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Florida Gators in the NFL Draft 1936-2014

Rd. (Overall) Name Pos. Team
1 (29th) Dominique Easley DT New England Patriots
4 (101st) Jaylen Watkins CB Philadelphia Eagles
5 (169th) Ronald Powell LB New Orleans Saints
6 (179th) Jon Halapio OG New England Patriots
1 (23rd) Sharrif Floyd DL Minnesota Vikings
1 (32nd) Matt Elam S Baltimore Ravens
2 (50th) Jon Bostic LB Chicago Bears
3 (85th) Jordan Reed TE Washington Redskins
4 (104th) Jelani Jenkins LB Miami Dolphins
5 (164th) Mike Gillislee RB Miami Dolphins
5 (166th) Caleb Sturgis K Miami Dolphins
6 (169th) Josh Evans S Jacksonville Jaguars
4 (114th) Jaye Howard DE Seattle Seahawks
5 (159th) Chris Rainey RB Pittsburgh Steelers
1 (15th) Mike Pouncey OL Miami Dolphins
2 (63rd) Marcus Gilbert OT Pittsburgh Steelers
5 (151st) Ahmad Black S Tampa Bay Buccaneers
7 (217th) Maurice Hurt OG Washington Redskins
1 (7th) Joe Haden CB Cleveland Browns
1 (18th) Maurkice Pouncey C Pittsburgh Steelers
1 (25th) Tim Tebow QB Denver Broncos
2 (53rd) Jermaine Cunningham DE New England Patriots
2 (54th) Carlos Dunlap DE Cincinnati Bengals
2 (62nd) Brandon Spikes LB New England Patriots
3 (75th) Major Wright S Chicago Bears
4 (113th) Aaron Hernandez TE New England Patriots
5 (159th) Riley Cooper WR Philadelphia Eagles
1 (22nd) Percy Harvin WR Minnesota Vikings
4 (124th) Louis Murphy WR Oakland Raiders
5 (153rd) Cornelius Ingram TE Philadelphia Eagles
1 (8th) Derrick Harvey DE Jacksonville Jaguars
3 (97th) Andre Caldwell WR Cincinnati Bengals
1 (17th) Jarvis Moss DE Denver Broncos
1 (21st) Reggie Nelson S Jacksonville Jaguars
3 (97th) Ray McDonald DE San Francisco 49ers
4 (221st) Marcus Thomas DT Denver Broncos
4 (135th) Joe Cohen DE San Francisco 49ers
6 (206th) Ryan Smith CB Tennessee Titans
7 (227th) Dallas Baker WR Pittsburgh Steelers
7 (228th) DeShawn Wynn RB Green Bay Packers
7 (240th) Brandon Siler LB San Diego Chargers
2 (36th) Chad Jackson WR New England Patriots
6 (191st) Jeremy Mincey DE New England Patriots
7 (236th) Dee Webb DB Jacksonville Jaguars
3 (70th) Channing Crowder LB Miami Dolphins
4 (112th) Ciatrick Fason TB Minnesota Vikings
7 (218th) Reynaldo Hill DB Tennessee Titans
2 (40th) Ben Troupe TE Tennessee Titans
2 (49th) Keiwan Ratliff DB Cincinnati Bengals
3 (75th) Max Starks OL Pittsburgh Steelers
3 (95th) Guss Scott S New England Patriots
7 (249th) Bobby McCray DE Jacksonville Jaguars
1 (22nd) Rex Grossman QB Chicago Bears
2 (44th) Taylor Jacobs WR Washington Redskins
4 (100th) Todd Johnson FS Chicago Bears
4 (116th) Ian Scott DT Chicago Bears
5 (161st) Aaron Walker TE San Francisco 49ers
5 (171st) Tron LaFavor DT Chicago Bears
6 (190th) Mike Nattiel LB Minnesota Vikings
7 (227th) Clint Mitchell DE Denver Broncos
1 (26th) Lito Sheppard CB Philadelphia Eagles
2 (33rd) Jabar Gaffney WR Houston Texans
2 (40th) Mike Pearson OT Jacksonville Jaguars
2 (48th) Reche Caldwell WR San Diego Chargers
4 (102nd) Jeff Chandler PK San Francisco 49ers
4 (104th) Alex Brown DE Chicago Bears
5 (141st) Andra Davis LB Cleveland Browns
6 (181st) Marquand Manuel SS Cincinnati Bengals
1 (3rd) Gerard Warren DT Cleveland Browns
1 (14th) Kenyatta Walker OT Tampa Buccaneers
4 (125th) Jesse Palmer QB New York Giants
7 (208th) John Capel WR Chicago Bears
1 (10th) Travis Taylor WR Baltimore Ravens
3 (68th) Erron Kinney TE Tennessee Titans
3 (80th) Darrell Jackson WR Seattle Seahawks
4 (112th) Cooper Carlisle OG Denver Broncos
7 (249th) Eugene McCaslin LB Green Bay Packers
1 (16th) Jevon Kearse LB Tennessee Titans
1 (24th) Reggie McGrew DT San Francisco 49ers
2 (36th) Mike Peterson LB Indianapolis Colts
2 (51st) Johnny Rutledge LB Arizona Cardinals
3 (81st) Zach Piller OT Tennessee Titans
3 (91st) Tony George DB New England Patriots
3 (93rd) Travis McGriff WR Denver Broncos
5 (157th) Terry Jackson RB San Francisco 49ers
1 (9th) Fred Taylor RB Jacksonville Jaguars
1 (23rd) Mo Collins OT Oakland Raiders
2 (34th) Jacquez Green WR Tampa Bay Bucaneers
4 (97th) Fred Weary DB New Orleans Saints
6 (166th) Elijah Williams DB Atlanta Falcons
1 (7th) Ike Hilliard WR New York Giants
1 (16th) Reidel Anthony WR Tampa Bay Buccaneers
4 (99th) Danny Wuerffel QB New Orleans Saints
5 (134th) Jeff Mitchell C Baltimore Ravens
3 (78th) Mark Campbell DE Denver Broncos
4 (96th) Jason Odom OT Tampa Bay Buccaneers
6 (172nd) Dexter Daniels LB Baltimore Ravens
6 (184th) Reggie Green OL Seattle Seahawks
6 (185th) Chris Doering WR Jacksonville Jaguars
7 (225th) Johnie Church DE Seattle Seahawks
1 (6th) Kevin Carter DE St. Louis Rams
1 (15th) Ellis Johnson DT Indianapolis Colts
4 (116th) Jack Jackson WR Chicago Bears
6 (180th) Henry McMillian DT Seattle Seahawks
2 (34th) Errict Rhett RB Tampa Bay Buccaneers
3 (109th) Willie Jackson WR Dallas Cowboys
6 (138th) Harrison Houston WR Atlanta Falcons
6 (147th) William Gaines DT Miami Dolphins
SD (25th) Darren Mickell DE Kansas City Chiefs
6 (142nd) Lawrence Hatch DB New England Patriots
7 (172nd) Will White FS Phoenix Cardinals
Note: In 1993, the NFL Draft was reduced to seven rounds.
4 (105th) Tony McCoy DT Indianapolis Colts
5 (119th) Dexter McNabb FB Green Bay Packers
5 (127th) Cal Dixon C New York Jets
6 (156th) Tony Rowell OT Los Angeles Raiders
7 (182nd) Tim Paulk LB Atlanta Falcons
8 (206th) Hesham Ismail OG Pittsburgh Steelers
9 (241st) Ephesians Bartley LB Philadelphia Eagles
10 (264th) Brad Culpepper DT Minnesota Vikings
12 (309th) Michael Brandon DE Indianapolis Colts
1 (15th) Huey Richardson DE Pittsburgh Steelers
3 (62nd) Godfrey Myles LB Dallas Cowboys
3 (73rd) Ernie Mills WR Pittsburgh Steelers
6 (157th) Richard Fain DB Cincinnati Bengals
8 (215th) Jimmy Spencer DB Washington Redskins
1 (17th) Emmitt Smith RB Dallas Cowboys
4 (83rd) Stacey Simmons WR Indianapolis Colts
5 (131st) Cedric Smith FB Minnesota Vikings
9 (245th) Tony Lomack WR Los Angeles Rams
1 (12th) Trace Armstrong DT Chicago Bears
1 (23rd) David Williams OT Houston Oilers
1 (25th) Louis Oliver FS Miami Dolphins
3 (68th) Rhondy Weston DT Dallas Cowboys
1 (21st) Clifford Charlton OLB Cleveland Browns
2 (42nd) Jarvis Williams DB Miami Dolphins
6 (162nd) Bob Sims OG New Orleans Saints
7 (180th) Kerwin Bell QB Miami Dolphins
1 (27th) Ricky Nattiel WR Denver Broncos
2 (55th) Adrian White DB New York Giants
3 (68th) Jeff Zimmerman OL Dallas Cowboys
6 (149th) Ron Moten OLB Philadelphia Eagles
12 (318th) Scott Armstrong ILB Dallas Cowboys
12 (323rd) Keith Williams DT Minnesota Vikings
1 (15th) John L. Williams FB Seattle Seahawks
1 (27th) Neal Anderson RB Chicago Bears
2 (48th) Alonzo Johnson OLB Philadelphia Eagles
5 (121st) Ray Criswell P Philadelphia Eagles
5 (131st) Patrick Miller OLB San Diego Chargers
7 (187th) Ray McDonald WR New England Patriots
8 (211th) Alonzo Mitz DT Seattle Seahawks
1 (6th) Lomas Brown OT Detroit Lions
1 (27th) Lorenzo Hampton RB Miami Dolphins
3 (76th) Crawford Ker OT Dallas Cowboys
5 (139th) Billy Hinson OG Denver Broncos
6 (164th) Tim Newton MG Minnesota Vikings
11 (306th) Gary Rolle WR Denver Broncos
1 (11th) Wilber Marshall LB Chicago Bears
3 (78th) Tony Lilly DB Denver Broncos
8 (202nd) Randy Clark DB Kansas City Chiefs
9 (232nd) John Hunt OG Dallas Cowboys
1 (13th) James Jones RB Detroit Lions
4 (108th) Chris Faulkner TE Dallas Cowboys
9 (229th) Mike Mularky TE San Francisco 49ers
10 (274th) Dan Fike OT New York Jets
2 (38th) David Galloway DT St. Louis Cardinals
10 (253rd) Brian Clark K New England Patriots
2 (37th) Cris Collinsworth WR Cincinnati Bengals
6 (153rd) Dock Luckie DT Kansas City Chiefs
7 (183rd) David Little LB Pittsburgh Steelers
7 (190th) Mike Clark DE Los Angeles Rams
3 (75th) Scot Brantley LB Tampa Bay Buccaneers
7 (251st) Mike Dupree LB Kansas City Chiefs
10 (178th) Don Swafford T Philadelphia Eagles
1 (3rd) Wes Chandler WR New Orleans Saints
2 (38th) Scott Hutchinson DE Buffalo Bills
4 (91st) Terry LeCount WR San Francisco 49ers
5 (124th) Earl Carr RB St. Louis Cardinals
5 (128th) Willie Wilder RB Green Bay Packers
6 (159th) Tony Green RB Washington Redskins
8 (197th) Derrick Gaffney WR New York Jets
10 (259th) Mark Totten C Green Bay Packers
11 (296) Charlie Williams LB New England Patriots
12 (311th) Alan Williams P New York Jets
9 (239th) David Posey K San Francisco 49ers
10 (252nd) Robert Morgan RB Tampa Bay Buccaneers
10 (253rd) Alvin Cowans DB Pittsburgh Steelers
12 (310th) Jimmy Stephans TE Pittsburgh Steelers
2 (29th) Sammy Green LB Seattle Seahawks
2 (30th) Jimmy DuBose RB Tampa Bay Buccaneers
4 (111th) Mike Smith DE Philadelphia Eagles
6 (157th) Alvis Darby TE Seattle Seahawks
7 (199th) James Richards RB New York Jets
12 (332nd) Gerald Loper G San Francisco 49ers
13 (356th) Mike Williams T Atlanta Falcons
14   Wayne Fields DB Pittsburgh Steelers
1 (14th) Glenn Cameron LB Cincinnati Bengals
2 (29th) Ralph Ortega LB Atlanta Falcons
2 (44th) Richard Lawless G Dallas Cowboys
8 (191st) Preston Kendrick LB San Francisco 49ers
3 (78th) Nat Moore WR Miami Dolphins
4 (96th) Vince Kendrick RB Atlanta Falcons
5 (113th) Joseph Parker WR New Orleans Saints
12 (267th) Ricky S. Brown LB Houston Oilers
12 (312th) Jim Revels DB Miami Dolphins
6 (143rd) Fred Abbott LB Minnesota Vikings
11 (285th) Willie B. Jackson WR Los Angeles Rams
1 (14th) John Reaves QB Philadelphia Eagles
12 (294th) Mike Rich RB Green Bay Packers
14 (348th) Tommy Durrance RB Pittsburgh Steelers
15 (390th) Carlos Alvarez WR Dallas Cowboys
1 (20th) Jack Youngblood DE Los Angeles Rams
1 (20th) Steve Tannen DB New York Jets
10 (250th) Malcolm Steen G San Diego Chargers
1 (8th) W. Larry Smith RB Los Angeles Rams
2 (47th) James Yarbrough TE Detroit Lions
5 (109th) Guy Dennis G Cincinnati Bengals
17 (434th) R. Larry Rentz DB San Diego Chargers
3 (63rd) Richard Trapp E Buffalo Bills
1 (3rd) Steve Spurrier QB San Francisco 49ers
3 (57th) Jimmy Jordan HB Atlanta Falcons
2   Larry Gagner G Pittsburgh Steelers
3   Larry Gagner G Miami Dolphins (AFL)
3   Randy Jackson T Buffalo Bills (AFL)
4   Randy Jackson T Chicago Bears
6   Charley Casey FL Atlanta Falcons
15   Harold Seymour HB-K Washington Redskins
18   Harold Seymour HB-K Kansas City Chiefs (AFL)
5   Roger Petee LB Dallas Cowboys
6   A. Dennis Murphy T Houston Oilers (AFL)
10   Frank Pennie T Detroit Lions
10   A. Dennis Murphy T Chicago Bears
15   Larry Gagner T Cleveland Browns
19   Joseph B. Brown E-LB Baltimore Colts
6   Merrell R. Brown E Washington Redskins
7   Hagood Clarke, III B San Francisco 49ers
15   Joseph B. Brown E Pittsburgh Steelers
18   Hagood Clarke, III B Buffalo Bills (AFL)
2   Frank Lasky T New York Giants
3   Dick Skelly B New York Giants
6   Anton Peters T Denver Broncos (AFL)
8   Anton Peters T Los Angeles Rams
9   Robert Hoover B Minnesota Vikings
11   Lindy Infante HB Buffalo Bills (AFL)
12   Lindy Infante HB Cleveland Browns
14   Frank Lasky T San Diego Chargers
19   Bruce Starling HB Denver Broncos (AFL)
4   Thomas F. Dean T San Francisco 49ers
8   Paul White HB Minnesota Vikings
8   Paul White HB Buffalo Bills (AFL)
15   Thomas F. Dean T Oakland Raiders (AFL)
29   Jim Beaver G Buffalo Bills (AFL)
30   Don Goodman HB Dallas Texans (AFL)
31   Louis Hicks T New York Titans (AFL)
7   Pat Patchen E Denver Broncos (AFL)
8   Jim Beaver G Philadelphia Eagles
13   Don Goodman B Dallas Cowboys
19   Jack Espanship HB Los Angeles Chargers (AFL)
6   William D. Hudson E Washington Redskins
11   Bob Wehking C Baltimore Colts
17   Jim Beaver T Baltimore Colts
1960 AFL Organizational Draft (No rounds available)
-   Jim Beaver T Dallas Texans (AFL)
-   William D. Hudson E Denver Broncos (AFL)
-   Bobby Joe Green HB Denver Broncos (AFL)
-   Perry McGriff E Los Angeles Chargers (AFL)
-   Bob Wehking C Los Angeles Chargers (AFL)
-   Dan Edgington E Minneapolis (AFL)*
* Minneapolis subsequently gave up their AFL franchise in lieu of an NFL franchise shortly after the 1960 draft. All selections chosen by Minneapolis hence became property of the newly formed Oakland Raiders AFL franchise.
9   Bobby Joe Green HB San Francisco 49ers
16   Dan Edgington E Green Bay Packers
24   Joe Hergert C Green Bay Packers
28   Don Fleming B Chicago Cardinals
29   Perry McGriff B Balitmore Colts
2   Charles Mitchell G Cleveland Browns
9   Bernie Parrish B Cleveland Browns
10   Val Heckman T San Francisco 49ers
15   Ed Sears B Pittsburgh Steelers
20   Lou Pelham E Washington Redskins
25   Jim Roundtree B Baltimore Coltss
4   Jackie Simpson B Baltimore Colts
5   John Barrow G Detroit Lions
5   Larry Wesley T New York Giants
8   William E. Booker B New York Giants
16   Joe Brodsky B Washington Redskins
18   Jim Eaton E New York Giants
24   Donald Hicks T New York Giants
5   Don Chandler B New York Giants
6   Fred Cason B New York Giants
16   Ray T. Brown B Chicago Bears
25   Harry Spears B New York Giants
28   Bobby Lance QB Green Bay Packerss
3   Malcolm Hammock B Chicago Cardinals
23   George Medved T Los Angeles Rams
28   Arch Cassidy T Washington Redskins
29   Bill Dearing B Detroit Lions
2   Rick Casares B Chicago Bears
7   Jack O'Brian E Pittsburgh Steelers
8   Dan Hunter T Philadelphia Eagles
15   Joe D'Agostino G Baltimore Colts
17   Howard Chapman T Cleveland Browns
4   Everett Douglas T New York Giants
5   Buford Long B New York Giants
17   Reed Quinlan B Pittsburgh Steelers
22   Mike Kelly E New York Giants
25   Haywood Sullivan B Chicago Cardinals
13   Carroll McDonald C Detroit Lions
25   Charlie LaPradd T Green Bay Packers
No selections        
1   *Chuck Hunsinger B Chicago Bears
13   James F. Dempsey T Chicago Bears
14   James W. Kynes, Jr. C Pittsburgh Steelers
26   Gaspar Vaccaro B Pittsburgh Steelers
*Pick acquired in trade with the New York Bulldogs
No selections        
8   Bob Forbes B Boston Yanks
20 (136th) *Bob Forbes B New York Yankees (AAFC)
25   Doug Beldon B Chicago Cardinals
*The All-American Football Conference existed from 1946-1950, merging with the NFL for the 1950 season. The AAFC held its own seperate draft in 1947-49.
No selections        
23   Kay Jamison E Los Angeles Rams
24   Roger Adams C Pittsburgh Steelers
30   Nick Klutka E Boston Yanks
1   Paul DuHart B Pittsburgh Steelers
4   Roger Adams C Pittsburgh Steelers
18   Broughton Williams E Chicago Bears
No selections        
10   Fondren Mitchell B Chicago Cardinals
25   Gene Lee C Brooklyn--
29   Floyd Konesty G Cleveland Rams
29   Bill Corry B Washington Redskins
20   Milton Hull T New York Giants
16   Julius Battista G New York Giants
5   Clark Goff T Pittsburgh Steelers
No selections        
6   Walt Mayberry B Cleveland Rams
No selections        
No selections        
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