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SEC Football Instant Replay

For the 2008 season, the rules committee is allowing several varying systems to implement video replay, as determined by each conference or institution.
Each head coach is allowed one Instant Replay challenge per game, which is exercised by requesting a team timeout. A head coach may issue a challenge only if his team has one or more timeouts remaining in the half. If the challenged ruling is overturned, the timeout is not charged, but the coach has no more challenges during that game.

Plays that MAY be reviewed:

  1. Governed by sideline, goal line and end line:
    1. Scoring plays, including a runner breaking the plane of the goal line. This includes field goal attempts only if the ball is ruled below or above the crossbar or inside or outside the uprights. If the ball is higher than the top of the uprights the play may not be reviewed.
    2. Pass complete/incomplete/intercepted at sideline, goal line and end line.
    3. Runner/receiver in or out of bounds.
    4. Recovery of loose ball in bounds.
    5. A loose ball touching a side line, goal line or end line.
  2. 2. Passing Plays:
    1. Pass ruled complete/incomplete/intercepted in the field of play and end zones.
    2. Touching of a forward pass by an ineligible receiver.
    3. Touching of a forward pass by a defensive player.
    4. Quarterback (passer) forward pass or fumble (if ruled incomplete, the play is finalized).
    5. Illegal forward pass or illegal handing beyond the line of scrimmage.
    6. Illegal forward pass or illegal handing after change of possession.
    7. Forward or backward pass thrown from behind the line of scrimmage.
  3. Other detectable infractions:
    1. Runner ruled not down.
    2. Ball carrier ruled down when the recovery of a fumble by opponent or teammate occurs in the immediate action following the fumble and is prior to any official signaling the ball is dead
    3. Ball carrier out of bounds
    4. Forward progress errors with respect to first down.
    5. Touching of a kick.
    6. Number of players on field.
    7. Clock adjustments (in conjunction with overturned plays).
    8. Fourth-down/try fumble plays.
    9. Fumble recovery on fourth down or try
    10. Muffed or fumbled kick
    11. Incorrect down number
    12. Bench interference

Plays that MAY NOT be reviewed:

  1. Holding
  2. Offside/encroachment
  3. Pass interference
  4. Personal fouls (e.g., late hits)
  5. Illegal blocks
  6. Illegal formations
  7. Face mask
  8. Taunting/excessive celebration
  9. False starts
  10. Roughing the passer/kicker
  11. Fighting participants
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