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Ben Hill Griffin Stadium "The Swamp" Game Day Information and Policies


Security Initiatives

As we approach the start of a new football season, here are some points that might help with some questions fans and visitors may have regarding security surrounding home football games.

  • The UAA and UFPD remain in constant communication with local, state and federal officials and there have been increased security measures for home football weekends.
  • Patrons are asked to pay more attention to their surroundings and to immediately report suspicious activity, vehicles and persons to police. Please call the University of Florida Police Department to report any suspicious activity on campus: 352-392-1111.
  • Fans are encouraged to arrive at the gates early and pay particular attention to the prohibited items list, which will be strictly enforced. Gates open 90 minutes prior to kickoff and the Gator Walk will be held two hours and 25 minutes prior to kickoff.
  • Updated information is available on the University hotline at 1-866-UF FACTS (1-866-833-2287).

Fan safety is always the top priority for the University Athletic Association and is of the utmost importance for all game day staff on campus and at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium.



Those fans needing a wheelchair space or accessible seating should visit the Ticket Office. Please call 800-34-GATOR or 352-375-4683 x 6800. Wheelchair seating is located in the North and South End Zones of the lower concourse and in select areas of the West side of the Stadium. Please also refer to Disabled Parking, Elevators and Parking sections for more information on ADA services.



Animals are not permitted into Ben Hill Griffin Stadium with the exception of service animals.



SunTrust ATMs are located in the main concourse adjacent to Gates 8 and 18. Additional ATMs are located in the main concourse adjacent to Gates 7, 13 and 15, and top level of the North End Zone (Sunshine Seats) and top level of the South End Zone.


Baby Changing Stations

Baby changing stations are located in the Stadium in the following locations:

  • North Endzone: Women’s Restroom at Gate 8 and Men’s Restroom at Gate 7
  • South Endzone: Men’s Restroom at Gate 18
  • East Side: Women’s Restroom near Section 36 and Men’s Restroom near Section 40
  • West Side: Gate 2 Men’s and Women’s Restrooms


Bag Inspections

Bag check procedures have changed for 2013.

  • Proceed through the appropriate ‘bag check’ and ‘no bag’ lines with the help of visual aids.
  • Bags will be searched at designated bag check lines upon entering the stadium.
  • Backpacks and large carry bags are prohibited.
  • All prohibited items must be returned to vehicles or be disposed before entering the stadium.


Banners & Signs

All signs and banners must be handheld, not obstruct another guest’s view and be tasteful. Game day staff reserves the right to remove signs in violation of the Code of Conduct.



Still motion cameras are allowed in the Stadium as long as its use does not interfere with another guest’s view. Cameras with a detachable lens larger than 6 inches will not be permitted. Video cameras are prohibited.


Comments & Suggestions

Guests with a comment, suggestion or complaint are encouraged to visit a Guest Service Booth, send an email or text “Gators” with the information to 69050.



Centerplate is Ben Hill Griffin Stadium’s premier hospitality provider. Centerplate uses nonprofit organizations to operate the Concession stands at all of the Gator athletic events and in return the organizations receive a percentage of the sales generated from the stand(s) that they operate. No organization is too big or small to fundraise here. Centerplate uses groups as small as four people for some stands and up to twenty people for the bigger stands. If you and your organization are interested in fundraising, please call 352.692.6244 or send an email for more details and hopefully to sign up!

Some of the delicious Concession items available include Oscar Meyer All-Beef Hotdogs, hot & fresh popcorn and hot soft pretzels. Refreshing Pepsi products are available at all of the Gator athletic events.

Some of the specialty items offered include the following:

  • Swamp Dog(section 22) – an all-beef hotdog that comes with any of these toppings that you would like to try – chili, sauerkraut, coleslaw, shredded cheese, onions and jalapeno peppers
  • Smoked in the Swamp Pulled Pork Sandwich – available at sections 10, 15, 36, gate 4 tent and gate 6 tent.
  • Domino’s Pizza – available at sections 2, 5, 14, 22, 25, 42 and 323.
  • Prime Rib Sandwich, Chicken Tenders and Cheese Fries – all available at the Grid-Iron Grill located at section 6 on the lower West concourse
  • Turkey, Italian and Meatball subs – all available at the Cornerback Café located at gate 1


Credit Cards

VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover are accepted at the ticket office, all of the Gator Sportshop locations as well as the following concession stands at these sections: West side 1-20; East side 35,36, and 43; South side A-H and 47-65; North side 20, 25, and 26, and Upper North level 318-329.


Directions to the Stadium

Please visit the Directions and Parking information page.


Disabled Parking

Reserved Disabled Parking passes are distributed prior to the season to those qualified season ticket holders. Passes are given based on season ticket longevity and are for one of the following three areas: the O’Connell Center Lot, Murphree Hall area and adjacent to the UF Academic Advising building. Fans who do not qualify for a Reserved Disabled parking pass are encouraged to utilize the shuttles located at Garage IX (South side of Archer Road on Gale Lemerand Dr.) The shuttles drop off at the intersection of Stadium Road and Gale Lemerand Drive. All buses are ADA compliant. Service begins 4 hours prior to kickoff and shuttles run approximately every 5 minutes until kickoff. The service begins again at the start of the 4th quarter and ends 30 minutes post-game.



There are two accessible elevators in the stadium reserved for guests with disabilities and mobility challenges. The elevators are located: North End Zone between Gates 7 & 8 and also between Gates 1 and 18 in the South West corner of the Stadium.


Evacuation Policy

In case of lightning, inclement weather or other emergency, please pay attention to the PA Announcer and surrounding security personnel to assist you with safely exiting the stadium. In addition, the video boards will provide supplemental information regarding any emergency.


Fan Code of Conduct

Gator fans are widely known for their enthusiasm, team support, hospitality and sportsmanship. Our image is shaped not only by our student-athletes, coaches, students and faculty, but by our fans as well. Our goal is to create a first-class environment to lend support to our team while maintaining a safe and fun atmosphere for visiting fans as well.

Prohibited Behavior: Rowdy, threatening, or inconsiderate behavior such as standing in the aisles, portals or concourses, profane and abusive language, use of tobacco, fighting, and drunkenness will not be tolerated and can result in ejection, arrest, and/or loss of season ticket privileges. Throwing of any objects in the stands, including paper and plastic cups, also is prohibited. Should you observe any of this disruptive behavior, please notify your nearest law enforcement officer. Standing on seats/bleachers is strictly prohibited.

NCAA policy prevents fans from entering the field of play unless they are properly credentialed or accompanied by an authorized staff member. Violators are subject to arrest.

Enforcement: Individuals found violating any policies can be removed from the stadium. Non-students, while not affected by the Student Conduct Code, are subject to arrest and prosecution under applicable laws and state statutes. Offenders’ names will be forwarded to the UAA by the law enforcement representative reporting the citation. The offender may be contacted by the UAA and issued a warning that a future violation could result in loss of ticket privileges. Season ticket holders are responsible for the behavior of anyone using their tickets and will be subject to this policy if the person using their ticket violates the Code of Conduct.

Students involved in such activities or other disruptive behavior will also be subject to disciplinary action through the Dean of Students Office and University of Florida’s Code of Student Conduct. Students enjoy the rights and privileges that they gain as a member of the university community and are subject to the responsibilities which accompany that membership.

The University Athletic Association reserves the right to remove the ticket holder from the premises if in the sole opinion of the security personnel his or her conduct endangers or disrupts the players, coaches, officials or fans. Gator Athletics thanks you for your support.


Fan Emergencies

Should you or another guest need immediate assistance, please notify the nearest Game Day Staff member. Or, you can text “Gators” along with your issue to 69050.


Verizon Gator IMG FanFest

Visit Verizon Gator IMG FanFest beginning 3 hours before kickoff prior to each home game. Activities include games, contests, giveaways, interactive displays and more. Admission is free and it is located just outside Gate 2 of the Stephen C. O’Connell Center (at the intersection of Lemerand Dr. and Stadium Rd.).


Family Restrooms

Family restrooms are for those fans with small children and guests with disabilities. They are located inside Gate 2, the upper West concourse, and in between Gates 1 and 2 on the outer West concourse. Prior to kickoff and before entering the football stadium, fans may also utilize the family restroom at the O’Connell Center located between the O’Connell Center’s Gates 1 & 2.


First Aid Stations

There are eight (8) locations inside the Stadium for medical treatment:

  • South End Zone - 2nd level concourse behind Section 53
  • North End Zone - Centrally located on each level.
  • East Side - Lower concourse between Gates 13 and 14.
  • West Side - Two (2) stations, lower concourse outside Gate 2 and outside Gate 3.
  • Skyboxes - South end of Evans Champions Club (5th Floor).

Physicians and emergency medical personnel are available at the First Aid Stations to respond to any emergency medical needs. Please ask security personnel for assistance/directions to the nearest station.


Game Day Staff

Each game day worker in Ben Hill Griffin Stadium is focused on making your game day experience a great one. All groups listed below work together to make Saturday’s in the Swamp enjoyable.

ACFR (Alachua County Fire Rescue): All aid stations are staffed by ACFR Paramedics and EMT’s who wear navy blue pants and a navy blue shirt.

ACS (Alachua County Sheriff): ACS Officers work in the North Endzone and wear dark green uniforms.

Centerplate Concessions: Centerplate is Ben Hill Griffin Stadium’s premiere concessionaire. Centerplate provides fresh, tasty, and flavorful selections throughout the stadium. Staff members and volunteers wear blue concessions shirts. In-seat beverage sellers wear yellow shirts.

CSC (Contemporary Services Company): CSC manages the ticket takers and security personnel. Frontline guards wear yellow polos and the supervisors wear light blue. For information on joining the CSC team and fundraising opportunities, please call 407-316-8000.

Elite Enterprises: Elite Enterprises provide all the janitorial services. Staff members wear dark blue polo shirts and restroom staff wear white t-shirts.

FHP (Florida Highway Patrol): FHP Troopers work on the East side of the Stadium and patrol the highways pre and post game. All Troopers wear dark khaki colored uniforms.

Gator Guest Services: The guest services team is available at all games to answer fan questions, assist with game day issues, and make all fans feel comfortable during athletic events. This group can be spotted by their bright green polos.

GPD (Gainesville Police Department): GPD officers patrol the streets directly around the stadium and work in the West of the Stadium. Officers wear black uniforms.

SAFE Management: Safe Management provides skybox personnel during football games. If you need assistance during the game, please locate the nearest usher or customer service desk located on each skybox level; all SAFE employees wear red polos. For more information about joining the S.A.F.E team, please call (904) 633-6183.

Stewart’s Catering: Stewart’s sees to all of the catering needs of the Skybox and Touchdown Terrace areas. Staff members wear navy blue shirts.

UPD (University of Florida Police Department): Campus police monitor areas in and outside the Stadium. All officers wear navy blue uniforms.



All gates open 90 minutes prior to kickoff. Fans may enter at any gate. Students must enter through gates 9, 12-15.


Gator Seatbacks

Gator Seatbacks provide an affordable way to sit comfortably during the game. Gator Seatbacks are waterproof and are installed for the entire season. The cost is $42 per season per seat. For more information, season ticket holders can call 1-800-601-1920 or visit If bringing your own, please note that chairbacks larger than a single seat (16 inches) are prohibited.


Gator Sportshop, the Official Shop of the Florida Gators:

Gator merchandise can be purchased at various locations throughout the stadium. The two main Gator Sportshops are in North End Zone inside Gate 9 and also in South End Zone inside Gate 18. Both

Gator Sportshops take credit and debit cards. The North End Zone store is open Monday – Saturday from 10 AM to 6 PM. It is also open 11 AM-4 PM on Sundays following home football games. Gator souvenir stands are located throughout the main concourse areas of the stadium, and feature additional items not available at the sportshops.


Gator Walk

Support the football team 2 hours and 25 minutes prior to kickoff at Gator Walk! Visit the north end of the Stadium, closest to University Ave. to cheer on the team as they make their way to the locker room for the game.


Guest Services

Our guest service staff members are easy to spot in bright green shirts and ready to assist all fans with information, directions, lost and found items, lost children, emergency paging and other services. The Guest Services desk is located at the UAA Switchboard between Gates 1 and 2 on the outer concourse on the west side of the stadium. Guest Services kiosks are also a bright green color and are located at gates 2, 7 and 16.


Lost and Found

Lost and found articles can be reported or turned in to any Gator Guest Services representative at the above Guest Services locations. On game day, all items may be retrieved at the UAA Switchboard (between Gates 1 & 2). After the game, all items are held at the ticket office. Please call (352) 375-4683 ext. 6800.


Lost Persons

Lost children and guests may be taken to any Guest Services Booth: located at Gates 2, 7 and 16. For parents or family looking for a lost person, please meet your party at the Switchboard located between Gates 1 and 2 (next to the main ticket office). If necessary, an announcement will be made to page the missing person.


Media/Press Entrance

The media/press elevator lobby entrance is located outside of Gate 3 on the north end of the skybox main elevator lobby and opens three hours prior to kick-off. All media requesting credentials should contact the Communications Office.


Merchandise Sales

Please refer to “Gator Sportshop, The Official Shop of the Florida Gators.”


Open Container Law

It is prohibited to consume or possess any alcoholic beverage in an open container on any public street, sidewalk, public parking facility or private property when the owner has not given consent to consume alcohol or have an open container on the property. The law includes consuming or possessing alcoholic beverages in or around Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. Violators are subject to a civil citation.



Please visit the Parking and Shuttle Service information page.



Game day programs are available at various stands in and outside Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. The programs feature rosters, stadium information and game day articles.


Prohibited Items

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Artificial noise making devices
  • Back packs
  • Cameras with detachable lens larger than 6 inches
  • Chairbacks larger than a single seat (16 inches)
  • Flags
  • Food/drink containers including bottles, cans and thermoses
  • Ice chests and ice bags
  • Large carry bags
  • Outside food and drink
  • Strollers
  • Tobacco products
  • Umbrellas
  • Video cameras/cases
  • Weapons
  • Any items deemed hazardous by game management personnel

*Law enforcement officials have the right to inspect any item at any time for the purpose of spectator safety.*

Prohibited items must be returned to vehicles or disposed of before entering the stadium. There are no provisions to check items at the gates.


Radio Affiliates

Fans may listen to the live broadcast of the Gator IMG Sports Network on the following stations:

  • WRUF Sports Radio 850 (AM)
  • Country 103.7 - The Gator (FM)
  • XM Radio and Sirius (check online for specific channels)
  • Additional stations can be found at

Radio broadcast simulcast on Cox Cable channel 946 in Gainesville.


Re-Entry Policy

Fans are not permitted to leave and re-enter Ben Hill Griffin Stadium once their game ticket has been scanned. Should a medical emergency arise requiring you to leave the stadium, you must report to the East or West first aid stations to receive an emergency medical pass to re-enter the stadium. In the event of severe weather delay in the game, fans will be allowed to exit the seating areas or stadium to seek shelter. Fans will be re-admitted at the restart of the game with their ticket stubs.



Outside the Stadium: Before entering the stadium, fans may utilize any of the five portable restrooms on campus, located at the Law School, Garage IX, adjacent to Smather’s Library, Law School and at the McCarty Complex. Fans may also use the restrooms just inside Gate 1 of the Stephen C. O’Connell Center starting 3 hours prior to kick-off.

Inside the Stadium: Restrooms are located on every level of the stadium. Please refer to the Stadium Map for specific locations. There are baby changing stations located in the new family restrooms in the West concourse.


Shuttle Services

Please refer to the “Parking” section.


Stadium Security

Contemporary Services Corporation (CSC) manages stadium ticket takers and event security personnel during football games. If you need any assistance during the game, please locate the nearest usher. For more information about joining the CSC team and fundraising opportunities, please call (407) 316-8000.



You may tailgate within your spot (in front or behind your vehicle) or in any open grass area. Please take special care to not block the road and/or walkways.

  • Music must be confined to your tailgate area
  • Tents may not be used within a parking spot
  • Golf carts, mopeds and scooters will not be allowed in parking lots and surrounding streets on game day.

The following items must be approved by UAA staff prior to game day:

  • Large industrial-sized cookers (special circumstances only)
  • Portable generators
  • Company/Business signage


TDD Phone Number

For those guests hearing impaired, the ticket office is equipped with an accessible number: 800-955-8771.



There are several courtesy phones through­out the stadium that may be used to dial any local number. Phones in the main concourse are at Section A and between Gates 13 and 14. Phones located just inside the Gates are at Gates 6 and 9.


Text Message System

We’d love to hear from you on game day. Please send us your issues, feedback, comments and questions while inside the stadium. To reach our event management staff text “GATORS” along with any information or questions to 69050. Please note that standard SMS rates apply.


Tickets and Ticket Office Information

All persons entering the stadium, regardless of age, must have a ticket or proper credential.

  • Standing on the seats or bleachers is prohibited.
  • Fans may use any gate for entry except for UF students who should enter any of the student gates (9, 12 through 15).


Duplicate Tickets

If two guests have a ticket for the same seat, please first check with an usher. If the issue still needs attention, please proceed to the nearest Ticket Relations Booth or Ticket Office.


Group Tickets

Group tickets are available for select games, for more information contact Thom Savage in the Gator Ticket Office at 352-375-4683 ext. 6800 or by email.


Lost or Stolen Tickets

If you have lost or need to report any stolen tickets, please contact the Gator Ticket Office at 352-375-4683 ext. 6800.


Ticket Forwarding

Any guest with a ticket purchased from the Gator Ticket Office can forward their ticket via email to another person. There is a fee of $1.95 per ticket forwarded. More information on how to forward your ticket.


Ticket Office Hours and Locations

The main ticket office is located between Gates 1 & 2 inside Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. During the week, it is open from 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM. On Game Day it opens 4 hours prior to kickoff.

Will-call opens 4 hours prior to kickoff and is located at the exterior Ticket Booth, outside Gate 2.

The Student Ticket Office, at Gate 13, opens 90 minutes before kickoff and remains open until the end of the 1st quarter to handle any student ticket questions. Students must show their Gator1 ID and their game ticket to enter the game.

Visiting Players Guests and Will Call is located at Gate 17, lower level.


Ticket Relations Assistance

For ticket-related issues prior to entering the Stadium, please visit a Ticket Relations Assistance Area located at:

  • Gate 1, Exterior Ticket Booth
  • Gator Booster Lobby in the North End Zone between Gates 7 & 8
  • Gate 13 (Student Ticket Office)
  • Gate 17


Ticket Scalping Law

University of Florida Regulation 6C1-4.006 prohibits commercial activity on campus, including the sale of athletic tickets, except as specifically authorized by the University. Ticket scalping on the University of Florida campus is illegal, and violators are subject to legal actions and/or potential loss of season tickets.


Tobacco Policy

The University of Florida is a Tobacco Free Campus. This policy is in effect at all University Athletic Association facilities, including Ben Hill Griffin Stadium at Florida Field. We request and appreciate your adherence and compliance with this University policy. Game Day Staff will be monitoring for those in violation and request such action be ceased. Violators are subject to ejection.


TV Information

Each game is broadcast live on either CBS, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, CSS, or FSN, or via pay-per-view. Network selections are typically made 6-12 days in advance. Every game (home and away) re-airs Sunday at 8:30 AM on Breakfast with the Gators on Sun Sports, followed at noon by Florida Football with Will Muschamp.


Water Fountains

For fan comfort, water fountains are available throughout Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. Please remember to drink plenty of fluids.

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