Gator Sportshop
Gator Ticket Office

Administration Department Directory

Accounting (352) 375-4683
Melissa Stuckey Associate Athletics Director Email x 6413
Robin Bauder Accounting Assistant I Email x 6482
Janet Bell Accounting Assistant II Email x 6414
Mindy Bryant Assistant Director, Financial Operations Email x 6458
Debra Cerini Accounting Assistant I Email x 6400
Jennifer King Accounting Assistant I Email x 6428
Casey Owens Director of Financial Operations Email x 6427
Julie Paxton Cashier/Accounting Assistant Email x 6415
Peggy Proto Program Assistant Email x 6405
Aimee Quick Director of Financial Reporting Email x 6442
Colby Smith Associate Director, Gator Boosters Financial Reporting Email x 5005
Barbara Sniffen Director, Accounting Email x 6410
Kay Thomas Assistant Coordinator Email x 6419
Kyle Wilson Coordinator, Financial Operations Email x 6412
Administration (352) 375-4683
Jeremy Foley Director of Athletics Email x 6000
Chip Howard Executive Associate Athletics Director for Internal Affairs Email x 6047
Mike Spiegler Senior Associate Athletics Director, Administration Email x 6035
Patty Foster Senior Executive Assistant Email x 6000
Skip Foster Assistant to the Athletics Director Email x 4455
Adrienne Pozzetta Executive Assistant Email x 6037
Monica Garza Executive Assistant Email x 6051
Women's Administration (352) 375-4683
Lynda Tealer Executive Associate Athletics Director for Administration Email x 6055
Rosie Findley Executive Assistant Email x 6050
Jessica James Coordinator Email x 6056
Aviation (352) 375-4683
Ross DeWitt Director Email (352) 373-0517
Kevin Faris Director, Aviation Maintenance Email x 5362
Kim Adams Program Coordinator Email x 5360
Franklin Grimmage Mechanic Assistant Email (352) 373-0517
Clint Wilde Chief Pilot Email (352) 373-0517
Scott Bedner Pilot Email (352) 373-0517
Bob Doak Pilot Email (352) 373-0517
Joseph Piazza Pilot Email (352) 373-0517
Baseball (352) 375-4683
Travis Kwok Video Coordinator Email  
Buddy Munroe Director of Baseball Operations Email x 4457
Men's Basketball (352) 375-4683
Jonathan Blake Video Coordinator Email x 4289
Kyle Church Director of Basketball Operations Email x 4288
Tracy Pfaff Executive Assistant Email x 4205
Mike Robuck Program Assistant Email x 4285
Women's Basketball (352) 375-4683
Ryan Gensler Video Coordinator Email x 5527
Serena Wilson Director of Basketball Operations Email x 5565
Lani McQuade Executive Assistant Email x 5519
Shellie Greenman Program Assistant Email x 5511
Central Receiving (352) 375-4683
Pat Malphurs Central Receiving Coordinator Email x 6756
Robbie Shannon Courier/Driver   x 6756
Nate Terrell Warehouse Assistant   x 6756
Communications (352) 375-4683
Mary Howard Senior Associate Athletics Director (Soccer, Gymnastics) Email x 6110
Steve McClain Senior Associate Athletics Director (Football) Email x 6115
Dan Apple Assistant Director (Football) Email x 6199
Kathy Cafazzo Associate Director (W Basketball) Email x 6133
Norm Carlson Assistant Athletics Director/Historian Email x 6126
Scott Carter Senior Writer Email x 6134
Tim Casey Photographer Email x 6131
Dustin Ciraco Program Coordinator Email x 6100
Bruce Floyd Social Media Manager Email x 6119
Chris Harry Senior Writer Email x 6100
John Hines Associate Director (Baseball) Email x 6130
Scott MacCord Webmaster Email  
Will Pantages Assistant Director Email x 6120
Denver Parler Assistant Director (M Basketball) Email x 6135
Kelly Reynolds Assistant Director (Lacrosse, Volleyball) Email x 6128
Jennifer Wagner Coordinator Email x 6123
Zach Dirlam Intern (Cross Country, Track & Field) Email x 6175
Grace Duggan Intern (Tennis) Email x 6121
Benjamin Schmitz Intern (Swim & Dive) Email x 6125
Emily Padgett Student Assistant (M Golf) Email x 6130
Brianne Wigley Student Assistant (W Golf) Email x 6130
Compliance & Sports Administration (352) 375-4683
Jamie McCloskey Senior Associate Athletics Director Email x 6001
Kim Green Associate Athletics Director Email x 6036
Lauren Bloch Coordinator Email x 6059
Kathlyn Medina Intern Email x 6053
Daniel Siegel Assistant Director Email x 6054
Ashley Bowman Brouillette Executive Assistant Email x 6022
Ashley Usery Intern Email x 6057
Lemerand Equipment Room (352) 375-4683
Edmund Boyd Assistant Director, Lemerand Equipment Email x 4310
Frank Caraway Assistant Manager Email x 4383
C.J Hines Assistant Manager Email x 4313
Kyle Polansky Assistant Manager, Softball Email x 5538
Matt McKernan Intern Email x 4315
South End Zone Equipment Room (352) 375-4683
Van Stuckey Director Email x 4000
Joey Galioto Post Graduate Assistant Email x 4004
Matt Graham HIT System Assistant Email x 4006
Mike Knowles Assistant Director Email x 4008
Jeff McGrew Associate Director, Football Equipment Email x 4035
Mike Finney Intern Email x 4815
Football (352) 375-4683
Kevin Barbay Associate Director of Player Personnel Email x 4152
Andy Belluomini Program Assistant II Email x 4189
Marquel Blackwell Quality Control Specialist Email x 4100
Casey Callahan Program Assistant II Email x 4180
Deidra Church Director of Football Administration Email x 4133
Mark DeBastiani Quality Control Specialist Email x 4100
Eric Ellingworth Graduate Assistant Email x 4188
John Garrett Quality Control Assistant Email x 4100
Chelsea Harris Program Assistant I Email x 4100
Justin Hinds Graduate Assistant Email x 4189
Drew Hughes Director of Player Personnel Email x 4132
Ryan McNamara Quality Control Assistant Email x 4188
Marc Nudelberg Quality Control Specialist Email x 4100
Christian Pace Graduate Assistant Email x 4188
James Rowe Graduate Assistant Email x 4188
Nancy Scarborough Executive Assistant Email x 4128
Shawnee Sellers Program Assistant I Email x 4133
John Van Dam Program Assistant II Email x 4190
George Wynn Assistant Athletics Director, Football Operations   x 4186
Football Video (352) 375-4683
Sean Crawford Video Production Coordinator Email x 4138
Reuel Joaquin Director of Video Services Email x 4121
Bobby Carney Intern Email x 4815
Gator Boosters (352) 375-4683
Phil Pharr Executive Director, Major Gifts Email x 5035
Doug Brown Deputy Executive Director Email x 5065
Garrett Bell Program Coordinator, Major Gifts Email x 5059
Kathy Cook Director, Internal Operations Email x 5033
Karen Freas Program Coordinator, Bull Gator Email x 5071
Liz Hassell Program Coordinator, Bull Gator Email x 5064
Curtis Head Director of Major Gifts Email x 5015
Kyle Rogers Assistant Director Email x 5021
Paul Vosilla Director of Annual Giving Email x 5020
Debbie Adams Executive Assistant Email x 5037
Michelle Seibold Program Coordinator Email x 5000
Gator Travel (352) 375-4683
Bonnie Hooper Assistant Director Email x 5300
GatorVision (352) 375-4683
Jon Rubin Assistant Athletics Director Email x 6629
Dennis Black Senior Producer Email x 6646
Shelby Granath Producer Email x 6625
Mike Griffin Director of SEC Network Operations/Production Email x 6620
Garreth Gutierrez Production Specialist Email x 6633
Megan Parler Producer Email x 6655
Whitney Haworth Intern Email x 6628
Kelly Price Intern Email x 6631
GatorVision Technical Support Email  
Golf Course Maintenance (352) 375-4683
Mike Brown Groundskeeper   (352) 337-2891
Scott Dowling Groundskeeper   (352) 337-2891
Curtis Godbee Golf Groundskeeper   (352) 337-2891
Aaron Gums Groundskeeper   (352) 337-2891
Paul Hamilton Superintendent Email (352) 337-2891
Tom Hurd Golf Groundskeeper   (352) 337-2891
Randy Langston Second Assistant Superintendent   (352) 337-2891
Freddie Little Mechanic Assistant   (352) 337-2891
Nelson Martin Groundskeeper   (352) 337-2891
Bryce Rou Groundskeeper   (352) 337-2891
J.D. Sapp Mechanic   (352) 377-2891
Caleb Wade Assistant Superintendent   (352) 337-2891
Golf Course Pro Shop (352) 375-4683
Scott Hampton Director Email x 4730
Ricky Childs Grill Cook   x 4741
Brenda Lembo Program Coordinator Email x 4710
Pete Mariano Assistant Director - Golf Course Email x 4725
Stewart Springer Pro Shop Assistant Email x 4700
Women's Gymnastics (352) 375-4683
Ashley Kerr Assistant to the Head Coach Email x 5504
Lee Turner Program Coordinator Email x 5500
The Hawkins Center (352) 375-4683
Keith Carodine Senior Associate Athletics Director Email x 5825
Tom Williams Assistant Athletics Director Email x 5872
Tim Aydt Academic Advisor Email x 5869
Kelly Bradley Assistant Director, Academic Support Email x 5835
Valerie Flournoy Coordinator, Student Development Email x 5801
Allison Forrest Coordinator, Career Development Email x 5871
Jackie Hensel Coordinator, Student Services Email x 5826
Ann Hughes Assistant Director Email x 5836
Tony Meacham Assistant Director Email x 5862
Brenda Phillips Program Coordinator Email x 5821
Lindsay Race Learning Specialist Email x 5853
Michelle Roberts Learning Specialist Email x 5856
Caleb Sorgius Senior Coordinator Email x 5833
Jason Storch Assistant Director of Academic Services Email x 5870
Katie Keller Intern Email x 5884
Brittany Welch Intern Email x 6633
Human Resources (352) 375-4683
Sherri Bowdoin Director Email x 6362
John Becker Associate Director, Payroll & Pension Email x 6361
Kay Hall Human Resources Assistant Email x 6300
Tatia Miller Assistant Director - Benefits Email x 6301
Jeannine Wallace Associate Director, Employment Email x 6340
Kimber Wright Coordinator, Employment & Employee Events Email x 6311
Information Technology (352) 375-4683
Sherry Hoskinson Director Email x 6481
Jose Boada Senior Associate Director Email x 6487
Matt Vincent Senior Associate Director Email x 6494
Ben Heipp Systems Analyst III Email x 6493
Drew Harvey Systems Administrator III Email x 6462
Justin Goll Software Developer II Email x 6483
Carly Hublou Program Coordinator Email x 6436
Adam Lohrbauer Technical Event Management Specialist Email x 6452
Chris Murphy Systems Administrator Email x 6478
Reecea Snyder Telcom Specialist Email x 6435
John Armitage Help Desk Specialist Email x 6484
Sarah Dobson Help Desk Specialist Email x 6418
Jeff Houghton Help Desk Specialist Email x 6440
Anna Kirkup Help Desk Specialist Email x 6433
Women's Lacrosse (352) 375-4683
Marci Brown Program Coordinator Email x 5400
Licensing (352) 375-4683
Debbie Gay Manager Email x 6540
Maintenance (352) 375-4683
Alphonso Baines Facility Groundskeeper   x 6200
Jeremy Baisden Facility Groundskeeper   x 6200
Keith Barnes Coordinator, Maintenance Administration Email x 6200
Richard Brewington Maintenance Assistant   x 6200
Todd Campbell Assistant Turf Coordinator   x 6200
Reggie Days Turf Groundskeeper I   x 6200
Steve Dixon Maintenance Specialist Email x 6205
Patrick Fedun Turf Groundskeeper II   x 6200
Tim Hensler Landscape Specialist/Spray Tech   x 6200
Tracy Holder Cabinet Maker   x 6200
Bruce Howard Facility Groundskeeper   x 6200
Julian Jammer Facility Groundskeeper   x 6200
Tyler Knight Turf Groundskeeper II   x 6200
Carlos Morales Turf Groundskeeper I   x 6200
Gary Osborn Cabinet Maker   x 6200
Rusty Parker Mechanic   x 6200
Stephen Peters Turf Groundskeeper I   x 6200
Harold Russell Painter   x 6208
Kyle Simmons Turf Groundskeeper I   x 6200
Jason Smith Turf Coordinator Email x 6206
Cecil Solomon Facility Groundskeeper   x 6200
Marty Steffen Facility Groundskeeper   x 6200
Demetrek Terrell Associate Director Email x 6265
Lewis Troutman Maintenance Assistant   x 6200
Scott Webster Associate Director Email x 6267
Rufus White Maintenance Specialist   x 6200
Marketing & Promotions (352) 375-4683
Mike Hill Executive Associate Athletics Director for External Affairs Email x 6610
Martin Salamone Assistant Athletics Director Email x 6639
Cortnee Alexander Coordinator, Cheerleading Email x 6692
Stephen Beutel Marketing Assistant Email x 6647
Dan Brown Graphic Design Assistant Email x 6605
John Gandy Assistant Director Email x 6608
Forrest Gmitro Marketing Assitant Email x 6648
Julie Hackney Executive Assistant Email x 6600
Mick Hubert Play-By-Play Announcer Email x 6660
Alicia Longworth Assistant Athletics Director Email x 6663
Casey Reed Coordinator, Dazzlers and Mascots Email x 6691
Kelly Streeter Graphic Designer Email x 6695
Michael Ward Assistant Director Email x 6604
Nutrition (352) 375-4683
Stephanie Wilson Director Email x 4826
Liz Fox Assistant Director Email x 4823
Tiffany Ilten Nutrition Assistant Email x 4829
Elizabeth McNear Nutrition Assistant Email x 4824
Collier Perno Coordinator Email x 4827
Operations & Facilities (352) 375-4683
Jack Pfaff Assistant Athletics Director, Operations & Facilities Email x 6033
Brian Barton Director of Facilities Email x 6045
Kara Campbell Program Assistant Email x 6042
Bryan Flood Director of Operations Email x 6039
Matt Goss Director of Event Management Email x 6028
Will Kraus Coordinator, External Events Email x 6048
Jenn Mereby Guest Services Coordinator Email x 6032
David Rollins Event Production Coordinator Email x 6049
Lindsey Thomas Director of Internal Operations Email x 6043
Holly Pole Intern Email x 6030
Jordan Prewitt Intern Email x 6038
Procurement Services & Risk Management (352) 375-4683
Bill Dolamore Director Email x 6745
Donna Doty Associate Director Email x 6760
Jan Godwin Coordinator Email x 6770
Casey DeHaan Intern Email x 6700
Women's Soccer (352) 375-4683
KeLeigh Hudson Program Coordinator Email x 5558
Women's Softball (352) 375-4683
Brittany Souilliard Program Coordinator Email x 5554
Sports Health (352) 375-4683
Chris Patrick Assistant to the Athletics Director Email x 4876
Connie Andrews Athletic Trainer Email x 4834
John Barrett Associate Director Email x 5108
Jonathan Boone Athletic Trainer/Research Coordinator Email x 4800
Kelly Bridges Athletic Trainer Email x 4835
Katie Davis Athletic Trainer Email x 5101
Dewayne DuBose Athletic Trainer/Research Coordinator Email x 4800
Kristin Farrell Athletic Trainer Email x 4845
Emily Flood Sports Health Coordinator Email x 5103
Stacey Higgins Assistant Athletics Director Email x 5107
Andy Klock Athletic Trainer Email x 5105
Paige Lehmann Athletic Trainer Email x 5112
Jessica Mateer Athletic Trainer Email x 5104
Jon Michelini Manager Email x 5114
Matt Redd Athletic Trainer Email x 4840
Paul Silvestri Associate Director Email x 4806
Tommy Stitch Athletic Trainer Email x 4851
Spencer Thomas Assistant Manager Email x 4874
Randall Vereb Assistant Manager Email x 5106
Dave Werner Assistant Athletics Director Email x 4836
Devon Leahy Intern Athletic Trainer Email x 5112
Benjamin Morale Intern Athletic Trainer Email x 4875
Antonio Munoz Intern Athletic Trainer Email x 4831
Kelly Needs Intern Athletic Trainer Email x 4831
Sarah Paul Intern Athletic Trainer Email x 4850
Faith Westdyk Intern Athletic Trainer Email x 5121
Strength & Conditioning (352) 375-4683
Mike Kent Director Email x 4959
Mark Campbell Coordinator Email x 4952
Paul Chandler Coordinator Email x 4940
Matt DeLancey Assistant Director Email x 4983
Preston Greene Coordinator Email x 4990
Rashad Harris Coordinator Email x 4948
Mike Peterson Coordinator Email x 4947
Tyler Stuart Coordinator Email x 4994
Karin Werth Assistant Director Email x 4944
Kareem Young Assistant Director Email x 4949
Wes Ulm Intern Email x 4900
Men's & Women's Swimming & Diving (352) 375-4683
Erva Gilliam Director, Swimming Operations Email x 4545
Men's & Women's Tennis (352) 375-4683
Kate Harte Director of Tennis Operations Email x 4600
Ticket Office (352) 375-4683
Mark Gajda Assistant Athletics Director Email x 6855
Ben Carrillo Ticket Retention & Operations Specialist Email x 6850
Tim Caruthers Season Ticket Service & Retention Coordinator Email x 6840
Brittany Keller Student Ticket Coordinator Email x 6879
Brian Lackey Ticket Systems Coordinator Email x 6848
Travis Leyndyke Director of Ticket Operations Email x 6819
Johnny Lovett Ticket Retention & Operations Specialist Email x 6808
Mark Masson Associate Director, Database Operations Email x 6880
Thom Savage Associate Director, Ticket Operations Email x 6834
Susan Siegrist Program Assistant II Email x 6810
Andrew Bondi Intern Email x 6868
Brandon Harkeli Ticket Retention & Operations Specialist Email x 6845
Lee Ziegler Intern Email x 6875
IMG/Learfield Ticket Sales (352) 375-4683
Jon Reaves General Manager, Ticket Sales Email x 6832
Matt Sanchez General Manager, Ticket Sales Email x 6876
Nate Cross Account Executive Email x 6849
Mike McCarney Account Executive Email x 6805
John Van Dyke Account Executive Email x 6830
Michelle Wagner Sr. Account Executive Email x 6825
Men's & Women's Track & Field and Cross Country (352) 375-4683
Caitlin Brown Program Assistant Email x 4400
Therese LeGrow Program Coordinator Email x 4402
Women's Volleyball (352) 375-4683
Alesha Busch Program Coordinator Email x 5510
Chris Nook Video Coordinator Email x 5525
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