans' ability to travel in swarms with the football team." (11/8/10)
Edward Aschoff, Gainesville Sun

"Coach Meyer has done a wonderful job with the youngest team in America. He's done a great job getting them ready. They seem to be feeding in to the system and are doing a super job for his program. It's impressive to see how much progress they (Florida) have made playing some of the younger players they've played." (11/3/10)
Robbie Caldwell, Vanderbilt Head Coach

"I thought you could win, or I would have never moved my family across the country. I never put a number on it. What you look at is the ability to recruit, the history, tradition, are the resources there to compete at an extremely high level? It was there. I thought we could compete at the SEC upper-echelon and that's the reason we're here.'' (9/30/10)
Urban Meyer, UF Head Coach, on why he came to Florida

"I'm very blessed. Some of the coaches that I know haven't had the chance to coach the kind of players that I've been able to coach at Florida, the kind of people. So I feel very humbled and very fortunate to be in a position to reach that many wins." (9/25/10)
Urban Meyer, UF Head Coach, on reaching 100 career wins

"I'm more into the people than the wins. I remember so many of the great efforts and have been blessed to have so many great players. There are the obvious ones, the South Carolina one when we blocked the field goal. But I'm more into some of these great young players we've had. For example, Vernell Brown wants to bring his son to the game this weekend. He was really the pioneer of our program. He was a guy who was really unheard of, came in and was the most loyal, dedicated guy that helped us turn the corner. Those are the things I remember more than plays, it's the players and when they come back and see what they've built. I really admire those guys." (9/22/10)
Urban Meyer, UF Head Coach

"He's put more of an emphasis on actually being a man about what you're doing and actually going in and doing it yourself and making the right decisions and the right choices that will benefit not only you but your teammates as well as the whole team." (9/20/10)
Brandon Hicks, UF linebacker

"Many of us may not like the way the Gators are winning, but guess what? Meyer loves it. As much as many fans and media members want to portray him as some sort of offensive genius; he is not. He is a genius at one thing and one thing only —winning." (9/18/10)
Mike Bianchi, Orlando Sentinel

"He was very knowledgeable in the way he presented himself, and he was excellent as far as X's and O's. I always said, ‘Boy, he's really going to be special.'" (9/7/10)
Skip Holtz, USF Head Coach

"I can't ever see that son of a gun getting out of the game and going into broadcasting. He's too much of a competitor. He loves the fight of the game." (8/26/10)
Tim Hinton, Notre Dame Assistant Coach

"The really great coaches know how to push athletes to the brink of surrender, then build them back up, inspiring them to even greater heights. Such a coach is Urban Meyer." (8/23/10)
Buddy Martin,

"Coach (Urban) Meyer and everyone take you under their wing and make you feel at home, so it is a pretty good deal." (8/20/10)
Jonathan Dowling, UF safety

"And after they finish working they're going to stay in Gainesville as members of the community. So they've chosen this as their home, and they've chosen you as their friends and neighbors, and I think we're all better for that." (8/18/10)
Bernie Machen, UF President

"Of course (expectations are the same). That's the Florida history. Coach Meyer expects nothing less. He is the best coach in college football. I feel he could take any team in the nation and really change the program around." (8/10/10)
Emmanuel Moody, UF running back

"You've got to give credit to Urban Meyer and his staff, they recruit great football players. They recruit the type of guys that can come in and play as freshmen." (8/9/10)
Ricky Nattiel, former UF wide receiver

"He's the best coach I have played for and helped me to become the man I am today. I am so thankful to have played for him." (8/7/10)
Andre Caldwell, former UF wide receiver and current Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver

"Those expectations will always be the same. As long as Coach Meyer is here, there is nothing changing. We embrace it because we really believe in Meyer. He is the best coach…hands down." (8/6/10)
Emmanuel Moody, UF running back

"Coach Meyer and his coaching staff have changed Florida completely around – from top-to-bottom. They have had a big effect on the players' lives – not only on the football field but also off the football field. The biggest thing with Coach Meyer is that you're going to do the right things or you're going home. A lot of players really bought into coach Meyer's system. Coach Meyer could get walk-ons who you didn't think could contribute to the team in practice, they're on the scout team and they're making the scout team look better than [teams] we're playing during the season. Coach Meyer made our practices harder than the games. That's why during the 2006 season we were willing to just fight through and just scratch every game. Even the close games – like South Carolina and Tennessee that year – we won. He's a great coach and he's all about doing the right things. And it shows throughout the program these past few years."
Earl Everett, former UF linebacker

"(He's a) Great coach. The best I played for. He knows everything he's doing. Not just on the field – off the field. He treats you like you're his son. He's there for you. He's got you."
Major Wright, former UF Safety and current Chicago Bears safety

"He's very blunt and honest. Blunt is a perfect word for him. He's got the type of character that will draw you in. Ninety-five percent of the time he's talking to you, he's eye to eye. He's tall, but he doesn't talk down to you. He talks to you like you're on his level, like you're a man. He was very honest in my recruiting process. He told me what he was looking for me to do and whom I'd be competing against. The thing that sticks out with me is just how honest he was. I've said it twice already but he was a straight shooter. There's no fake in him. I always thought he was telling me the truth. If he would have told me I'd start as a freshman, I would have believed him. If he told me I wouldn't play for three years, I would have believed that, too. "

"There's not one thing about Coach Meyer to this day I don't like. If you've ever seen him coach as a head coach, you've got to see him coach as a position coach. He's twice as fierce and 100 percent competitive. He wants to make sure he leaves his mark on his guys. (As a DB) I spent a lot of time with him the year I redshirted. I'd be the DB on the scout team and go head to head with his guys. He was very intense. He commanded respect." (7/28/10)
Preston Jackson, former player under Meyer at Notre Dame

"The other day, I had an opportunity to visit with Meyer about the past year and came away impressed with his candor, attitude and outlook." (7/20/10)
Paul Finebaum, Birmingham News

"Meyer is one of the game's top coaches and recruiters, and his staff obviously builds relationships with recruits." (7/15/10)
Jamie Newberg,

"It looks like Meyer is digging in at Florida for the long haul. And that's not good news for the competition. He's already won two national championships with the Gators. Don't be surprised if he gets a third." (7/11/10)
David Climer, The Daily News Journal

"Florida has been awesome under Meyer at so many things. Many of those are things we take for granted, but his attention to detail has changed the face of Florida football." (7/6/10)
Pat Dooley, Gainesville Sun

"I love Urban. I would do anything for the man. " (7/4/10)
Steve Addazio, UF Offensive Coordinator/Offensive Line Coach

"He's one of those coaches that loves the players, he wants to get involved in your life." (5/17/10)
Percy Harvin, former UF playmaker and 2009 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year

"I see a guy that is fired up and ready to coach and energized." (3/19/10)
Steve Addazio, UF Offensive Coordinator/Offensive Line Coach

"He doesn't like to lose. That is why he is successful. He is a grinder and works hard. He is a high-energy guy. He is a guy who has total commitment to what he does." (6/30)/10)
Jeremy Foley, UF Athletics Director

"The emergence of the Utes has been impressive, and it all began with a man living in Gainesville. Urban Meyer. Without Meyer, would the Utes have enjoyed the same level of success over the past several years? Who knows. But it is safe to say Meyer deserves a bit of credit for where Utah is today. Now the Utes are eligible for an automatic BCS bid and will have an easier time getting into the national title game. They can thank Meyer in part for that." (6/29/10)
Andrea Adelson,

"I told them that if I were going to leave my child in somebody's hands for the next four years, leaving him in Urban Meyer's hands is like (leaving him with) not a regular coach. He's more than a coach. He's a family guy, great husband. He's got a great family, he's family-oriented, which makes everybody comfortable." (1/21/10)
Lynden Trail, UF defensive end on recruiting Chaz Green's parents

"He puts in so much work, so much. He gets there early, and it's not just the X's and O's of football. … He's trying to change young people's lives and be their father figure. He's always calling and checking on players and things like that. He calls and checks on everybody — 110 people — all the time. And I think it takes a toll on you after a while. I know I couldn't do it. Not at all." (12/28/09)
Riley Cooper, former UF wide receiver and current Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver

"College football is better with Urban Meyer than without him." (12/28/09)
Pat Forde, Columnist

"Rookie receiver Louis Murphy of Oakland got three downfield blocks on the 86-yard touchdown catch and run by Zach Miller. Murphy hustled the entire length of the field to block for Miller, pancaking one defender, then sprinting forward to find someone else to block. They coach 'em up right at the University of Florida."
Gregg Easterbrook,

"He's such a fiery guy and such a competitor. You like to play for those types of guys. He kind of reminds me of (Arkansas' Bobby) Petrino, the way they both seem to demand a lot of you, but at the end of the day, they want what's best for you and the team."
Kerry Rhodes, Arizona Cardinals safety

"What makes Urban special is he understands how to communicate and motivate the modern player and get them to commit and work the way you have to work if you want to win a national championship," (9/28/09)
Dan Dakich, former Bowling Green Basketball Head Coach

"Urban can motivate and discipline, but he can do it in a way that he still relates to the modern player and the different backgrounds and problems they have. He gets his guys to work harder than they believe they can work, but he's also a rewards guy. He gets his guys to invest in the team. This guy isn't stopping. Trust me, he's going to keep winning for a long time." (9/28/09)
Dan Dakich, former Bowling Green Basketball Head Coach

"When the Utah job opened, I wanted it and I thought I was ready for it, an assistant with Meyer. Urban got it, and I learned more from him in two years than anyone else. I'm not surprised by what he's doing at Florida. I expected it. He's the best coach in America."
Kyle Whittingham, Utah Head Coach

"I think Florida has the best football coach either pro or college working today in Urban Meyer."
Mike Lupica, sports reporter

"Urban helped me get through [losing my father], and that is one of the main reasons that I decided on coming here. He is a great guy and has helped me get through a lot of things in my life. My papa always told me to be the best ever, and coach tells me all the time, 'Go get that dream your dad wanted.' He always keeps me motivated, and I look up to him like a father figure." (8/26/09)
Aaron Hernandez, former UF tight end and current New England Patriots tight end

"Honest. He told us some things during the process, and that never changed from what he has done. He always seemed to be concerned about our family every time we spoke, which was big for me. Every other coach would only speak about football and what our son could do for their school. Never what their school could do for our son."
Willie Hill, father of UF safety Will Hill when asked to describe Meyer in one word

"I remember standing over near the entrance to the locker room while Coach Meyer began talking to all the others in the room and then he started giving a motivational speech, and remember this was just a courtesy visit, I didn't like the Florida schools, but after he got going I found myself standing right next to him and was mesmerized with this speech. I was ready to sign up myself. He was remarkable."
Roy Nelson, father of former UF wide receiver and current Buffalo Bills receiver David Nelson

"[Florida coach] Urban Meyer and his coaching staff really did a great job coaching him (Percy Harvin).  He is very smart kid, very evolved." (5/24/09)
George Stewart, Minnesota Vikings Wide Receiver Coach

"After my dad, Coach Meyer was the most influential in my life. Dad did a lot in installing principles and values in me. Coach Meyer helped me with application of those principles and values. He taught me not just to have it stored up, but to use it." (5/17/09)
Jemalle Cornelius, former UF wide receiver

"I was just mentioning, as we were walking down, there's something about Coach Meyer's teams, they just have a lot of heart. And that's a reflection of coaching values that talk about character and integrity, and not just winning. And so we are very appreciative of the work that you've done, Coach. That's also why it's so easy to tell that these guys have operated like one big family. And that comes across on and off the field."
President Barack Obama

"After every visit, all I could do is just text Coach (Urban Meyer) and tell him thank you for everything. I feel like I owed him the world. We had probably the best relationship I could have as far as player-coach relationship with those guys. I owe the University of Florida and The Gator Nation more than I can ever describe. The coaches, I thank them. A lot of my success and a lot things that have come before have helped with moving me and helping me grow as a person." (4/26/09)
Percy Harvin, former UF wide receiver and current Minnesota Vikings wide receiver

"I learned a ton. The biggest thing I walked out of this practice with is there was not one member of this staff, from the head coach down to the graduate assistants that wasn't high energy for the two and a half hours, starting with stretching and ending with meetings. . . . I think coaches are fans of coaches and I have been a fan of (Meyer's) for some time." (4/19/09)
Tom Crean, Indiana Head Basketball Coach

"Those guys all inspire one another. The defense is making plays for the offense, the offense is making plays for the defense. They're so energetic, and it comes from their coach." (1/2009)
Fred Taylor, Former UF running back and current New England Patriots running back

"All the coaches I've been around emphasize (special teams). But I've never been around a head coach who is so successfully involved as Urban is. It's an unbelievable payoff on game day and a reward for the whole team when you see the investment and the commitment and how hard he works and the plan he puts together." (9/24/08)
Dan McCarney, North Texas Head Coach and former UF Defensive Line Coach

"I was talking to my long snapper (James Smith) the other day and we were saying what other college in the nation focuses on special teams and what other college in the nation has their head coach as the special teams' coordinator and really cares about special teams as much as he does? It's great to have. Special teams are high on his priority list. Starters want to play on special teams." (9/22/08)
Chas Henry, UF punter

"(Meyer) has tried to work guys into being better people on the field, off the field, never says anything bad about anybody, always tries to do the right thing. He tries to take young boys and make them into men and do the right thing. We play with character and strength on the field and off." (9/9/08)
Tim Tebow, former UF Quarterback and current Denver Broncos QB

"He came at me and told me the truth, the straight truth and nothing but the truth. He continues to do that. At first you say he's probably just telling me this, telling me that, but once you get here it's not like he changes and tells you now it's this. He's been telling me the same thing since Day 1." (8/21/08)
Will Hill, UF safety

"The older I get, the more philosophical I get about what our job really is. Basically my classroom is this -- failure is not an option. There's no such thing as giving a D or F. . . . Imagine whatever time necessary to make sure that F or D becomes a C or B or in some cases an A. . . . The difficulty now compared to what it was years ago is phenomenal. The negative thing is it's getting worse." (8/21/08)
Urban Meyer, UF Head Coach

"Pictures are different than actually going. And the one thing I'll tell you that I didn't understand: when we came back from three or four villages that we went to, people were very happy. I mean, they didn't have a dime and they had struggled putting food on the table. And there wasn't a whole lot of MTV going on, and certainly no video games. But all the families were pretty much intact, mother, father, children. We fed families and I actually went out to the stores, bought the food with my kids. It was unbelievable, for an hour we went shopping, grabbing rice, beans and oil. I could do it all in my head because we did it so much. Our family walked away saying how unbelievable it was to be able to help them… but its not like they are not happy, that was what I didn't expect. I expected extreme poverty and unhappy people. That wasn't the case." (7/23/08)
Urban Meyer, UF Head Coach, on his mission trip to the Dominican Republic

"With guys leaving early now – our championship year we had four guys on defensive leave as juniors- I think the shift of leadership has to go to the young players. Just because you're a senior, that's not entitlement. We had some issues a year ago that weren't very good for our outfit. If you're a sophomore, you walk the walk, talk the talk, and do everything the right way, you're a leader. It has nothing to do with your experience or how many years you've been in school. Its what you're willing to do and pay the price." (7/23/08)
Urban Meyer, UF Head Coach

"Seven wins comes from talent. You start mixing in a little discipline, up to eight or nine wins. Somehow if you can develop a little leadership on your team, not necessarily seniors, but leadership to get you off the field on fourth down, defense, make a big play at the end of the game to win, that's when you start having great things happen for your program." (7/23/08)
Urban Meyer, UF Head Coach

"One of the great chores I have done for seven years (as a head coach) is that I sit in my room for two hours before the game, right before we get on the bus. Every year I've done it. I grab my sheet of paper and I list the ball carriers that need to touch the ball – receivers, quarterbacks, whatever. I put slashes next to who deserves to carry the ball. I carry that with me during the game." (7/23/08)
Urban Meyer, UF Head Coach

"I would probably say that the coaches that I have learned the most from in my career are my high school coach, Rush Propst, and Urban Meyer. Coach Propst molded me to where I am now, and Coach Meyer kept the process going in college." (7/23/08)
Chad Jackson, former UF wide receiver

"I saw the black granite bricks in the front with all the All-Americans … I got emotional about it. Guys gave their life and their soul to make this program great and now they're permanently part of the history in the greatest stadium in all of college football … out there where everybody can see them and embrace what they've done. We're where we are today because of all the things those guys did in the past and we need to do more to honor them. We ARE going to do more to honor them." (7/21/08)
Urban Meyer, UF Head Coach, on the new football facility

"We're on the cutting edge on coaching stuff. Everything is in place to be very functional with the staff and then you go from the locker room to the weight room facility to the front door and then to the office space, this is a cutting edge facility. This is about as good as it gets." (7/21/08)
Urban Meyer, UF Head Coach

"There is a reason for everything we do here. You walk in and see those beautiful trophy cases. We are making our front door a tribute to the great players and teams, embracing our past but building forward to the future. Anything we do we do to motivate recruits. Any time when 18-year-old eyes see Jack Youngblood's name, Emmit Smith's name, Tim Tebow's name and the way we honor our great players, our great teams their eyes are going to get wide because they know you can have a great career here and you will always be remembered." (7/21/08)
Urban Meyer, UF Head Coach, on the new football facility

"I love that Coach Meyer has installed the fact that we need the camaraderie, a team relationship and we need to play for each other. We need to take out the selfish attitudes. If you have to play on special teams, play on special teams. You should be fighting for that. He's taken out the selfish aspect of the game. The players are buying into the system that Coach Meyer is feeding out. I have a lot of respect for him." (3/22/08)
Emmanuel Moody, UF running back

"You know one thing, if they do it at Florida it is done first class. To be by Urban's side and to learn from him ... and hopefully bring another national championship, that is why all of us are here. That is the number one reason I came here, to help Urban win another national championship." (2/29/08)
Dan McCarney, North Texas Head Coach and former UF Defensive Line Coach

"If there is one thing that stands out about Meyer's approach to a coaching staff, it is the head coach's insistence that his assistants are involved in every aspect of the players' lives. Carter has never been a part of a system where the assistants are expected to be so heavily involved with their players." (2/29/08)
Cody Jones,

"What Urban Meyer has done here in three years and what he is going to continue to do is unbelievable. You're talking about a head coach that sets the standard because his work ethic is unbelievable, the things he stands for are the very highest and you can't measure the love he has for the kids he coaches. All that made it so tough for me to leave but this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to do what I've got a chance to do." (2/10/08)
Greg Mattison, former UF co-defensive coordinator after he accepted the job with the Baltimore Ravens

"Integrity is such a good word to describe him. He really taught me a lot about integrity and doing the job right and doing it to the best of your ability --- and you'd never have any regret. Living the right way. You were going to go to class. You were going to get good grades. You were going to treat women with respect. Football wasn't just off the field and it was our job to do the right things in all aspects of our life." (2/3/08)
Alex Smith, San Francisco 49ers QB and former Utah QB under Meyer

"This is why Urban Meyer brings recruits into his home to meet his wife and children. This is why Meyer's players take a day each week to visit with the coaching staff's children. Family values matter in an increasingly impersonal world. The proof is in the results. When National Letter of Intent day rolls around, Florida will finish with the top recruiting class in the nation." (2/3/08)
Spencer Tillman, CBS Sports

"For him to watch us practice, watch me for a day or a day and a half, and to be able to say something as an outsider (is valuable). Frankly, he's had a chance to observe a lot more pro (teams) practice than I have. I only see this organization.

Probably a lot of things I believe in have been reinforced, because I respect (Meyer). Sometimes, you question if you're on the right track or not and therefore, when your philosophies are kind of the same, I think it's easy to be open-minded to a new idea. 'Hey this is how we do it,' or 'You might think about trying it this way.' Our programs are similar, at least in direction or philosophy, so there are probably some applications to (Meyer's) kind of ideas." (1/28/08 –
Bill Belichick, New England Patriots Head Coach

"I went down there (to Gainesville), and it was good for me. The offense he runs is very ... I won't say it's a pro-style offense, but it's an open offense that has a lot of pro elements to it. From what I know about Urban, he runs a program similar to the way we run our program, so we talked about lots of things relative to technical football, Xs and Os, how to deal with different stuff that's common (to both pro and college football). Probably a lot of things I believe in have been reinforced, because I respect (Meyer) it's great to get that perspective (from Meyer). That's why I love it when he comes up to practice. I think that's great. Nobody from the Detroit Lions is going to come in here and help us. It doesn't work that way." (1/28/08 –
Bill Belichick, New England Patriots Head Coach

"The phrase I was taught as a young person is the soul of a man is exposed when you get hit in the face. I don't want to over-dramatize a loss in football with some of the major issues in life. But the soul of a man isn't exposed when you pick up a crystal ball and put on a championship ring. A lot of people can do that. It's when you have to rebound from some adversity."
Urban Meyer, UF Head Coach

"You don't get angry at players. You coach players. Our job is not to criticize players. Our job is not to say we have bad players because that's absolutely not true. Sometimes I'll watch and some teams are struggling and say boy they must have been lousy recruiting. We have very good players. It's certainly not the players' fault. It's repetition and teaching. That's why you coach. We got to finish the job. We have a job to do. We've got to finish the job. We've got a job to do and that's the good thing about getting the opportunity to do it again this Saturday."
Urban Meyer, UF Head Coach

"That's where I have to make sure when we come in here and talk and we teach we can't be worried if we win out. If we win out? What are you talking about? If we just get lined up the right way and do your job as hard as you can. That's our biggest fight here. That's a fight here at Florida. That's a fight at a lot of the big-time places. It's all over the place. You can't let that happen. I can't let that happen."
Urban Meyer, UF Head Coach

"Everybody had the chance to leave, but that's their own choice. Coach came in (2005). Everybody knew what he was going to do. You could see what was going to take place. You'd be an idiot to walk out the door on what was going to happen. Those who had their eyes open and saw what happened here and what was going on and what the team was like — what the character on the team was like — I think for somebody to come in as strong as he did and change the program the way he's doing, you wouldn't walk out on an opportunity like that."
Tate Casey, former UF tight end

"On the football field, Meyer is known as a gambler. He's the kind that will fake a punt on his own 17-yard-line with a championship on the line. Off the football field, he calculates his risks before he acts. He's had so many successful reclamation projects with players on the brink because he understands how far to let them go and when to reel them in."
Franz Beard,

"One of the things Coach Meyer tells us is, 'This is why you come to the University of Florida, to play in big games. Big games

can make you, big games can break you. Ultimately, when you're done with the game and look back on your collegiate career, you're going to remember those big games, those huge games and the effect they have on players' career.'"
Dustin Doe, former UF ;inebacker

"Against a good player you won't survive. Against an average player you beat him because you're more blessed than that guy. We're not there yet. Tomorrow we have to be there."
Urban Meyer, UF Head Coach

"The greatest thing is videotape … It's just priceless to teach it off a video. Because after a while teaching it in practice and teaching it off a board becomes, you're not a very good teacher. Having the ability to sit and dissect videotape with them and make the guys that do great feel like heroes and make the guys who don't do so great, make them feel like they need to do right, that's priceless."
Urban Meyer, UF Head Coach

"Coach (Meyer) lives relative to where he is and the issues he has – he's very good at asking the right questions and that's great leadership. I've been in situations where the guy didn't ask the right question, Urban always asks the right questions about what your issues are, so he's tuned into this group."
Chuck Heater, UF Safeties Coach

"In our program under Coach Meyer, every step is coached. Every time you move is coached. Sometimes these guys who are really good athletes who come into our program have never been hit with that."
Greg Mattison, former UF co-defensive coordinator

"Countless guys have gotten so much better off the field in just doing what is right and just the way they treat people because of Coach Meyer. I think the best thing about him, actually is that he cares more about how the guys succeed off the field than how they succeed on the field. That's why our team is so close."
Tim Tebow, former UF Quarterback and current Denver Broncos QB

"Tiger Woods said it best when he said that the great programs and great players want to repeat and want to do it again and again and if that means letting them wear their rings then we are going to let them do that. I go back to four to six seconds as hard as you can go, and then you have a chance to be successful."
Urban Meyer, UF Head Coach

"Urban Meyer isn't new age; he's old school. He may have been on the cutting edge of the text-messaging craze in recruiting, but his personality is more clipboard than laptop. He may like to listen to Jimmy Buffett, but he runs his team like Warren Buffett. That is, he invests in traditional principles he thinks are undervalued in today's college football. Many Florida fans hoped Meyer would be the second coming of Steve Spurrier. But, actually, he is much closer to the second coming of his

own boyhood idol -- Woody Hayes."
Mike Bianchi, Orlando Sentinel

"Urban Meyer is going to flood the field with young guys that have three things in common: (1) they are immensely talented; (2) they can all run like they've been shot out of a gun; and (3) they don't have any experience. The only shaving most of these guys do is their ankles so they don't snatch out hair that is cemented to the bone when they rip off the tape every day after practice."
Franz Beard, Gator Country

"I don't know if you'll ever see our offense go up and down the field like it did here in the mid-1990s. And that doesn't concern me in the least. We have what we like to call our 'Plan to Win' -- and not one time in that plan does it say, 'Have more passing yards than your opponent and only punt once.' "
Urban Meyer, UF Head Coach

"But when you finally get to the top, there's a lot of stuff that comes with it that no one's ever prepared for. We can share that, because we're at the same time in our lives. … My relationship with him is a little different because I can laugh and joke around with him. So much of what we do all the time is so serious."
Billy Donovan, UF Basketball Head Coach

"Our training camp is going to be really hard. It's going to be really hot, like it always is. We're going to find out what kind of team we are. Are we able to handle the hard? I don't know that."
Urban Meyer, UF Head Coach

"You'll never believe what the basis of Meyer's entire offensive philosophy is. No, it's not to score every time the Gators touch the ball. It's to record at least two first downs per possession, because the percentages say that pretty much assures your team of having better field position than the opponent."
Mike Bianchi, Orlando Sentinel

"Florida picked up the two top players from the Sunshine State, along with five-star prospects from Georgia and South Carolina. Florida reached for top players from other areas of the country as well, landing standouts from Maryland, Indiana, California and New Jersey, showing off Urban Meyer's ability to recruit nationally." (6/2007)
Mike Farrell,

"Anyone who doesn't think Urban Meyer is the best coach in the league... needs his head examined." (6/2007)
The Sporting News

"I didn't get the privilege of speaking to him, but I saw a championship ring on his finger and that made me really envious." (5/24/07)
Chris Hovan, St. Louis Rams defensive tackle

"Someone laid a piece of paper on my desk telling how our basketball team has a 100 percent graduation rate and our football team has an 80 percent graduation rate, number one out of 56 bowl teams. Did you guys know that? I think that's kind of important information in today's day in age." (4/3/07)
Urban Meyer, UF Head Coach

"It didn't take Urban Meyer long. Like, the guy shows up, the next thing he knows, he's at the White House. (Laughter.) Whoever hired him, good choice. He's an amazing coach, with a good coaching staff. And so I congratulate not only the players, but I congratulate the coaching staff. I congratulate all those who pick up the towels and make the program run. I thank those who help sell the tickets, and the unsung heroes of any athletic program. If you're here, we welcome you to the White House, and we appreciate what you've done for the national champs." (3/19/07)
President George W. Bush, 43rd president of the United States

"I do want to say another thing about this program, Mr. President. I was very pleased to see that the graduation success rate of Florida's athletic programs are 15 percent higher than the national average. (Applause.) After all, you are representing a great university. And I appreciate the fact that people can be student athletes. I appreciate it because at some point in time, you're not going to be an athlete. At some point in time, you're going to have to use the skills you learned as a student to be a constructive citizen of the United States.

"And so, Coach, I appreciate the fact that you work hard with these players to make sure that they take advantage of this fantastic opportunity, and that is to be a student at the University of Florida." (3/19/07)
President George W. Bush, 43rd president of the United States

"I also appreciate the spirit of giving that's a part of this football program. I don't know if you know this or not, but Coach Meyer hosts the annual Urban Meyer Golf Scramble for Kids. This year, the event raised a record $300,000, all aiming at helping youth organizations buy equipment, all aiming at touching a soul, trying to make somebody's life better.

"Coach, I appreciate the example you set, and I also appreciate the fact that 32 of your football players volunteered for community organizations; 32 souls said, I'm more than a football player, I'm a leader when it comes to helping the community in which I live." (3/19/07)
President George W. Bush, 43rd president of the United States

"Today as hard as I can. Tomorrow as hard as I can. I've told (recruits), 'If there's a better place, tell me because I'll go with you.' I can't imagine a place better, especially right now. I know where I'd go. I know where (son) Nate (Meyer) will go." (1/15/07)
Urban Meyer, UF Head Coach

"He has changed a lot of people's lives. He turned around people that could have gone who-knows-where to probably going to the NFL. He has made everybody a better person." (1/15/07)
Steve Rissler, former UF center

"He's a mastermind. I don't know what goes on in his head up there, but he gets it done." (1/15/07)
Andre Caldwell, UF wide receiver and current Cincinnati Bengals receiver

"I'm not sure you can call (the Gators) ‘not tough' more than we have. We challenged them, and they answered it. From last year until this game, we challenged them, we criticized them, we put them in situation where only tough people can really survive, and I'd have to say that we're a fairly tough football team."
Urban Meyer, UF Head Coach

"With great humility. I appreciate when you look at the names of people who won national championships. I sat in that locker room when Billy Donovan won the national championship last year. I remember walking up to him afterwards and everything was going on like it was in our locker room. I grabbed him and said, 'You just won a national championship.' For about 30 seconds we stared at each other and said, 'Holy cow!' " (1/10/07)
Urban Meyer, UF Head Coach,

"If I had my choice of being around what kind of people I would be around, I would be around the people who fight. We fought all year." (1/8/07)
Urban Meyer, UF Head Coach

"I told Chris Leak, Cornelius, we have no choice now, we have to hang out for the next 30 years because they are national champions." (1/8/07)
Urban Meyer, UF Head Coach

"Most coaches are involved in either the offense or the defense. He's (involved in) offense, defense, special teams, academics, living your life the right way. It's everything, because everything matters to him." (1/7/07)
Ryan Smith, former UF cornerback

"The best form of education is to witness, to experience, to watch videos, to listen to people, to have it happen first-hand." (1/7/05)
Urban Meyer, UF Head Coach

"I sat in that locker room after the game, and that reenergized, refocused, re-everything the passion you had for coaching and trying to reach the pinnacle of college football." (1/7/07)
Urban Meyer, UF Head Coach, on being at the men's basketball championship game

"When I was looking and when I was offered the job at Florida, a lot of people thought I looked at stadium size, I didn't. I looked at the resource available to make sure the kids would graduate." (1/7/07)
Urban Meyer, UF Head Coach

"Well, to show you how elite the greatness is, is Florida football has been around for 100 years and there has been one great team – has been a bunch of really good teams. And I would put us in the really good category. If you find a way to play well tomorrow night and win a game, then I would put us as a great football team." (1/7/07)
Urban Meyer, UF Head Coach

"He's unlike any other person when it comes to his job and coaching and getting players better. He's not like the average coach. He's a beast. He's so intense and so vicious. Not in a bad way at all, but every little thing matters to him. It's just amazing how persistent and how intense and how good of a coach he is." (1/5/07)
Ryan Smith, former UF cornerback

"Bob Davie, of Notre Dame, came to me and said, you will run the special teams, and I didn't want to do that. But I did a lot of research and went and visited several NFL teams and talked to other colleagues and did a lot of research and found out, you block a punt, the percentage you win in that game is nine out of ten times. Just tell me we are going to win a game nine out of ten times when you get a hand on a punt, we're going to try awfully hard to get a hand on a punt." (1/5/07)
Urban Meyer, UF Head Coach

"I remember my first press conference at Bowling Green up in Detroit, I came walking in as new head football coach, I sat in media day and after a half-hour, looked up and said, am I done? I grabbed my stuff and left. I cherish those days." (1/5/07)
Urban Meyer, UF Head Coach

"Six years ago sitting in that hotel room before the game, I remember looking at my wife and saying, What happens if we get our brains beat in and lose every game, how long will they keep us? She said, Shut up, I bet you win them all. And I said no. I thought there was no chance. We wake up and do a walk-through like yesterday and I saw this look about them that you might find a way to do this." (1/5/07)
Urban Meyer, UF Head Coach

"I want to say it was '88 or '89 I was a wide receiver coach at Notre Dame and Bob Davie came walking in and said I was the kind of guy that sat in the back of the room and drew pictures of pass routes when special teams meetings went on. He said, you will run the special teams, and I didn't want to do that. But I did a lot of research and went and visited several NFL teams and talked to other colleagues and did a lot of research and found out, you block a punt, the percentage you win in that game is nine out of ten times. I don't claim to be real smart. Just tell me we are going to win a game nine out of ten times when you get a hand on a punt, we're going to try awfully hard to get a hand on a punt." (1/5/07)
Urban Meyer, UF Head Coach

"Everything we do ties into building tradition – the Gator Walk, singing the fight song with the student body – all those type of things I learned first at Ohio State." (1/5/07)
Urban Meyer, UF Head Coach

"The best form of education is to witness, to experience, to watch videos, to listen to people, to have it happen first hand. When the basketball team won their title, I say in the locker room after the game, and that reenergized, refocused, re-everything the passion you had for coaching and trying to reach that pinnacle of college football. (1/7/07)
Urban Meyer, UF Head Coach

"If you took DNA from Steve Spurrier, Lou Holtz and Bill Parcells and recombined it in a vat of genetic soup, you would get Meyer." (12/8/2006)

"He said, 'Hey, I know how to win. You can either follow me or not. If you don't want to follow me, you can get out. He gave us a speech that I will remember for a while." (1/14/07)
Jemalle Cornelius, former UF wide receiver

"Obviously, he's done a great job. He's done a great job the second year every place he's been but I also think that's all relative. I think he's done a great job in the first year everywhere he's been. Last year we had a very good year here, we beat our three rivals (Tennessee, Georgia and Florida State) and won a bowl game. His first year at Utah (in 2004) he was 10-2. His first year at Bowling Green he took a team that had an abysmal record the year before (2-9) and turned it into a winner (8-3 in 2001). So the bottom line is Coach Meyer is a winner. He knows how to coach and knows what he's doing." (1/3/07)
Jeremy Foley, UF Athletics Director

"He looks people in the eye and you can tell there's no nonsense, there's no smoke and mirrors. It's just the flat-out truth." (12/31/06)
Jeremy Foley, UF Athletics Director

''Mainly, he just came to me like a man, really. He told me that a lot of people on the team thought I was funny, but as far as a good football player…I don't want to say [what he called me]. I was like, wow, I can't believe he just said that to me. We had a meeting the next day and he was telling me the things I need to work on. I saw he meant business, and then we just went from there.

"Basically, he just talked about me growing up. He said I needed to start going to class instead of being a class clown. He said my teammates thought I was funny but they didn't think I was very smart. He said I needed to start performing on the field.

"I was shocked because most coaches try to beat around the bush. They don't want the players to get upset. They worry about players transferring and all that type of stuff. Really, the way he was looking at it was as if he shouldn't beat around the bush. He was going to tell me up front, and that should help me in the long run." (12/17/06)
Dallas Baker, former UF wide receiver and NFL player

"Our special teams have been playing great. Every game, you can see we're going to have a big play on special teams. There's an emphasis. That's one of Coach Meyer's things. He takes that over himself and he's got a lot of high expectations for it. He's got his hand in every special teams we've got. When the coaches and players take it that seriously, they're going to make good things happen." (12/15/06)
Jemalle Cornelius, former UF wide receiver

"People think we're a team that Ohio State is going to blow out. That's not going to happen. We're a talented team, just like Ohio State. We can match up with them day in and day out on the field. Coach (Urban) Meyer always says don't pay attention to how the nation thinks. It's about the team. Our team believes we can beat anybody on any given day." (12/12/06)
Reggie Lewis, former UF cornerback

"We knew the guy was a winner. It sounds a little arrogant or a lot arrogant, but in my opinion, it wasn't a matter of if, it was a matter of when." (12/6/06)
Jeremy Foley UF Athletics Director, on Meyer winning an SEC title

"Well, let me be the first to tell you that I do believe in these Gators and in their coach, Urban Meyer.

I've written it before and I'll write it again. Urban Meyer is a winner. He and his teams find a way to win. Am I totally sold on Urbie's horizontal, spread-option offense? No. Do I think he's a better Xs and Os coach than ol' Darth Visor? No.

But do I believe he's a winner? A big, resounding yes." (12/5/06)
Peter Kerasotis, Florida Today

"There's always potential at the University of Florida. I think Coach Meyer is a perfect coach to get that potential out of the players. You see the great job that he's done." (12/6/06)
Tim Tebow, former UF quarterback and current Denver Broncos QB

"We spend a lot of time on this because we want them coming back. We're not ashamed of a young person that wants to make a career of playing professional football. We want to do everything possible to give them the best opportunity to move on." (3/7/07)
Urban Meyer, UF Head Coach, on Scout Day

"Coach Meyer was there for me the whole way (after three knee surgeries). He was there for me every day. Any time I needed something, he was always there. He gave me his wife's number. That says a lot about him. He said that any time I needed anything and if I couldn't get in contact with him to call her. He was just there for me every day."
Ray McDonald, former UF defensive end/tackle and current San Francisco 49ers defensive lineman

"Thank you for what you are doing with my son. Whatever you are doing, keep on doing it." (3/2007)
LaBrinda McDonald to Coach Meyer on her son, Ray McDonald

 "I've got a championship ring and a college degree. Not many people get a moment like this in life. I thank God and I thank Coach Meyer because I couldn't have done it without them."
Dallas Baker, former UF wide receiver

"When Becky Burleigh came here and won a national championship in four years, people asked ‘Did you expect it here?' They have asked the same of Urban Meyer. I've never put a time table on it, but we knew Coach Meyer was a winner. I've told him before and I've made the comment to (the media), and again, it sounds a little arrogant, but in my opinion, it wasn't a matter of if, but when. Obviously, winning an SEC title was last night. Time will tell about the national title. I just see how hard (Meyer) works; I the see the program he built and I see his staff. I see how the players relate to him. I see the recruiting efforts. I'm not surprised. Second year, that's icing on the cake. That's awesome. That's a reflection on these kids and the coach. Urban Meyer is a winner – plain and simple." (12/3/06)
Jeremy Foley, UF Athletics Director

"Once again, when I hear our league compared to other leagues, I kind of scratch my head. I'm one of those coaches who has coached against those other leagues, and there's no finer league in the country than the SEC." (11/27/06)
Urban Meyer, UF Head Coach

"Since the day we've heard a lot about the pride Meyer is attempting to instill daily in his players; what it means to be a Gator; how to earn the trapping that come with being a champion; why it's crucial to ‘live right' and be accountable for one's actions.

Maybe it wasn't just coaching rhetoric after all. It seems to have developed into a brand.

"One must admire the astute coaching job by Meyer and his staff and the way he has lock-stepped his young players in unison, keeping them focused on the next play and not the next game." (10/11/06)
Buddy Martin, The Charlotte Sun

"Urban Meyer has said many times that he admired the way Florida played during the 1990s. Now he has the Gators looking a lot like some of Steve Spurrier's teams." (10/9/06)
Michael Dirocco, Florida Times-Union

"Meyer has the Gators feeling like a born-again football program, with more and more believers lining up to board the bandwagon. Just when it appears that Meyer has won his biggest game on a Gator sideline, he keeps one-upping himself." (10/8/06)
Peter Kerasotis, Florida Today

"Lou Holtz always tells that the last five minutes of the first half and the first five minutes of the second half determine the outcome of the game. If you had to say what was the checkmate point today, it was the first five minutes of the second half."

Urban Meyer, UF Head Coach

"Urban loves a challenge. He's very competitive. That's what he came to Florida for." (10/8/06)
Shelley Meyer, UF Head Coach Urban Meyer's wife

"That was a tough team out there tonight, and they proved it. I'm not sure you can call them not-tough more than we have. We challenged them, and they answered it. From last year until this game, we challenged them, we criticized them, we put them in situations where only tough people can really survive, and I'd have to say that we're a fairly tough football team." (9/16/06)
Urban Meyer, UF Head Coach

"My job is to protect players and I think if a young guy makes a mistake then that's the head coach's business, the family's business and that's certainly not the guy in Daytona or someone to pickup the newspaper and the kid's labeled. I don't believe in that. I think coaches do that, I hate to say this, but I think coaches do that to make themselves feel good. Violation of team policy, you'll never hear me say that. If they made a mistake, they made a mistake and he's not going to play.

"Now if it's a legal issue it's in the public and I've got to deal with it publicly. But if it's a team issue, that's why we call it team. If you guys (the media) want to be part of the team then go through summer conditioning, become eligible. I'd have to check your G.P.A. first. But I just don't believe in hurting kids. When I see coaches do that I don't quite get that." (9/6/06)
Urban Meyer, UF Head Coach

"I firmly believe he has the ability to take that program back to where Steve (Spurrier) had it - and beyond that. I say that because I think Urban is the kind of coach who'd want to stay here 20 years." (9/1/06)
Jack Youngblood, Former Gator legend and NFL Hall of Fame member

"I thought he did a good job of catching the ball in traffic and taking hits and those types of things that you don't see as much of (from) an outside receiver...I think it's actually a lot easier to project (receivers) out of that offense than a lot of other ones that just run play-action pass go-routes and tear screens all the time, which is what a lot of them do."

‘‘They have a spread offense. They read coverages. They run routes based on coverages or the technique of the defender. They have multiple formations and blitz adjustments and all those kinds of things that are common in the National Football League. I think kids that come out of that offense have a good understanding of passing concepts.'' (5/12/06)
Bill Belichick, New England Patriots Head Coach

"Coach Meyer made everybody feel that the contributions we made counted for  by welcoming us back the way he did. It was something to be standing on the sideline and right there watching Eric Wilbur (Florida's punter) warming up during the Tennessee game," he said. "I introduced myself and told him that he had like about 10 times the leg strength I have. It made me feel really good to be there and be a part of a great game with a tremendous crowd, especially when the special teams play was so good." (7/7/06)
Ray Criswell, former UF punter and school record holder for punting avg. in a career

"It kind of gives you a feel of ownership in the team, in the whole program, because you were a part of it," he said. "All the things that Coach Meyer has done are really positive and they've really united all the former players behind him. I took my family to the barbeque and we will go again this year. My 13-year-old daughter was talking about that for a long time after last year and that's all she can talk about now. She's really excited to go and be a part of it. I really appreciate the way they're trying to bring all the families together, too. It's a great thing." (7/7/06)
Ray Criswell, former UF punter and school record holder for punting avg. in a career

"Meyer, it seems, is just the right coach to make everybody love -- or hate -- the Gators once again. He's young, good-looking, charismatic and carries himself with an air of confidence, as if he knows his program is more important and doing things better than everybody else." (8/13/06)
Mike Bianchi, Orlando Sentinel

"If you're straight with Coach, he's going to be straight with you. That's one of the best things about him. He's a guy who wants to know about you, talk to you, help you out."(8/9/06)
Vernell Brown, former UF cornerback

"There's a genuineness about Urban and a passion. As a player, you can sense whether it's real or contrived. We've all seen that Urban is real, that he's the man for this job." (8/9/06)
Jack Youngblood, Former Gator legend and NFL Hall of Fame member

"In two stretches last season, Meyer glimpsed a great team. On Thanksgiving weekend, when UF blitzed Florida State, and again Jan. 2, as the players and coaches belted out a celebratory chorus of "The Orange and Blue" after an Outback Bowl victory against Iowa, there were signs: accountability and discipline leading up to the games, unselfish play during them, victory at the end. The mission, then, is to make every week of 2006 like those that finished the '05 season. And it's up to

Meyer, praised for his work ethic and winning at Bowling Green and Utah, to pull it off." (8/9/06)
Dave Curtis, Orlando Sentinel

"I love Coach Meyer and I love Coach Heater, both of them. I think they know how to coach the game and they care about you as a player. They're just good guys and I love playing under them." (8/8/06)
Ryan Smith, former UF cornerback

"Urban likes to win. He likes to win. You saw him make some adjustments last year because he likes to win. He wants to put his players and his institution and his team in the best possible situation to win. And he does learn. He does self-evaluate. The mark of a great leader is the ability to self-evaluate, and that is one of Urban's strengths." (7/13/06)
Jeremy Foley, UF Athletics Director

"Meyer, who has emerged as the hottest young coaching candidate in college football, is known for his innovative offense and tough-but-fair disciplinary approach to his players. The Utah players gave him the nickname "The General" shortly after he arrived in Salt Lake City." (12/4/04)
Robbie Andreu, Gainesville Sun

"The Gators introduced Urban Meyer as their new football coach Tuesday, and the man who is named after eight Popes was absolutely and positively papal in bringing every faction of a divided congregation together. I'm telling you, Pope Urban IX did everything on Good Tuesday except come out in a white robe and sprinkle holy water on the media horde that assembled for this coaching coronation." (12/8/04)

"Go ahead and celebrate Florida fans. Urban renewal is on the way. The Gators not only landed the hottest coaching prospect in college football history Friday, but they beat out Notre Dame to get him. Can you believe it? Urban Meyer actually chose Touchdown Jeremy over Touchdown Jesus." (12/4/04)
Mike Bianchi, Orlando Sentinel

"There's no question that he is the right fit for Florida. He's a great football coach with a great football mind. He loves the game of football, is a great coach, great teacher of the game and an excellent recruiter. Plus he's a very hard worker. You put that all together what does it mean? Generally, that means great success and look at what he had first at Bowling Green and then at Utah." (4/3/05)
Earle Bruce, former Head Coach, Ohio State, hired Meyer as a graduate assistant.

"If he's a disciplinary coach then you have to respect him, because if you don't then there's going to be punishment. I think that if it takes discipline to get the team to where we want it to go, then let it be discipline. If it takes character or something else, let it be character. I think all of us have one goal and to enforce that team goal we have to change our ways to come together as a team and do something right. The situation we're dealt with now is something we're looking forward to and coming back next year and doing better." (12/7/04)
Tate Casey, former UF tight end

"He is inspiring. He has a lot of fire and it's great inspiration. He is labeled as a disciplinarian and that's good. If you look at his track record, it's great. He's all about winning and he has a record of winning. It's very easy to give respect to that." (12/7/04)
Mike Degory, former UF center

"Yeah, he has won with other coach's players, but the key is he has won. Bruce Weber and Roy Williams got to Monday's national championship game in basketball with other coaches' talent. Winning trumps all the other hands in this business." (4/8/05)

"Meyer is a detail guy. He didn't get this far cutting corners. Everything about Florida football will be buffed to a brilliant sheen when the Gators kick off against Wyoming on Sept. 3."
Dennis Dodd, CBS

"Meyer has displayed the kind of attributes Foley saw during the interview process and heard from those he talked to about America's hottest young football coach. Meyer has been candid, brutally honest at times. Some Gator fans were taken aback when Meyer was critical of some of his players during a news conference last week, saying that several of them 'haven't done anything yet.' Get used to it. He's not going to mince words. Meyer wears his expectations for his players and his coaches on his sleeve. He's even demanded the student body learn the words to the fight son, even if they are slurring the it from the stands. He has come in with a plan and has the confidence to stick with it." (March 15, 2005)

"What Florida fans should be thinking right now is that their new head coach is pretty smart. After all, he went with his head rather than his heart. He chose the better job, not the better-known one. He went where he should win big rather than go where he might win big." (12/4/04)
Pat Dooley, Gainesville Sun

"When I first walked in there I sensed it right away. You could tell he was very confident. He's had success and he's confident in his results. He's a good football coach and he's not afraid to make tough decisions. We talked to a lot of different people and then we went back in and spent another four hours with him and you just got that feeling." (12/7/04)
Jeremy Foley, UF Athletics Director

"Why did Meyer pick Florida over Notre Dame, I mean, besides the $2 million bucks per he is getting? Look at what Meyer saw. He saw a Florida program that has more talent than the Irish. One that has a better recruiting pools. He saw a program that can win faster than the Irish can. Meyer, in stiff-arming the Irish, made a vivid statement: Notre Dame is no longer Notre Dame. It's the biggest trap in college football, a suckers bet, a shell of the program it once was, that still observes the college football landscape through a black-and-white TV while other major programs exist in hi-def." (12/4/04)
Mike Freeman, Florida Times-Union

"The anticipation, the frenzy. A zealot-like fan base embracing the new coach like he's Vince Lombardi, Bear Bryant and Knute Rockne rolled into one. You'll have to forgive Gator nation. They can't help themselves. With every sound bite, disciplinary measure and practice plan coming from the new ball coach, Florida fans are feeling like the return to football Camelot is imminent." (4/10/05)
Gene Frenette, Florida Times-Union

"I was a little doubtful at what we were getting, but after this spring, I'm sold. I think we're going to have a lot of exciting football. You know, I'm a defensive coach and after I saw his game films, I know one thing: I wouldn't want to try to stop him." (5/25/05)
Ray Graves, former University of Florida Head Coach/Athletic Director

"He is building a program, not just a team. The Gators will be good next fall, but they could be real good for a long time after that. He knows what he is doing too. Conspicuous among the family photos in his office is the trophy Meyer received for winning the national coach of the year last season at Utah." (4/6/05)
Joe Henderson, Tampa Tribune

'The players last year were immature. Meyer does not give you that option as a player. He lets you know exactly how he wants things done. Either you do it his way or you go play somewhere else. Guys can either play 100 percent every down or not play at all." (3/31/05)

"He's just a real good guy, a blue collar, Ohio guy and we've remained friends. What you see is what you get with him." (11/22/04)
Kirk Herbstreit, ESPN

"He wanted us to be like a family, where you would go to war for the guy next to you, and if you couldn't give your heart and soul to the team, you were out. He called guys out, and for those of us who stayed, we found out we could do some things we never dreamed about doing. He took a 2-9 team and made us into an 8-3 team, with all of the same guys. The difference was in motivation."
Mitch Hewitt, former linebacker, Bowling Green State who played for Meyer

"He's a wonderful coach. He's not only a good football coach, he's a good individual, a good family man. And he's a good disciplinarian, yet he has such a better way of expressing it than most people do. We talk quite often. Urban Meyer is a tremendous coach." (12/4/04)
Lou Holtz, former Notre Dame and South Carolina Head Coach

"Will Meyer's approach work at Florida? It has worked everywhere else. He turned Bowling Green!-into a feared program. His Utah team beat down the BCS doors. Urban Meyer never has been a hotter commodity. He's not changing." (12/4/04)

"Can he recruit the Florida athlete? That was his prime recruiting mission as a Notre Dame assistant. He lured All-Americans such as Courtney Watson (Sarasota) and Jeff Faine (Orlando), plus Tampa's Gary Godsey and Preston Jackson." (12/4/04)

"Get ready for Urban Meyer, the University of Florida's new football coach. He's a jolt to your comfort zone, subtle as a sledgehammer. He's direct, through and meticulous. Preparation is his priority. On recruiting weekends, he obsesses over minute details, making sure every coaching office has empty wastebaskets and spit polished windows. No-nonsense doesn't begin to describe his daily regimen." (12/4/04)
Joey Johnston, Tampa Tribune

"In Urban Meyer, the Gators got the best attributes of their last two coaches packaged into one energetic, cocksure, ambitious 40-year-old who hit a home run in his first, formal orange-and-blue news conference." (12/8/04)
Peter Kerasotis, Florida Today

"Coach Meyer and I actually have a little background. He recruited my brother and we were there a lot to help him make the decision. So I got to spend a lot of time with him. He's a great coach and all of us are very excited to get the season moving." (12/7/04)
Chris Leak, former UF quarterback and current CFL QB

"I think he's got some very unique and exciting ideas that no one really has come up with a really good plan on how to defend yet.  People are going to catch up with it, just like they catch up with every new innovator on offense, but right now he's got some great ideas where he gives you stretch formations and throwing formations and is able to run option-type plays using the quarterback as an extra running back. It puts enormous pressure on a defense, and they can out number you at times on certain plays and have great success. Right now, he's the hottest thing going." (11/17/04)
Rocky Long,  former New Mexico Head Coach

"I've been around coaches before that could work but they just could never get it, just didn't understand. He had those intangible qualities." (11/17/04)
Sonny Lubick,  former Colorado State Head Coach

"Urban is one of the most exciting young talents in the college football world today, and he is an outstanding choice for our football team. We chose Urban Meyer based on his innovative coaching, his winning seasons, his ability to recruit the best young players and his personal values. He is a great leader and teacher and I am confident he will repeat his successes here at the University of Florida. I also want to recognize Jeremy Foley for his leadership during the search process and his success in recruiting Coach Meyer in the face of formidable competition. Today is a great day and I know our fans will welcome Urban, and all of the Meyer family, to the University of Florida." (12/7/04)
Dr. Bernie Machen, UF President

"The talent is a major reason the 40-year-old Meyer is here, not South Bend, Ind. where most presumed he would flock following Tyrone Willingham's firing last November. Despite his Catholic heritage and previous tenure as an assistant with the Irish, Meyer, who in just four years as a head coach at Bowling Green and Utah has established himself as one of the sport's most innovative offensive minds, was too intrigued by the potential of meshing his unique "spread-option" system with Florida's wealth of speedy athletes. "(4/11/05)

"Meyer's imprint on the program in just four month's time goes well beyond offense and defense. After assembling an impressive coach staff (retaining respected defensive coordinator Charlie Strong and luring veteran south Florida recruiter Doc Holliday from N.C. State and co-defensive coordinator Greg Mattison from Notre Dame, where Meyer was once an assistant) and a surprisingly strong recruiting class (helped when Portis, a top-five quarterback prospect, decommited from Utah to follow Meyer to Gainesville), the 2004 national coach of the year went about repairing every last aspect of the program that had become damaged during the Zook era." (4/11/05)
Stewart Mandel,

"The Gators didn't get Angelina Jolie. But they'll be really happy with her surface-of-the-sun hot sister. It says plenty about Florida's future, and the recruits Ron Zook left Meyer, that Meyer chose Florida over his beloved Notre Dame…So Meyer picking Florida after ND officials flew out to Utah to interview him Thursday is more of a tribute to how he thinks the Gators can climb that it is an indictment of how far Notre Dame has fallen." (12/4/04)
Miami Herald

"Meyer is a staunch Catholic named after a pope who is loved by the Mormons in Salt Lake City for his emphasis on proper behavior and education, and he now has the southern Baptists in Florida enamored with his strict diet of discipline, accountability, and doing things the right way." (4/10/05)
Matt Markey, Toledo Blade

"(Urban) is great to coach and to work for. We have a family-oriented staff, and we carry that over to the players. Working for him, you enjoy getting up and going to work everyday. That's important to your staff." (3/28/05)
Dan Mullen, Mississippi State Head Coach and former UF Offensive Coordinator

"Naturally, there will be those who believe Machen and Foley should have done whatever necessary to land Spurrier. And, maybe, that's true. Just don't discount the possibility that Meyer was the wiser choice.  Think about it. Meyer is in his early 40s. Last season, he took Utah to its first league championship in 46 years. His offense, by all accounts, is like a controlled fire drill. Sound familiar? Try to recall the appeal of Spurrier in 1990. He was in his mid 40s. He had just led Duke to an unlikely ACC title. He had an offense that was the envy of fans. Instead of getting Spurrier in 2005, the Gators have gone after Spurrier of 1990. The one who hadn't yet soured on recruiting. The one who wasn't pushing 60 and hadn't just failed in the NFL." (12/4/04)

"They needed Meyer. Needed his offense. Needed his mojo. Mostly, they needed his validation. Like it or not, Florida was threatening to become Alabama. Or Nebraska. Or any of the once-proud programs that are living in the past because they can find no one to lead them into the future. Which makes this the best for which Machen and Foley could have hoped. Not just landing Meyer, but stealing him in broad daylight." (12/4/04)
John Romano, St. Petersburg Times

"Meyer had all but made up his mind to take the Florida job when Notre Dame made its pitch for the former Irish assistant. He had his pick from two of college football's most prestigious programs. But the Florida job was just too good. Just hiring Meyer helped improve the mood in Gainesville. And with every move he's made, the players, many of whom groused when Zook was let go, and fans have become more devout followers." (4/12/05)
Ralph Russo, AP

"He's real confident and seems to believe in his system. He feels that if we believe and we believe in him, then we'll be successful. That helps you out when you have somebody confident who's in front of you, it makes you feel comfortable and confident yourself." (12/7/04)
Brandon Siler, former UF linebacker

"Meyer is the master of the short, to-the-point answer. He is not going to give you a lot of good quotes. He has been dubbed by Florida media who cover the Gators on a regular basis as "The Pope" for his secretive nature." (July 22, 2005)
Ben Cook, Naples Daily News

"He has zero tolerance for misbehavior. I have seen what those situations can do to a team and how they can impact your season, and that's been a positive factor as we head into a new season with a new coach." (7/24/05 – NY Times)
Jeremy Foley, UF Athletics Director

"Clearly, the No. 1 college coaching hire in the nation last season. When you think of football, you don't think of Bowling Green and Utah, but Meyer went 39-8 at those two schools the last for years. He is the next Spurrier."
Glenn Guilbeau, Gannett News Service

"Sporting a nice tan and a stoic demeanor, Meyer, a two-time National Coach of the Year and Florida's hope for the present, appeared calmer, wiser and more confident than his four-year head-coaching pedigree would suggest in front of the SEC media Wednesday at the Wynfrey Hotel." (7/28/05)
Steve Kirk, The Birmingham News

"Urban Meyer doesn't haven an offense. It's Chris Leak's offense. You take (quarterback) Alex Smith out of the Utah offense, and it doesn't quite look the same." (7/28/05)
Urban Meyer, UF Head Coach

"He dissected questions quickly, calmly, with seemingly programmed answers that sparked impressions of a Gulf War briefing in the Pentagon. You'd almost think he was ready for Gator fans' expectations." (7/28/05)
Steve Kirk, The Birmingham News

"When new Florida coach Urban Meyer arrived in Gainesville, he brought with him not just a new offense for his Gators to learn. All that Xs-and-Os expertise is important, he said. But not as important as the attitude he hopes to instill." (7/28/05)
Ian R. Rapoport, The Clarion Ledger

"Meyer, by contrast, played it mostly straight. After Spurrier, he has been probably the most scrutinized of the four ‘rookie' coaches. And the scrutiny showed: his answers were polished, smooth – and clearly prepared." (7/28/05)
Collin Mickle, Opelika-Auburn News

"Meyer has bigger challenges than drawing smiles from the press, of course. Meyer is more concerned with his players' attitudes than with their talent." (7/28/05)
Collin Mickle, Opelika-Auburn News

"Meyer, while admitting he was a fan of Spurrier's fun-and-gun offense at Florida, didn't sound like a man worried about living in the legend's shadow." (7/28/05)
Terry Massey, Myrtle Beach Sun News

"Young Urban has a lean and hungry look…But if ever a man looked and sounded like someone who plans to build a dynasty, look no further than the slim 41-year-old Ohioan with the cropped haircut and the clipped no-nonsense style…But when a man tells you the most important things in life are family and football, and says it without cracking a smile, you pretty much know this guy was cut out to coach football at the big-time level – and Florida, as we all know, is about as big-time as it gets."
John Pruett, The Huntsville Times

"There's a common theme of Coach Meyer and his staff. We've taken over programs with very good players. This is no exception." (7/28/2005)
Urban Meyer, UF Head Coach

"Talking to him and listening to him, you get the distinct impression that Urban Meyer expects to survive in coaching for a very long time." (7/28/05)
John Pruett, The Huntsville Times

"Urban Meyer, the hottest prospect in the land, who cleared out the locker room and has instilled a no-nonsense approach in a nonsense program." (7/28/05)
Pat Dooley, Gainesville Sun

"Different? The two men (Spurrier and Meyer) are different in so many ways. But both are known as winners. Both are known as coaches who like to use the spread offense and score a lot of points. But Meyer is more intense and not as brash." (7/28/2005)
David Jones, Florida Today

"From the day that he walked in, you could see and knew that he was going to take us in the right direction." (7/28/2005)
Mike Degory, former Florida center

"For me to worry about anything other than getting this team ready Sept. 3, I would be a failure to our players and that's all that matters." (7/29/05)
Urban Meyer, UF Head Coach

"When asked about replacement Florida Head Coach Urban Meyer, Steve Spurrier said he's had an excellent ‘four year career.' In explanation, Spurrier said, ‘Well, if he'd coached 10 years, I'd say he had an excellent 10-year career. No, that wasn't any needle. It's just, he's got an excellent record, there's no question about it." (7/29/05)
Steve Spurrier, South Carolina Head Coach

"The Florida Gators went from a coach that with a shaky relationship with the fans to the hottest commodity in the coaching business over the last few years." (7/29/05)
Scott McDonald, Northwest Arkansas Times

"Meyer, who was as lackluster in his delivery as his offense at Utah was dynamic, said his main concern right now is whether Florida players have the toughness and discipline to succeed this season." (7/29/05)
Leonard Butts, The Daily Times

"It's a great offense. They do a super job of spreading the field but still do a good job of running the ball from the gun…It's not the most complicated offense in the world, either. It's just about running it well, and he does." (7/29/05)
Mark Richt, Georgia Head Coach

"He drew on the philosophies of others --- from Bill Belichick to John Wooden --- to put together his plan, which he formulated during his two years at Bowling Green and refined in his two years at Utah. Now Meyer is trying to implement his program of discipline on one of college football's biggest stages." (8/1/05)
Tony Barnhart, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"The best compliment I can give Coach Meyer is that he has a plan and the ability to make everybody buy into the plan. Those who follow his plan will be rewarded and those who do not will be held accountable. It is a system that has resonated very well with our players and our fans." (8/1/05)
Jeremy Foley, UF Athletics Director

"I'm not an entertainer. I'm a football coach." (7/28/05)
Urban Meyer, Florida Head Coach

"Florida coach Urban Meyer continues to have a big impact on football in the state. At Sunday's Florida Sports Writers Association Media Days, his presence drew three times as many media as Miami and Florida State drew Saturday." (8/1/05)
Craig Handel, Pensacola NewsJournal

"But I'll be honest with you. A year ago today, I couldn't have picked Urban Meyer out of a police lineup if you spotted me half the field. I'm really just starting to get to know him, and so far I'm impressed. Very impressed. But I've never so much as seen the man coach one college football game, much less one on the sidelines at Florida Field."

"Gator fans realize that Urban Meyer has a lot to learn about Florida. What seems harder to accept is that they still have a lot to learn about Urban Meyer." (8/1/05)
Peter Kerasotis, Florida Today

"Any time you venture out of the South, I need to know why. For me to get on a plane to go somewhere, there has got to be a connection. He has to be a great, great football player and a great young man or we're not going. There is enough within the radius around here that we can do well." (8/1/05)
Urban Meyer, UF Head Coach

"That said, you can't deny Meyer is off to an impressive start and has implemented some stringent policies that seem to be working. He sends his spies out to make sure academically challenged players show up for class. He sends his operatives out to popular night spots to make sure his wild-eyed linebacker doesn't get into a brawl." (8/3/05)
Mike Bianchi, Orlando Sentinel

"No coach in the country was adored like Meyer in the offseason. He spoke before sellout crowds at functions across the state, not to mention the 60,000 that arrived to watch UF's spring scrimmage."

"One thing about Meyer is he is batting a thousand when it comes to saying and doing the right things." (8/9/05)
Jemele Hill, Orlando Sentinel

"Once the Gator deal was done, however, and Meyer stepped up to deliver The Gospel According To Urban on December 8, 2004, we all bought it. And we've been buying it ever since. He's sold it with the fervor of Billy Graham."

"He was traveling around Florida like a rock star, speaking before record crowds at Gator Gatherings, healing old wounds, baptizing Florida football fans with a fresh spirit, and waking up the echoes. You see, Meyer wasn't just the pick of President Machen and UF Athletic Director Jeremy Foley, he was ordained by a higher power as the new savior of a program that had been jilted by the Favorite Son of Florida Field and then botched by his replacement."

"You're not going to seduce Urban Meyer with flattery. He is interested in certain coaches' techniques and personalities and Spurrier is one of them. He has voiced great respect for The Ol' Head Ball Coach, but those feelings will soon be put aside." (8/7/05)
Buddy Martin, Ocala Style Magazine

"Urban is a reward-performance guy. You perform, you get rewarded; if you don't perform, frankly you need to ask the question why you're not performing." (8/24/05)
Chuck Heater, UF Safeties Coach

"He's his own man, but he's taken the good and left out the bad." (8/24/2005)
Earle Bruce, former Ohio State and Colorado State Head Coach

"Meyer comes with sterling credentials. His version of the spread offense has ravaged foes, and visions of 50-point games and a slash-and-burn march through the SEC are making Gator fans giddy. You know, like they were when Steve Spurrier was calling plays." (8/26/05)
The Orlando Sentinel

"He's a straight-up person, and that's what I like. If you're playing like gold, he treats you like gold and tells you you're gold. And if you're playing like you're not or like trash, then he'll tell you you're trash, and he'll treat you like trash." (8/26/05)
Brandon Siler, former UF linebacker and current San Diego Charger

"I learned this a long time ago. You coach them the same pretty much, but you even turn it up more when you win. When you lose, you have to fix the problems. When you win, you think you have all the answers." (10/5/05)
Urban Meyer, UF Head Coach

"There have been bigger wins in the history of Florida football, but not for Meyer. The Gator Clubs will be a lot more manageable. The grousing has been silenced. It doesn't matter what bowl they go to because wherever they go will be a celebration of what happened in The Swamp." (11/30/05)
Pat Dooley, Gainesville Sun

"Want to know the truth? The truth is, Meyer is underrated. For whatever reasons, a lot of people don't give him enough credit. Bobby Bowden once was the baddest ball coach in Florida, but no more. Bowden is yesterday and Meyer is today and tomorrow. The only thing standing between him and multiple national championships is time."
Jim Armstrong, AOL

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